Tuesday, November 20, 2007


and I'm SOOO happy! I was thinking it was gone for good...but tonight I found it!!! YAY!
Why is it , when you loose something it's always in the weirdest place? So I'm working on a project... dump out this HUGE jar of buttons and see something silver in there. (Keep in mind, this is my studio... and so I have LOTS of jars of little do dads) I was thinking it was a binder ring , that just found it's way to the wrong jar. ( I don't know how...but that happens alot in here)lol I picked it up and about screamed when I saw it was my beloved ring!
I have had this ring for a long time, and I NEVER take it off. I'm not a big "ring" girl, because of working with , Paint , glue, ink ect... Anything with gems just doesn't work well for me. My brother-in-law Ron, does silversmithing... and made me this ring. This ring is like a part of me. I have felt so bare without it these past few weeks. Today I AM HAPPY!!!

On another happy note...just wanted to share this sweet photo of my friend Deb and her hubby. I took a few pic's for them the other day, ( with their pup "Cully") for their Christmas Cards.... but this one , is one if my favorites... ( when they least expected it) lol
They are so sweet together!
Hope you all had a wonderful day today!


janel said...

Ah, God is good.....friends, relationships, and family....Happy Thanksgiving. Love that your ring has been found, and to think that it was close to you all this time! :)

~missprissme said...

omg I am so happy for you. Thanks to St. Anthony =D every time I lose something I say my St. Anthony prayer... St. Anthony, St. Anthony come around somethings lost and can't be found. I say it over and over and I usually find stuff.

Catherine said...

I am so happy you found your ring....woohoo. Happy THANKSGIVING dear friend!!

Deb S. said...

I'm sooo glad you found your favorite ring! You are now back to being "complete"! ;)
Thanks so much Vic for coming over to take pictures! Your the best!

Shawn said...

so glad you found your ring!!! lovely pic! Have a great Thanksgiving, I'm afraid it is going to be cold!!!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one of my most favorite bloggers and new friends!

StaceyM said...

Woohoo...........I am so glad you found your precious ring. Don't you just feel naked without something when you have been wearing it for so long.

One more thing to be THANKFUL for!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Erika H. said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Yay...I am so happy that you found your beloved ring...happy day!