Thursday, November 01, 2007

Altered Fancy Pants Project

I worked on a couple of Fancy Pants Projects today, the larger one was a assignment for "GiftMaker" magazine, and I cant share it yet ,but this smaller altered project is one I did using the large "Remember Journal Cards", from Fancy Pants, along with FP, papers, titles and tags sheet, stamps, chipboard and rubons. The little cutie in the photo is my sister Donna when she was a wee one.

The stamps are from the "In my words" 12x12 set.
I'm trying to get off my wings and crown obsession, but caved again. ( but I pulled it off without pom pom trim) , this time... my other obsession! lol

I think this is one of my old faves as far as FP chipboard pieces. I just never get tired of it!

Okay...yesterday, I said I'd post pics of Weston's DEVO costume, and the hat he made. Oh my gosh... I was laughing so hard when he came down the steps for me to take a picture, I could hardly breathe. I dont know how he could wear this an be so serious. Oh geeezzzz... tooo funny!
What a hoot!

He pulled the outfit together him self with good will hunts and a trip to Micheal's . He worked on the hat for a long time the other day. Calling me from Micheal's , two or three times. lol I turned out pretty darn good.

I did think it was quite interesting what all he used to construct his hat, when I turned it over to take a look at his handy work. hmmmm.... interesting

Oh , and FINALLY they got here to put the new surface down on the drive today!! Yippee!

The only bummer today was that in the process of loading the car with all my class stuff and running to put gas in car and pick up a couple of things , so I'm ready to head out to Albion for classes this weekend, I looked down, and my very favorite ring was missing from my thumb!
It was a ring my brother-in-law Ron has made for me , that I LOVED!! Keep your fingers crossed that it turns up around here tomorrow ,because I'm just feeling sick about it. I haven't taken that ring off since the day I got it ... it's just a part of me. I'm SO hoping it turns up!


Shawn said...

Love the costume that is so funny!! Congrats on the new driveway! I will be praying you find your ring maybe it will turn up before you leave. Have a safe trip :)

Precious Treasures said...

I think he got your creativity gene. The costume is awesome!!!

Deb S. said...

gee vic, hope you find your ring,i know it's one of your favorites! love your latest creation, it's so cool.little donna reminds me of little vic! and wes definetly gets his creativity from his mama! :)

Nat said...

Love your project- so adorable!!! Hehee- the costume is funny

stampqueen said...

That costume is a scream!!!!!
I love your latest creation - love the scroll chipboard with the rhinestone bling!!!! I hope your ring turns up!!!

Catherine said...

I love your hanging cards! GREat Job. Hope you find your ring soon!

Erika H. said...

I sure hope you find your ring! You don't need to get off your wing and crown obsession...your creation is wonderful! Great job.

Pattyjo said...

The costume is awesome how clever he is! Cute too!
I will say a prayer that you find your ring. I know how devistating that can be to lose something that means so much to you. Its going to turn up, your'll see! Have you checked your bedding? Sometimes I have found something like that in the bed. It would slip off during the night. Maybe under your pillow or next to the headboard. Check there.

Dawn said...

The costume is a hoot!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Vicki - that FP project is totally amazing. You OWN altered!! Amazing stuff. :) Hope you find your ring.

Scrappermania said...

Love your project!