Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much to be Thankful for

that's how I feel after looking at my photos from Thanksgiving. It was perfect day! Nothing better than a cozy day inside spending time with the fam. ( oh.. and amazing food too) lolEverytime we're all together I'm just blown away at how fast these kiddo's are growing up. It was Aiden's 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday Little Man!

Dan and Lori's Grandkids, Aiden is 4

Jayvier is 3

Griffin is 2

and Kirstyn 1!

That's a whole lotta fun, right there! lol

Here is the newest addition to the family. Little Miss Addison. She has a full head of beautiful RED hair. What a little doll! I think Amy and John think she's pretty special too. I know her big brother Hunter, is pretty proud of her. He told me he even got to babysit for a couple of hours the night before.

If this smile doesn't make you grin, nothing can. lol Nathaniel is one special kid... and photogenic...oh my!

Since there is so many of us, we had to make a decision a few years ago, as to whether, we wanted to rent a place so that we could continue with the tradition of us ALL getting together each Holiday, or if we would start having Holidays with our immediate Children and Grandchildren. The decision, was unanimous... we couldn't imaging not all being together for the Holidays.... SO rent a building we did. It was strange at first , not to be at mom and dads, and crammed in one room , practically sitting on each other, to open gifts on Christmas Eve.... but you know, we quickly realized , as long as we can all be together, "where" we were at , doesn't really matter at all.
We have all the same things, family, the yummy food, the blessing, (anda little bit of the noise and caos that comes with a large family) lol...just in a different place.

I made the turkey, stuffing , potatoes, gravy, and then everyone brings all the other good stuff to go with it. Everyone works together, and it's quite spread! lol

Deserts... oh my! Who could choose. This is just a part of the desert table.

That's one of my pumpkin pies in the background, and Lori's "Pecan pie", Neely's "Chocolate Moose", Diana's, "Pumpkin Apple cake", Jan's "Rustic Apple Tart", Jan's "Pumpkin Pecan Pie", Mom's "Homemade Apple pie", Ray and Linda's, Pumpkin Pie , and off to the left side of that.. their, "Caramel Apple Pie"
Ummm... you guested it... Lotta People , Lotta food~! lol

And then , on top of all that , later in the day, then Jenkins all worked together to make Homemade ice cream.

Lot's of cranking! lol Not only is it SOOO good, but it's just something we used to do alot years ago at mom and dads, and having done it in a while ,so it brought back so many fun memories.

I'm thinking Kirstyn thinks her fist experience with Homemade ice cream is pretty Okay~!

As you can see, my boys made sure they got some. lol

It was a special Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons, one , because of our new addition, (Addison), and the other , because , Ryan got to be there with us. It was SO good to have him there!!!

Ryan and Neely

I didn't organize these photos very well. I should have put this picture of Hunter, up there by his new baby sister. He's never too crazy about my taking his picture...but this time I trapped him and had someone take our picture together.. (he had to give in to his Aunt Vic, this time) Thanks Hunter!

The entire day ,was just so nice, I hated to see it come to an end. But listening to Wes and Nathaniel play guitar was a great way to wrap up the night.

To all of the our family who couldn't be here, these pictures are for you, so you know we were thinking of you and hoping your day was wonderful.
And to all my friends, ... this is just the best way for me to share with you... what's really important to me, and what I'm so thankful for ...{ MY FAMILY}
I hope you day was filled with things you love


janel said...

Seeing these photos and all your family makes me smile. What special memories for everyone. So many blessings!

Deb S. said...

thanks for sharing all your special photos! looks like you had lots of great food and great memories!! baby addison is so sweet! what a doll! all the kiddos are!

Shawn said...

What great photos! I didn't take any on Thanksgiving darn it! Addison is so sweet. Glad you had a great Turkey day!

Country Liv said...

Oh Vic! What an absolutely wonderful family gathering. To be a part of it was really special for you and the rest of your family . . it shows! May you have many more blessed Thanksgivings!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Vicki, all your Thanksgiving photos are so Wonderful!Thanks for posting them, just the warm fuzzies I needed today!

MJ said...

A super sweet post! Am glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day! Thanks for sharing!

PS: Pop by around Tues...

Sharon in NE said...

We're so blessed.