Monday, November 19, 2007

This and that

that's about the best way to describe this post. Nothing really goes together ,but it's all stuff I've been wanting to share bare with me, okay? lol
First of all , I got a fun little package in the mail today from My niece Rhonda and her family, that live in AZ. Her two oldest boys are close in age to mine. Actually Rhonda (my sister Donna's daughter) and I , are only 2 months apart in age ourselves. ( Rhonda will be quick to point out "SHE" is younger)! lol
For those of you who are new to my "family stories". I have 6 brothers and sisters... I'm the baby. We are really spread out age wise, so I have nieces and nephew close in age to me. My Great nieces and nephews , are really more like ... "nieces and nephews".. is that as clear as mud now? lol Here's the short version... There is a BUNCH of us! lol
Anyway.... I got this fuzzy blanket and these pictures of the boys in the mail today... and it totally MADE MY DAY!

Check out these cutie pies! I love you guys! Thanks so much!

And ...then I've been dying to share with you , a picture of this CUTE little bird and nest salt and paper shaker , Cindy gave me , when I was in Canada. The girl knows my taste SO well!
Is this precious or what?
The other day when I was so thrilled with my new pillow from Gordmans, I also got this new ornament. I get at least one new ornament every year.... (hmmm... maybe it will motivate me to want to put up the tree...because I'm just not feeling it, as of now). It's just sounding like alot of work to me at this moment. lol
I am getting to be quite the little home body. I guess I can't exactly say that, because I've been traveling so much lately...but what I mean is ... I LOVE being at home... and I don't run to Fremont half as much as I used to. I blame the price of gas...but truthfully, I'm content at home, and dread wasting the time in the car. lol Well, when I was in Fremont Sunday, I realized I haven't been in much lately, because I was surprised to see some new things , that just popped up. Like this.....

Sometimes, I get on such a mission, I think I just don't notice things...but I had two things on my side with this.... 1) it's REALLY big and pretty hard to miss, and 2) it's right across from the $ store! lol

We don't get the Fremont paper, I just count on mom and my friends to keep me up on what's going on. lol ( you can do that when you live in a small town ,really) haha

Somehow I missed the scoop on this. I'll have see if I can figure out who painted it and what the story is behind it. It really is beautiful.

I have to tell you , I was SO excited today when I talked with my friend Catherine... to find out ,that she won 1st place in the Prima Contest!!! Way to go Missy! You are SO deserving!!!
You can check it out HERE
I warned you this was going to be a random post. I have truly been "Creating" like a crazy woman, I just cant share just yet.( I know ...that story is getting old...but it's true..really) lol, I finished 5 catalog projects for AccuCut over the weekend! Woo Hoo! I could really be a tease about the cool dies that I've been working with ,that are new CHA releases. lol............. I'll just say..... VERY COOL! and lots of them!
Did I mention... VERY cool? lol
ok...gotta go play....

8 comments: said...

wow, that is quite the mural!

We used to have freinds who lived at the little lake by Fremont and I spent a lot of time in that area. They had a great Goodwill in the past. But I think that Nebraska is just over all good junking! We had a great time shopping in Omaha last week at Silver bella.

Shawn said...

Love the american theme to that mural. I'd love to hear the story behind it too. One of our trees is up going to put the other 2 up today :) We add a new ornament to our trees to every year. Of course Corey has the star trek/star wars collection, ah tis the season! Congrats to Cat!!!!!

Catherine said...

Thanks Vic! Love your new s&p shakers - are you gonna put them on the table for thanksgiving?? Have a good day!!

janel said...

What a fun when you are "random"....loved that little bird on the nest...loved that your family loves your new ornament..and well, you know I love your blog.
Have a wonderful day, and happy creating!
Know each and every item will be a treat to see!

Pearl Maple said...

Great mural and cutest little snowflake ornament, thanks for sharing.

stampqueen said...

I meant to ask Mom today when I talked to her about the mural but forgot...looks really nice!!! Random or not - still great reading:).

Sugar Bear said...

Do tell if you find out the scoop on the mural. Some great eye candy - the salt and pepper are adorable!

Sharon in NE said...

Great mural in Fremont!
I know, I had a fleeting desire to put up the Christmas tree and decorations, but just like baking, the moment is gone before I get started. I will decorate as soon as my family of 30 leave after 4 days of Thanksgiving festivities in my home. (I'm cooking for Thanksgiving, but after that, I am in shop, play and craft mode and everyone will have to eat sandwiches and pizza or feel free to whip something up themselves.) Trust me, they come back EVERY year, so my lack of Martha Stewardship hasn't discouraged anyone from coming and staying with us. Besides, in my family, its all about fun, shopping and crafting. The food is only the fuel to keep us going.