Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catching up

Well, if I had to be under the weather, this was the weekend to have it happen... because the weather was nasty! The ice storm started last night and continued through the day today. I havent left the house since being over at Paulas on Thursday. I am feeling better, but not 100 percent.
Since I didnt blog yesterday, I'll share with you some of the photos from the other day at Paulas.
It was so fun looking through her sketches from class. She's been taking Art classes at Metro and really enjoying them. She's a very talented girl. If you have this months issue of "Altered Arts" , be sure to check out her altered puzzle pieces. ( a two page spread.. woo hoo!) They are so fun!
Anyway... mostly we caught up on chatting and looked through her sketches and new ATC's... but I did fiddle around this this little tin lid, a bit... lol
Paula's studio is a treasure trove of goodies!

Can you tell an artist lives here?
I look at all her stash of vintage goodies, and just know , she'll create something amazing with them.

There's little treasures everywhere you look.

I just had to share this with you also. She's not the only talent in her family. Check out this Cat/Dog house Ron (her dh) built. HOLY MOLY! They live in the country, so they have a "outside" dog and a number of Cats. My dogs might want to stay outside if they had a place like this! I was totally impressed!

Check out this ramp for the cats and the window. They have carpet too! lol I was laughing when Ron, smirked and said " I haven't told Paula yet...but I'm putting Christmas lights on it" lol
Okay... here's a little bit of what yesterday brought us...

Everything was covered with ice! I mean everything!

The trees where thick with ice

even the grass. Kinda pretty huh?


About the time , I think we have the tree's cleaned up from one we go again!

We were without power most of the day. Finally the power can back.(thank goodness because it was getting CHILLY in here) We will didn't have TV or any Internet until just a bit ago.
The temp came up and started to thaw the ice some ,but then the wind started to blow. I was Freaking out ,because the ice was flighing off the trees and hitting the house HARD. I thought it was going to break the patio doors. The dogs were hiding under my desk.
Finally things have calmed down, Whew!
I'm hoping the crazy weather is overwith now...because I'm looking forward to my friend Pam coming for a visit on Monday. Here's hoping!
Hope you weekend, is warm and cozy!


janel said...

Oh my! It looks like you are "dripping" in ice! When you said you had an ice storm, my first thought was..yikes, no power. Glad you are thawing out, and hoping that you feeling better. Gosh, it looks like there are lots of treasures at Paula's, and I love that Christmas lights are going up on the cat's house...rather mansion!
Stay warm and safe!

stampqueen said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!!! My Mom was NOT happy this am - she had a craft fair at Christensen Field today and couldn't go because of the weather - its one of the better ones for her moneywise.... Love the pics but am sure glad we are in florida today (65 and sunny today - I am sooo mean, sorry about that). I spent major time at the computer today - loaded Picasa and successfully posted using it and even uploaded a slideshow - I be stylin now LOL.
Love all the cute pics of your friend Paula's place (my DD is Paula did you know?).
Take Care and Stay Warm!!!

~missprissme said...

You too? I hope you feel better soon. I had something nasty also...still feelings a bit achy. Don't miss the ice from the midwest =D.

Nat said...

wow- what an awesome studio paula has. Love it!

Deb S. said...

glad you are feeling better! this weather is awful, but, it's kinda nice to have to stay in! love your little tin lid! i would love to see paula's studio someday! lots of treaures to look at huh?!

DeniseLynn said...

Glad to hear you are safe, now with power and getting to feeling better too. Whew! Isn't life just a whirlwind of scarey and excitement and worry all at once. We here are all getting over strep - even the baby had it and I am the last one to be on antibiotics now. We've got some icy snow going on here in Michigan but so far nothing like what you've just experienced. {so glad you're safe} and I have to admit oh how I love the photos you shared. ICE - how pretty it can be {especially if we are cozy warm inside} *wink*

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Vicki- well I actually LOVE those icy photos- even storms can turn out Beautiful! And I love your little tin- SO cute!

Kara Ward said...

It missed must have been the bull's eye. I kind of like weather like long as there is heat and power...LOL. Kara

Sharon in NE said...

I knew what I was talking about when I said to cocoon. Our ice storm was just as nasty as yours. Everything is still caked over with solid ice. (Fortunately, we never lose power and I can always get out and about. Good thing since I get cabin fever!)
I love the cat house! The ramp is ingenious because it would keep other things out. I already have a safe haven for a stray feral cat in my sunroom. This would be ideal, but I just have to figure out how to heat it. ;)

MJ said...

Altho ice can be frightening, I have to admit that the photos of it were enchanting. You can almost feel the chilly tingles of the icicle!

Precious Treasures said...

That birdbath look beautiful with the ice hanging off of it. That was quite a storm. I had three customers all day so I sewed the whole day. It was nice and quiet.