Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginging to look alot like Christmas

It snowed again last night... so it's defiantly looking like "the season" outside...and finally inside.
I don't put up anything near what I used to ,but I snapped a few shots to share with you.
I'll have to try and take photos of the tree another day... I was loosing light today.
I'm loving blue and brown together this year... and It's the colors of my living room for the most part... so I had to have these ornaments. I have these hanging from the light above the dinning room table.

I still love traditional red in my kitchen for Christmas

This is the Christmas house kit of mine , that is for sale at Scrappy Gourmet. You can see all the photos (inside and out) here. It shows them sold out...but more house are on there way. so if your interested in ordering just email Jill at jwbaldwin@aol.com
and she'll get one to you!

This is a wreath I did last year with Accucut dies

I altered this frame to put this vintage postcard in that my friend Deb gave me. I found those cute little birds with hats and scarves at Gordmans.

Yep... more snow

I had to show you these. I know they are "old school" lol,but they have lots of sentimental value. When Wes was born my sister Jan sewed the stocking piece, and gave it to me to embroider his name on. 4 years later when Jarad game along, I was determined, he needed one JUST like it. Jan looked and looked and finally found the printed fabric that had the stocking on it , and made one for Jarad. I can remember bringing him home from the hospital, and sitting there , stitching his name on it, with him in his bassinet right next to me. He was born Dec 2nd, so , we need to get that stocking up. When we lived at the old house , we had an open staircase, and those stocking hung on the banister there every Christmas for 18 years...now they hang here.
It's only fair that Aly and Molly have a stocking too, right? lol

It's always alot more fun putting out , than it is taking it down after Christmas , isnt it?


janel said...

Definitely looks like Christmas at your house. I LOVE the boys stockings, and hey, "old school" is good, at least in my opinion.
Stay warm, and hope that the ice storm is far away from you.Love that wreath....just beautiful!

stampqueen said...

Love the Christmas pics - I've got it all up just no pics yet - maybe this weekend. Love how the snow looks!!!

Deb S. said...

Just love all your Christmas decorations! It is much more fun to put stuff out than putting it all away, I agree.

becky said...

so festive and pretty vic! hey, i think i can finally comment! woohoo!

Charmingdesigns said...

i love that wreath!! Laurie

Angie said...

Vicki, I love all your Christmas decorations. I have been trying to figure out what to do with our light that hangs over the dining room table, I think some ornaments would be perfect, thanks for the idea, and those stockings are adorable, and what a sweet story, I would hang them up every year too.

Sugar Bear said...

We are scheduled for some snow tomorrow. I love all of your decorations. The blue and brown are great together. Your holiday house is such a treat!

dd2njoy said...

Wow it sure looks like Christmas at
your house!!!It's gorgeous! How did
you make those ornaments,are they bought then painted!! Please!!! let me know your secret,I just adore those!!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Vicki, I just love your blog. You always seem to make the time to take photos and share them with us and I absolutely adore that about you! I subscribe to your blog so I won't miss anything you do, LOL! Your home always looks so inviting and everything is so dust free and shiny! How in the world do you keep it that way? Happy Holidays!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh how I am lovin those flowers on the wreath! Yum. And those stocking are so fun ... I love precious memories like that. This time of year I get so sappy and emotional and especially weepy about my grandpa - he was diagnosed with alzheimers 2 years ago. I feel so sad that there are such special things from past holidays he can no longer remember. So keep those stockings out even if they are "old school"

Catherine said...

Your house looks beautiful! Love everything.

Sharon in NE said...

Love the nostalgic Santas and stockings! Makes a house a home.

Monica said...

Loving your HOLIDAY HOME
the blues and browns are gorgeous together. I saw a whoile tree deked out at our local pool store( Paddock Pools) this past weekend it was to die for!
Thanks for sharing :) Happy Holidays!