Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sad day for Nebraska

Those of you who know me well, know ..rarely is there I'm at a lost for words...but today just wasn't sure what I even wanted to blog about. The tragedy that took place at the West Roads Mall yesterday is all most of us have on our minds. I think everyone is still in shock here. You just never think it's going to hit so close to home... and then it does. I think everyone here, stuck so close to our tv's , radios and phones yesterday, keeping up on what's what happening. Checking in with family and friends. It was a long , scary ,sad day for Nebraska. The one thing I heard everyone here saying today was that they didn't sleep well last night.. I know I didn't! I think it's just hard to let it go after hearing all the terrible details, over and over, waiting for updates. Today, I just had to leave it off , and try to keep busy thinking about something else ,as much as possible.

Thank you to all of you who emailed with your concerns and prayers.

Please continue to keep Nebraskans in your prayers. One thing I am sure of ... Nebraska is a wonderful place filled with really good kind people.... we'll be sad and hurt, but will pull together and help each other through this.


This little guy was the bright spot in my day today! Gabby came by with Wyatt. He is just the most lovable adorable little guy. Looking at his sweet face , just feels like all that "bad stuff" went away, for a while.


And on another Happy Note... Today is my friend Becky's Birthday....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Bec! She is an extremly talented artist and photographer. ... and I just have to share with you the photos she took for our Christmas Cards this year.

I loved that she pulled the boys aside and snapped some of them together and separatly. She said.. "Come on boys...this is for your mom". She knew how much I would love that!

What mom doesnt love photos of her kids? (no matter how old they are)lol

Stop by and Wish her a Happy Birthday , if you get a chance.. ( and check out her beauiful blog)

Live and Learn

Photos by Becky Novacek

I know told you I'd tell more about the "Scrapbook Dimensions" Giveaway.... and I will tomorrow , I promise!


Cathy said...

Love and prayers to all in Nebraska,

stampqueen said...

Hallo girl,
I didn't hear about the shootings until I was leaving work last night about 745pm - saw it on the TV in the waiting room as I was going out the door - ouch, what heart ache!!!
The pics of you, your hubby and the boys are Great!!! And oh what a cute Baby!!!
Thinking about ya - stay sane and stay warm - Mom said it was trying to snow again...

Shawn said...

So glad you all are safe. I was on the phone all yesterday with family. Thankfully everyone we know was at work. Saying a big prayer for Nebraska. Hugs to you Vic, your family pictures are so sweet. :)

Charmingdesigns said...

Thinking about you!! great photos!! Laurie

MJ said...

Sorry to hear about events in Nebraska. I hadn't heard until I read about it in your blog. (I don't watch adult tv/news unless K and N are in bed; they don't need to see that kind of violence).

Lovely family photos; it is always nice to have a photographer about!

janel said...

The innocence and love of little ones gives us hope..and seeing your wonderful family photo shows what strong families and love is all about. Thinking of all of you!

HB said...

What a gorgeous family Vic! You sure have a couple of handsome boys there!
I haven't seen the news nor read the paper in a couple days, so I'm unaware of what happened in NE, but your post sounds bad. I'm sending up prayers for those this has affected.

Eleanor said...

I was thinking about you when I saw the news. I hope and pray for peace in your hearts.

Angie said...

Hugs to you Vicki, and prayers for Nebraska.
You have a beautiful family, the pictures are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely thinking about you guys over there .
take care,

Sharon in NE said...

I know. I keep reading about each individual and their lives and families and then I hurt for them all over again. All we can do is pray for peace for all those involved; all those whose hearts are aching and whose memories will be tormented with those sounds. Only God can heal their wounds.
(:) big hug

Jessrose21 said...

Vicki, you were the first person I thought of when I heard the tragic news. So glad you weren't there that day. I can't imagine how your town must be feeling right now. You're all in my prayers!

Catherine said...

beautiful family photo, Becky does such an awesome job!! Happy Birthday Becky!