Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Totally random final post for 2008

I'm wishing everyone a Happy New Year now.. as I'm not sure I'll be posting tomorrow. No major plans for us tonight, but gathering with friends tomorrow.
I wish all of you a wonderful 2009!!
Warning.. totally random post
If you have any left over cranberries.. help out your feather friends. I saw this on Ulla Milbraths blog...and thought it was such a great idea.
Super easy to make too.

Kind of fun to look at too. Now.. if the squirrels don't run off with them. I don't care of they want nibble..but they don't need to take the entire thing. I wrapped the wire around the branches pretty tight.. but they are pretty ingenious little buggers... we'll see.

I have been busy working with new CHA releases.. and it's just killing me, not to be able to share... so here's a little peek. More to come.. when I get the go ahead............but let me tell you Tattered Angels has some stuff coming out that will make you squeal!

This is just one of the new things.
I was swimming in Glimmer Mist last night. lol


Since I'm bouncing from one topic to another.. I have to show you this. Wes comes up with the most unique gifts. We couldn't even figure out what this was for a while.
It's fragrance dispensers you plug into your USB port on your computer. lol
Oh brother.. what next?
Well... I have Focusing , Calming and Energizing to choose from.... hmmm... hard to choose.. I need them all...........................but don't want a migraine.

Neely is so great at finding personal gifts that have so much thought put into them. Check out this beautiful vintage basket she gave me. I love it!

It's time to put away the Christmas stuff.... (oh.. dread)...but before I do , I have to show you some of the new vintage bulbs I added to my collection this year. I hope now I have enough to actually do my tree with vintage bulbs next year.. instead of just having them in a bowl. YAY!

Not only is tomorrow New Years..but it's my sweet friend Sandy's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Sandy... I hope your day is extra special!! Love ya!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Brother-in-law Ron! Have a fantastic day!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glimmer Mist Tag tutorial

Every time I play with Glimmer Mist, I find more and more that can be done with it. This technique is something I've mentioned on my blog before..but I thought I'd show you a simple tag I made using the negative and positive of images. Basically , you are using them as a stencil, then as a stamp. The great thing about this (other than the great effects you can achieve), is that use all your Glimmer Mist... no waste!
Here's one finished tag.. and below the steps

I first sprayed the color background I wanted. I dabbed this lightly with a paper towel.. just to speed up my drying time. ( I could have just used my heat gun...but you know me .. always taking short cuts.) lol
After it's somewhat dry, I just used any found object. ( in this case some leaves). You'll be surprised just looking around your craft room , at the things you can use to make unique patterns. (esp. things like silk flowers ect.. .it's a great way to use them for a pattern and color them at the same time). I just placed them randomly on the tag.
** note** I mentioned above that my tag was "somewhat" dry. You will get a different effect, depending on how dry your tag is. If it's still alittle damp when you add your next will get a more watercolored look , as the colors blend together some. The dryer you tag is.. the crisper the image with be. I like both looks , so it just depends on what I'm working on. Since this tag with have a detailed stamped image on it, I think a more watercolor ( less defined) pattern underneath might be better. .. as not to get to busy.

I just spritzed over them with the next color. Remove your objects. ( again.. I did dab over it with a papertowel) I always give the color a chance to soak in first, before dabbing, as not to lift so much of the color off right away. The benefit of using your heat gun is you don't lift any color off.. so the color stays more intense.. it just soaks into the paper as it's drying.

Here's the fun part.....
grab another tag... flip your objects over, onto the tag, and use them as a stamp. There is plenty of Glimmer Mist on the leaf.. for me to just press it down on the tag to make the image leave a print. See no waste.

So below you can see how you have the negative and the positive of the pattern.

Once you start looking around for things with patterns and giving them a try... you'll be addicted.
btw.. I only used two colors of Glimmer Mist on this ..Mustard seed and English Ivy.

Hope you're inspired to give it a try.

Thankyou for the Birthday wishes for my mom. We had a nice time with her. Jarad and Kate ended up coming for dinner also. I think mom enjoyed her day. She said she had calls from all the kids and that Lori , Kiley and Griff had taken her to lunch. I think she felt loved!

Have a wonderful Day Everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's her Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom! Today is her day! Brent , Diana and Nathaniel were coming down to spend the day with mom, so I invited them all out here for dinner and cake to celebrate. But after a phone call this morning from Brent, saying poor Diana got the stomach flu in the night last night... we changed plans. Dan and I are now going to go into moms and take the dinner there. I'm sure mom will keep busy on the phone today.. with calls from all the kids , Grandkids and Great Grandkids ,wishing her a Happy Birthday.

The lasagna and salad are finished and in the frig.............and.... the cake is ready to go.

Put youre party hat on Birthday girl... here we come! haha

I have had so many fun things come in the mail these last couple of weeks. New Tattered Angels stuff that is SO stinking cool.. you wont believe it. ( hopefully I can share soon), ... a great box of art supplies from Altered Arts Magazine, that I've been playing with .. (and loving!),. and this.
If youre not familiar with "My book Planners"... check them out! They are the coolest planners ever. I met Lisa at a show a few years ago .. she was the first person to introduce me to them. They are a Planner...but much more. It's a 1 year weekly planner with 12 archival pockets, and 16 inkjet sheets inside. You can personalize the cover to whatever you want. I made one for my mom last year, to keep track of appointments. I did little pages with different photos of the grandkids. I love that it has pockets that she could put recipts, appointment cards ect in. I love these just wanted to share with you.
You can read more about them here MY BOOK ADAPTABLE PLANNER
Here is their gallery with tons of ideas of how to use them..
I have to say , since everyone went home.. it's been pretty quiet around here. The dogs are MOPING around...looking pathetic. lol I think they are wondering where everyone went?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A layout and a few more Chirstmas photos

Late last night after I finished up the project I was working on I decided to scrap this photo. I was caught up in a show on TV that I wanted to finish watching before I went to bed , so decided I'd do a quick layout . I'm not a good TV watcher .. unless.. I have something else to do while I'm watching. (keeps me from falling asleep) haha Geezz.. and to think I used to make fun of my dad for doing that.
Anyway... I love this photo of Griff playing with Jarad's cars from when he was little. We got the container of cars and trucks down, the last time he was out here for the afternoon, and he had so much fun with them.
I was looking through some supplies and found those round black brads things. They reminded me so much of wheels.. I decided to go with it. lol ( I just looked at the package..they are called Gromet Brads and are made by Paper Studio.)

You can click to see it bigger

It felt good to get back in my room and play, I stayed out of here for a few days over Christmas ... it was nice... but after I while, I'm ready to come back and play with paper again. I've been working on a project for the summer issue of Altered Arts Magazine. I just finished it up.. and I have to say it I really enjoyed working on it. I've always loved total creative freedom, using different medium and techniques.... It's something I used to do alot and seem to have just gotten away from , as I've been busier with other things. Seems funny to be saying that , after just posting the cutesy layout I just posted. lol But it's true.. I love different styles.. and after I'm done with one style, I'm ready to go to the extreme the other way , and do something totally different. "Odd" I know. That's me. hahaha
Now you know why I dread the "What's your style? question. ha

I'm sharing a few photos of Christmas Day here. We wanted it to be just a laid back sorta day, staying in where it was warm and cozy.. eating good food, chatting , opening gifts, ect.
And that's just what it was.
I went in and picked up mom to bring her out about 10am. We opened gifts with the boys and Kate, and then ate... and ate... and...
I think the boys really enjoyed having Grams to themselves. They love her to pieces.

Wes really liked his new jacket... so did Aly. ha

All I can say, is good thing Kate is a dog lover. Molly was in her face.

This was my favorite part of the day. I had to laugh when Jarad suggested we play marbles (Aggravation). When I was growing parents would always have my Aunt and Uncle over, and they would bring out the marble board and play for hours . Dan and I used to play it at my parents house, with them alot when we were first married. So much so ..that Dan made us our own marble board .. way back then.... (probably 25 year ago).. it's the one we are using in the picture.
Anyway..... Jarad thought it would be fun to play... problem was... we haven't played it for Years.. so we were racking our brains, trying to remember where we had put the board , marbles and dice. Dan went on the hunt.. found the board, Jarad dug in the keepsake stuff and took marbles from his childhood collection, and Dan snagged some dice out of a different game...... so .. we were SET.
Oh my Gosh..we had so much fun playing this stupid game , it was ridiculous!!
(my mom is a pro at this... she was in her element I tell ya!) lol
Building memories...that's what it's all about right?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Chirstmas Eve with the fam

As always... after a holiday.. I have to share photos of the family gathering. Christmas Ev was lots of fun with the big fam. I realized when I tried to gather the kids for this photo..that they are all really growing up! Wow , they really are. ( Missing three of the little ones in this photo.. Kirstyn, Jayvier and AidenThe cousins always have a great time together.

We have been renting the same place for a number of years now, and it works out really well. It was hard to get used to not having holidays at one of our houses, in the beginning..but the size of the family just keeps growing , and we all still keep wanting to get together, so this is the solution. As long as we are together .... "Where" we are , doesn't really matter.

Griffin was excited to show off his new "head lamp" when he got there. lol
(oh.. and the big green hulk hands his has on..that you cant really see here)
He was pretty excited to show off the newest addition to their family also...
yep. ... a puppy!Meet... Baron
(is he cute , or what)
Addison was pretty intrigued with the new puppy also

You can't go wrong with little ones and puppies can you? lol

Great Grandma Dunn and Addison

It was so cute.. Addison went right to the tree reached down picked up a package and headed off with it. Funny thing is , when she was intercepted... the package WAS for her! lol
What are the chances of that happening? Trust me , with all the people there.. there was alot of gifts under that tree. lol
She finally got to open it. lol

Griffin had his turn also. It's so fun for watching the little ones so excited.

Wes got a new guitar ( must have been his gift to himself?) lol ... Anyway, he had brought to along to show Brent and Nathaniel ( as they are guitar lovers too).
So , it seems... so is Griff. lol
I think there is another budding musician in the family. lolHe was loving it!
Nathaniel is well on his way. He and His dad have their own guitars, so he's a pro at this.

Here is a family pic of Griff's family. ( Aiden was with his mom on Christmas Eve this year)
In a little over a month , there will be another member of this family... a little brother or sister!
I'll share a few more photos of Christmas day tomorrow.
I hope all of you can a wonderful Christmas with your families!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well , certainly hope everyone had wonderful Christmas! It was a little more laid back for us this year.. and that was fine with us. I've miss blogging a bit this past fewdays..but it's been nice to spend time with the fam and just chill a bit. We had our gathering with the "big fam" on Christmas Eve..which is tradition.. then yesterday we were here with Jarad, Kate, Wes and my mom. Totally enjoyable day. I'll be sharing photos over the next couple of days. But today... is Taylors Cupcake Challenge number 48.. and what a fun sketch it was to work with.

This was a stamp set I had admired once on my friend Michelle Whites Blog. She had made the most darling card with it. Well, it wasn't but a few weeks later and a little gift came in the mail.. and among the goodies.. these stamps! I adore this little stamp set.. and every time time I look at it , it reminds me of her.

HI MICHELLE! lol Michelles store - Paper Tales

love this cute little cage

I've decided to try something new. Since I often get emails about what was used on certain things... like what paper or stamp ect... (and I'm way to lazy to list them all)lol I decided while I have it all out, I would just take a photo of the supplies. You should be able to click to see it larger if you need to.

** note** That square background shadow stamp is not part of the bird set.

so in the bottom photo.. I turned them up on their sides so you can see the info.

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It's a great sketch everyone.. hope you can play along!