Sunday, January 06, 2008

Color inspiration

Last week when I got my little packages of goodies from my blog friends, inside one of the goodie bags were these darling pink, red and clear vintage buttons. They laid here on my desk table next to where I work and just "pleased me". lol They were just so sweet and the colors so inspiring with Valentines day just around the corner. I grabbed one of my little glass (junk/treasure) hunt finds, and dropped them in. ahhhh pleasing me even more! lol
Finally sat it over under my pink lamp on my hosier. I emptied the other goodies out of the dishes that where already there, and gathered up some pink and red fabric , lace ect... and then grabbed my little birdie from Laurie (Charming Designs) , to guard over it all!
Ah... now I'm really happy with my little Valentine vignette... inspired by a few buttons. lol

I love it when something simple makes me happy and gives my so much inspiration.
Also wanted to show you what I did with that little cabinet I found the other day. I didn't like the decal that was on it , but not really sure at this point that I wanted to repaint it ...because I like it all "chippy"... so I used the hankies to cover it up. lol

I'm using the crate for storing tags, dies, ect

I don't know why I get such pleasure out of the silliest things, but I LOVE these old keys, and especially the twisty, knotted up string they are tied together with. lol I thought it was so sweet , that Jarad was with his friend and they were helping to empty out some old building that was being torn down.. and he found these. He brought them home, .. and said. .. "I thought you would like these". .... Well I DO! and it was so sweet of him to bring them home for me.

Oh , I want to be sure to thank Ginger for featuring my Crafty Secrets Valentine house in BEST of the CREATIVE over at Creative Magical Spirit. I was thrilled because ... it was also mentioned on ScrapScene yesterday, along with my PageFrame album. Thanks , both of you!
Tomorrow I have something really cool to share with you... it's a sneak peek at the new products Tattered Angels (Glimmer Mist) will be releasing at CHA... and they are incredible!!!
Off to make dinner now.. ( how was that for leaving you hanging) lol


Rachael said...

So feminine and beautiful!!! Love it all!

chelemom said...

LOVE IT!!! so pretty in pink!

Sugar Bear said...

I'm loving the vignette! I have one of Laurie's birds as well and just love it!

Shawn said...

Love all your pretties it's getting me in a valentine's day mood :)

janel said...

Looks to me like Jaren holds the key to you heart! Lucky you...well, lucky him!

MJ said...

Yes, I am just waiting for the days that K and N bring home "treasures" for me. So far, only limp weeds arrived last year so I am waiting to see what this year brings!

Monica said...

lovely vignette , It would make me happy too :)

Bre~Wiebe said...

Love it!!!
Have a wonderful day :D

Cathy said...

So pretty! Love the cabinet!

Country Liv . . . said...

So sweet! I use to "do" my spaces but most, except my bedroom, are communial now. I am so partial to pink now a days. Never liked it when I was younger, red was always my "go to" color! Now I like them together! Love your beautiful photos and spaces! Looking forward to the Tattered Angels preview.
PS: Ordering my new CPU this afternoon, wish me luck!

Sharon in NE said...

In the "who's who" and "best of"...oh my goodness. sniff sniff...I'm so proud. I taught her everything she knows. Okay, that's a lie...but I still claim her and get bragging rights...because...because she's my friend.

Atta girl, Vic!