Sunday, January 13, 2008


After Memory Trends I shared with you one of the new cool things I saw there, it's called the
If you check out the website above you can see how they come packaged. You get to personalize them yourself. I was so impressed when I saw all the samples of the things they were organizing with these things. Not just Scrapbooking supplies, but , stuff like , nails , screws ect. Baseball cards, sewing stuff.. anything you could imagine.
They had asked me if I'd like to design one for their display in the "New Products" case for CHA... so here's mine, all finished.
I used Tinkering Ink papers, simply because I think they are so pretty and have been wanting to use them. lol I had gotten the entire set from Scrapbook Trends for some publish work, and when I saw them all laid out together, I loved the colors and the designs.
I've used this saying before , Many times. lol , but I just love it. It's from some Scenic Route stickers.

It was really easy to cover. I just traced and cut. Used my Scrapbook Adhesives tape runner to adhere the papers to it.

One time I found these little sticky metal things (like faux brads) at a Joannes store. They worked perfectly for embellishments on this.

Each piece of paper that you want to add to each section, just slides in , under the divided piece. So it is actually protected between two pieces of plastic. It just slides right in and clings. No adhesive even needed.

Some of the things in my sections. Of course Clearsnap inks and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, adhesives. lol

This is one of my favorite pieces of paper from this set, so I just left it , as is, cut it and slid it in.

I used some of these old wooden spools to hold my ribbons. They fit perfectly inside the divided section. All ribbons are from Creative Impressions.

Not to mention all these goodies. I told you ...Creative Impressions is more than just ribbon!
I filled this entire section with CI, brads, hinges, clips, photo corners, colored safety pins, bookplates ect.. They have coordinating colored sets, for all of those. Their containers fit great in here, after I just trimmed of the top "hanger piece".

Here's another section.

And big spaces for the larger necessities too.

Defiantly added all those "Blossoms and Blooms" I was showing you last week.

I'm pretty impressed with this organizer, I can certainly see how it would be great to take to crops, or for people who have a limited about of work space. Even if you didn't have a room of your own, and do your scrapbooking at the dinning room table , you could have this on the shelf , ready to go. Everything is in one spot. Look HERE, to see the different sizes of the divisions in each section.
Hope you all had a great weekend... and have a great first day of the week!


janel said...

Oh, the organizer looks like it would be great to take to crops. I am cropping tomorrow, and need to gather up all my stuff, and just haven't done it yet. Love that it is very concise and together. You did a wonderful job..bright, classy and so attractive.
Have a great week, Monday is almost here!

chelemom said...

This looks awesome!!! I would probably need a million of them though! Love Tinkering PInk too!

Nat said...

wow- you are so organized. I love the container, but I know I couldn't do with it. I'm not that neat- LOL.

Vale said...

Very good!!!! I like it!

Cindy Tobey said...

Looks cool Vicki!

Catherine said...

What an awesome way to stay organized, and so pretty too! Great job Vic.

Sugar Bear said...

That looks super cool!

Monica Yvette said...

Neat-o! I love to see how other people organize their craft supplies.
You are very welcome, by the way:)

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

What a great storage idea! I hadn't seen that before. And I love that you can 'scrap it up' with your favorite papers!

Anonymous said...


Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...

Vicki....I love what you have done with the Scraponizer! I am giving away 2 Scraponizers on my blog and would love if I can use your pictures and refer them to your blog! Please let me know :-) Thanks.