Friday, February 15, 2008

CHA recap!

Hi everyone! I just got in last night, so I'm still unpacking , starting laundry and putting things away, but I have SO many photos to share, I wanted to start posting them. I'll post them over the next few days. It's always a fast a furious week, but I tried to take as many pictures as I could. If you havent attended CHA before.. it's almost impossible to grasp how HUGE it is. Just finding your way from one end to the other is something. Imagine football fields of every new fun craft and hobby thing you can imagine. It boggles the mind! lol Like I said , I have lots of photos to share over the next few days but, this first set is mostly friends. That's always the best part of trade shows.... seeing friends!

I have to say, the sun and palm trees where a refreshing change from the weather we've been having in Nebraska.

This was the walk from our hotel to the Convention center.

I was just so excited to get to spend some time walking the show floor with Taylor VanBruggen, Taylored Expressions.
I just adore her... not only is she insanly talented but just so so sweet!

Thanks Taylor... I enjoyed the time we got to spend hanging together!

Ohhhh.... sweet Lisa Zappa! Shabby Chic Junk Another of the talented Crafty Secrets DT members. I'll show some photos later of the CS class with Lisa and Sherrie Siemens, Card Creme.

Every time I get to spend time with Vicki Boutin, my day is brighter. I usually only get to see her at Trade Shows ,but this year we both taught at the BC Creative Expo in Canada, so it was an extra treat. She is also a Scrappy Gourmet DT member... you should check out her kits..they are always beautiful.

Ah.... Miss Fancy Pants herself. Jodi Stanford.

I used to watch Dee Gruening on DIY and on her videos when I first started scrapbooking and stamping. She has lots of amazing products. (Posh impressing, being one of my favorites for years).

It was so fun to get to finally meet all the the "Tattered Angels" girls at this show! I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the girls..but this show... I think almost all of them where here.
This is Michelle Jackson and Tricia Gabriel.

It was so sweet the Kathleen Summers took time to come by and say hello. Kathleen and I used to be on the Scrapbook Answers Mag DT together. That's where we first met. You can see her work everywhere! She is with Inque.

I was so thrilled to finally get to meet Cyndi Duncan (Founder and Editor of Altered Arts Mag) in person. Thanks for comming by the Crafty Secrets booth was great to meet in person!

What a fun group this is. On the left the "Scrapbook Dimensions Mag" girls and on the right "Scrapbooking and Cards Today" Mag, girls.

Ahhh... the "Scrapbook Dimensions girls". Chere Nordstrom (DT member), Me ,(Creative Director), Cindy Wycoff (Editor-in-chief), and Kristi McFayden,(Managing Editor).

How much do I LOVE Helle Greer? lol This much! lol

My sweet, fun, crazy, talented friend Helle (left) Pink Latte, came by with the Diva herself... Suzi Finer! Michelle White , My Paper Tales was working the the amuse booth, so we caught up with her later. (Check for that in an upcomming photo). Helle and Michelle(White), are going to be celebrating the opening of their new store May 1st. If you are anywhere in the area, you HAVE to check it out, because I can tell you this much, just from knowing these girls... it will be AMAZING.
Paper Tales
3960 West Point Loma Blvd.
Suite N
San Diego , CA

Here's Helle, in the Crafty Secrets booth , checking out the latest issue of Scrapbook Dimensions Mag. with Cyndi Wycoff.

The photo below is Sandy Redburn ( owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage), Wendy,(owner of Tattered Angels), me and Allison( on the right). Oh... I cant even begin to tell you the laughs we had when I roomed with these girls in Vegas!!! My sides just hurt!

Here's Kim , Sandy and I , in the Crafty Secrets Booth. Kim lives here.. so it worked out well for her to come help out.

I can't believe the good friends I have made through blogging! This is the second time I've got to meet Felicia Harrell in person. Now , if I can just talk her into blogging! Thankyou sweetie for reading! We certainly share a love of all things vintage!!

You probably cant read the silly note I'm holding here, but it says "HB" with an arrow pointing her direction. There's a story behind this..really there is. HB started commenting on my blog regularly, quiet some time ago.... and I just felt this total connection with here, but because she didnt have a blog, I couldnt respond to her. It was driving me nuts.. I wanted to talk to her! I had no clue who "HB" was, (as far as a name). Finally she actually emailed me I could email back. Again... one of those people you just feel a contection with. I'm sorry I didnt get to say goodbye to you before you left Carol!!! ( but I loved seeing you!)

And my dear friend Kara Ward , My Studio Pink in the K&Company Booth! This girl ooooozzzzzes talent and creativity!!!

lol... here's Amy Stewart , from Precious Treasures, Checking out the layout in the Craftys Secrets booth, I did with a photo I took of her cutiepie daughter, "Ruthy".

Here is Sandy Redburn (owner of Crafty Secrets), on the left, with Pamela from Stampin D Amour.

OH... and the girls from "Two Scrappy Sisters" in KC I can't wait to get a time set to come teach in their store. What sweet girls!

Holly VanDyne and Becky Kent , by Page Frame buddies, were so sweet to stop over and chat. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time talking with them at this show.

I still have so many photos of friends to show... and so many I wish I could have gotten to take...but I'll share what I do have more of tomorrow.
I have lots of photos of booths and product also... so this will be a really "visual" week on this blog! lol
Okay... it's going to take me a while to link up everything in this post , so I better get busy! lol
And the laundry is calling!! ick
Missed you guys.. it feels good to be back!


Anonymous said...

ohhh those are GREAT photos Vicki-looks like you had a fantastic time! Glad you're back!

Elly said...

Are you still alive??? Oh my what a great trip you had! I'm not jealous, oh no, I'm just turning a little bit green at this moment, hahaha!!! I think you're very tired, but happy. These pictures are great! Have a nice (and easy!) weekend!

Shawn said...

Oh sounds like you had a great time love all your pics!! Can't wait to hear more :)

Amy said...

Welcome home! I missed reading your blog. Love all the pics, but PLEASE, stop with the AMY STEWART name dropping on your blog....that's my MAIDEN NAME!!!! Every time I read it I freak out--even though I've been Amy Westerman for 21 years:)!!!!! I wonder what her middle name is.....mine is Louise. Does her middle name start with an "L"???? Many Amy's I know have a middle name that starts with an "L" it Lynn? LOL!!!!!


rose said...

ohhh wow looks like you had a real good time and ohhh alll that vintage IAmso envious and cannot wait to see more. I just so admire your work

stampqueen said...

Yipppeee Vicki's back!!! Great Pics of tons of great people!!! Looks like lots of fun!!!
Stay Warm

MJ said...

What a great time you had! I know scrappers who longed to go to CHA too! Glad to see you made it home safely!

Michelle said...

Vicki: This is Michelle from Boca Raton. It was so nice to meet you at the show. Like I said yours is the blog I read and enjoy every day. Don't forget when you are in the area I would love for you come see me at my new store and even teach classes.

Sugar Bear said...

Welcome back Vicki! I enjoyed reading about your trip and sharing in all of your photos - esp. the palm trees! Wish I was somewhere cozy warm right now.

scrappermimi said...

Looks like such a great trip, bet you are just exhausted!

Thanks for sharing all your pictures!

chelemom said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing!!! You really rubbed elbows with lots of talented people!!!

KimmyS said...

Thank you for sharing all this goodiness with us. One day I am gonna make it to CHA and I am so gonna ru up to you and hug the life out of you!

Sharon in NE said...

I have been a fan of Helle Greer and was visiting her blog when I saw a picture the two of YOU. I literally yelled out loud. (No one was interested after I explained the reason for my excitement, but that's men.) And then I come to your blog and there you two are again. Plus you with so many great talented people and at so many cool booths. Oh...wait a second, I need to breath into my paper bag...hyperventilating with all the excitement...
It all looks incredible...and I forgive you for not taking me. sorta.

happiness blooms said...

Hi Vic!!!
Seeing you was one of the thrills of my trip to CHA! I wish we would have had time to chat longer! Next time!

Kathleen Summers said...

Hey Vicki! Great pics! It was nice seeing you as always. Oh, and the company name is INQUE (pronounced ink) Boutique. ;)

Would you email me the photo of us (uncropped)?

Thanks! :)

myfrogprince said...

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures! I especially love the group shot of the Scrapbook Dimensions team!

Helle Greer said...

I love YOU more!!!! LOL
I was so good to see you again, and hope you come out and teach at our new store.
Thanks again for the treats, you're so sweet.

Precious Treasures said...

Amy Stewarts middle name is Sue :) Funny though as my mom and sisters are Lynn.

Precious Treasures said...

Amy Stewarts middle name is Sue :) Funny though as my mom and sisters are Lynn.