Saturday, February 02, 2008

NEW Fancy Pants

Thought I'd share a few layouts over the next few days , done with new Fancy Pants papers, Chipboard, felt, Stamps and buttons.
This line is called "About a Boy".
I have been wanting to scrap this photo, since I took it on Christmas...but again... waiting for just the right papers. When I saw these, I knew just what photo I wanted to use first! The fact that the paper line is called "About a boy", was just the icing on the cake. lol
Nathaniel and Wes played guitar together on Christmas Eve, and this was just one a snapped when they were warming up. This child is so photogenic! On top of that , he's a great kid!!!

I love the colors of this paper line.
I used paint and ink on this chipboard piece...

and Glimmer Mist on these. Boy... Glimmer Mist and Chipboard are meant to go together, in my book! Way to easy... no paint brush, glue or sanding... and look how easily you can blend from one color into another. I just slightly inked the edges when I was finished.
You can see other new Fancy Pants Sneek Peeks HERE
Hope your Saturday is going well. I'm happy because the SUN IS SHINING! yay!
Jarad was home for a bit last night. It was good to see him. Dan is helping Jarad today with installing some things at his new place.... so I'm here plugging away at projects.
When you your trying to fall asleep at night, do you ever have a time when the strangest things pop into your head for no reason??? Or is it just me? You suddenly remember something from earlier in the day, (or for me , usually something I forgot to do). lol *** Last night when I was almost asleep , all of the sudden, I thought about the "Grandparents" altered box I posted yesterday, and almost started laughing out loud, thinking about how I probably really messed with my family's heads , on that.................Because.................those ARENT MY GRANDPARENTS. lol I have to fess up.... That was a project I was working on for the Tattered Angels booth, I was trying to get it finished, and didnt have another copy of a photo of my "really" grandparents on hand, so I used one of the ones I had picked up at the (junk/treasure) store.
Well... atleast I told! lol

Have a fantastic day!!!!


Shawn said...

HAHA that is too funny, well they kinda look like them maybe? hehe Love the new fancy pants line that is a really cute lo!

Nat said...

love the new fancy pants and waht you created with it. You rock girl ;-)

Catherine said...

ha ha ha!! THAT is hysterical about your faux-grandparents! I do lay down or even wake up in the middle of the night with things like that!

Loved the fancy pants peak - the way you did the corner was very cool! Have a lovely day my friend!!

Deb S. said...

ahhh too funny @ "your grandparents"!!! i have that all the time when i try to go to sleep! what's up with that?? ;) love the new fancy pants,perfect for a good looking young man like nathaniel! ;)

janel said...

Just don't know how you get it all done WOW! Vick, I love the way you did the center circle in the chipboard..very cool. What an adorable layout, and I agree, that paper is perfect for that photo.

I am sure if those "grandparents" knew you they would adopt what the heck..You just turned the tables and adopted them....FUN!!

Country Liv . . . said...

So funny! I don't get your RSS feed until a day after you've posted so when I read that you had picked up the "grands" at the junk shop I LOL! I had just posted a comment asking if they were your family or thrift shop finds!
The pic of Nathaniel is just too precious! He's adorable and what a smile. I haven't seen my grandchildren in over a week;they are so soccer crazy that they don't have time for the old woman! LOL!

Helle Greer said...

What a sweet and handsome boy.
Great layout as well.

MJ said...

That is hilarious! You need to put cautionary notes on the back of your projects: "discard photo: no relation to you"!