Monday, February 25, 2008

Retreat Weekend

Wow, that weekend just flew by.. I cant believe it's Monday! What a fun weekend with the girls from Midwinters Fantasy Retreat. Thanks so much to Sara Mabin , owner of "The Paper Pixie", for asking me to come... it was a blast!
What a super fun and friendly bunch of girls. They made us feel so welcome!

Always fun to make new friends.

I have lots of photo to share from the retreat,but I also wanted to share some with you , of the places we stopped and took in , on the way.These were some great antique stores in Weston Missouri. (Thanks Shawn for the list of hot spots to check out). I didnt even know there was a Weston Missouri. Well, to tell you the truth, I didnt even know there was a Weston NE for a long time.. and it's not that far from us. ( Our oldest sons name is Weston)... I just loved the name. lol

Boy did we see some goodies here. ( oh... and great Fudge too). yum!

Also in Weston.

Our room was beautiful!

Tomorrow I'll share some of the goodies we purchused, at our stops.

We got to the Hyatt in Overland Park about 9pm Friday night, and the girls were alread hard at it in the crop room. This is Alta... the Paper Pixie Mascot. lol

Yep... me and my sissy!

I should have gotten a photo of Keith in here also... He was fantastic to us... driving us all over... loading , unloading... hitting all the great antique and food spots around KC. He know's his way around there, that's for sure.


These girls were die hards... let me let you..they cranked out some amazing things. It was so fun to get to look at the projects these girls had been working on. Amazing bunch of advanced paper crafters...for sure!

and with a sense of humor too!

We did two classes on Saturday. The Crafty Secrets Chipboard house was so fun to do with these girls!! They just took the idea and ran with it...their finished house were amazing... each was so personal and individual... totally creative. Here are just a few. Some of the girls were going to finished theirs with just the right photos , when they get home...but they've promised to send photos... I cant wait to see them.

my friend Amy used another house after she finised her vintage shappy house and did this one for the table for her sons graduation this year. How's that for diverse? I'm so impressed!!! Just shows two very different ways to use the house.
AMY has photos of her class projects and of the retreat posted here also

Amy's daughter Ruthy. You cant believe the creativity of this 8 year old.

All these girls did such a beautiful job. I LOVE seeing each one when class is over. Once the photos are in ...they are just so personal.

Thanks for such a fun time girls... We had such a great time!

I have so many photos to share. Tomorrow I'll show you the photos of the treasures Jan and I purchased.... and then for those of you who have been asking for more photos of my sister Jans house and cake plate collection.... I'll share those tomorrow also.
Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend also!


Sugar Bear said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Nat said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!! Awesome!

becky said...

i hate that i'm so out of touch with your daily life! i didn't even know you were doing this! isn't weston cool? tom and i went there last fall. i would love to go back!

Micki said...

So glad that you came and joined us. It made everything extra special!

Jessrose21 said...

Aren't they the cutest! I love the house with the fence and the little dog house.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

looks like you had a fun weekend! love the houses!

MJ said...

I love going travelling with you! No packing, no laundry to catch up when I get home, no jet-lag, and no $$ spent! Keep on going, Vicki!

Michelle M White said...

How fun!!! I wish I had been there! Wait until you see my little house!

myfrogprince said...

what a cute little house! Looks like so much fun!

Catherine said...

Looks like it was fun, can't wait to see what you picked up for goodies!! Have a lovely day!

Sharon in NE said...

oh yay! I am so glad you had a good time. Looks like you were feeling better too.

Great pics of lots of good stuff.

Maggie said...

oooh I want to make one as well...
Looks like a great project

Tze's Mixed Media Design - a fat chick's explorations said...

Vicki!!! I SO LOVED meeting you this weekend. It was inspiring. You are my first scrap celeb, and - I got to see you without makeup! :)

I plan on hopefully taking some more classes from you. . .you rock.