Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wed stuff

Boy , we're

just a barrel

of fun around

here , these days.

You know it's

not good when

your kitchen

counter is


with this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Blah! I feeling lots better but Dan has now been home from work for 2 1/2 days now... and that is unheard of for him. I'm sure he's going to work tomorrow..but that doesnt mean I think he should. It's nasty stuff , that's for sure.

I actually left the house today! I had to run to Fremont for a couple of things really quick. While I was out, I picked up mom's prescription for her and dropped it off. By that I mean... I opened her door a tiny slit and tossed it in. I am staying totally away from her, until I'm completly over this! I sure dont want to think about her getting this awful stuff.

Wes called the other day, saying he was planning on comming home,(here) just to hang out , on his days off. (Tues and Wed). Well, that was when I was at the peak of my of course I told him. THAT was NOT a good idea. I felt so bad, to tell him not to come home, because I love it when the boys come home, but I dont want him sick too. He said... "I was so looking forward to comming home, hanging out , playing with the dogs and just playing guitar". I suggested he call Jarad and maybe he could go hang out with him at his house. ( you know moms.... ALWAYS thinking! lol). Well, it turned out , that it worked out really well... and Wes has been at Jarads the last couple of days. See.... some brother bonding time. I think it was good for both of them.

(and this mom is happy too)


Okay.... I wanted to share some of the new Crafty Secrets Goodies. I just took some quick shots of the catalog...if you want to see more , you can check out the Heartwarming Vintage Blog and the Crafty Secrets Website.

Here's the cover of the new Catalog

I'm so excited about these. They will be out in April. They are Image and Journal Notes.

They'll be 3x8 in size. Each booklet will have 32 pages. They can be used for cards, scrapbooks, altered projects, or even just as really cute notepads.

4 Different titles

Birds and Botanicals



and Summertime

Here's a look at just a few of the new Clear Art stamps from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. Again Check out the website to see them closer.

The first time I saw this stamp.. I thought of my sister Jan immediately. lol I just know she will love it.!

CS stamps have so many details. The dandilion has the two little "blowing in the breeze" pieces that go with it. ( top right)

These stamps , stamp so beautiful...really crisp and clear lines. I'm hoping to get some stamping done with these, so you will be able to see that better, than you can with these quick photos.

I want to be able to color like the amazing stampers on the CS team.... Holy Cow! They blow me away! Check out what Linda did with this set on her blog Linda's works of Heart.

Ok... bummer , this looks blurry here, sorry. This set is SOOOO CUTE! Hey (Cousin Becky)...this is SO you! ( she owns a pest control service) lol Seriously.. you are going to need this set! lol

And ..... as if the first bird set didnt make me squeal enough.... wha la..... now ... a new LARGE set , with all different bird goodies! check out the beautiful cards Sherrie made with them on her blog Card Creme

All I'm going to say about these fourishes is ....... you are going to be seeing me use them ALOT!

Nuff said! lol

Are your creative juices flowing yet??? lol


I was missing my boys today...but glad they got to spend some time together.

Here's a pic of Jarad's new jeep. ( that he's wanted since he was 3).

Every hotwheel he had when he was little , was a jeep...and he swore he was gonna have one when he grew up. lol

And here's his first pad. lol I think he's enjoying his new found independence. Ahhh... to be 22 again. ( um..well maybe not). I'd settle for 35.

It was a toasty 8 degrees today! Picnic anyone?

(atleast it was sunny)

Find the beauty in everyday right?


Maggie said...

sorry u r under the weather...
These stamps are divine specially the flourish..

Jan Scholl said...

mine came home sick today and wanted Nyquil. I had some of the liquid caps but not the fluid. He whined, so I told him to take the caps with a shot of scotch to shut him up long enough for me to go to Target (which had Nyquil on clearance and I had coupons-so I stocked up)
WHo will take care of me when I get it? The dog?? Men are babies!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, Vicki! This post made me laugh and smile and look at the photos in awe! You are sooo cute about your boys, I have two grown daughters that I feel the same way about!

I hope hubby and you get totally well really soon. Are you going to share some more CHA photos with us? Did you get to meet Jill Baldwin in person?

Did you design the CS vintage notebooks? They look like something you would pull out of that busy brain of yours! They are gorgeous!
Oh how I wish I could paper scrap! Those stamps are yummy! Ever since I had to stop, the manufacturers are coming out with more and more beautiful ones. You should see my collection. I think I'm going to have a craft sale this spring to try and recoup some of the funds I spent on paper crafting.

Here's hoping you feel 100% soon!

happiness blooms said...

Bummer you are sick! Don't you know that is not the way to end a trip to beautiful, sunny CA? ;)

I am in LOVE with the new Crafty sets! I know I'm going to have to get a larger drool bucket once you and the other design team girls start pumping out creations made with them!
Hope you feel better soon! I'm sending a hug through the air waives!

Shawn said...

Hope you all get better soon, that flu bug this year is bad! Those stamps are really cute, love seeing the new stuff come out!

Sugar Bear said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. My hubby has had the same thing and I'm praying that it doesn't find its way to me.

janel said...

Hope that today you are feeling better. Love that the boys got to be together, wish my two were able to spend time together..too many miles, but one of these days.
Love all those new Crafty images! Spring will soon be here!
Fell better soon.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

hope you get to feeling better. my family was sick for a week and my dd missed a whole week of school. nasty stuff!

i love the new crafty stamps...can't wait till i can get them!