Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lots to share

I must have just really missed being able to post so much , these past few weeks and I'm catching up , because I have lots to post again today. It's getting late on me, because I was all cozy on the couch...but I'm here..finally! lol
This layout is inspired by a sketch from Cherie Averill, Sketches-R-Us. It a great sketch blog! And not to mention a Nebraska girl too! lol Need inspiration... check it out here Sketches-R-Us
The papers are all Fancy Pants. (Sweet Spring) line, and the chipboard flowers are from the Power Flowerz set and the stamps from"Doodles and things" the set.
The little sweetie pie in the photo is my nephew Austin. (My sister Sharon's Grandson).
This photo was taken when they were back for the 4th of July. Austin, Adriana, Greg and Trinna live in MN.

The is chipboard is from "Lotsa Letters" set.
I used Glimmer Mist and Colorbox CatEye(from Clearsnap) inks on the Chipboard.
The colors of these papers are so beautiful. I should have gotten my photo taken in natural light to show them better, but you can see them HERE also.

ahhhh.... how I long for summer days! carries many of the products I used for this layout. You can find the link to at the top right of my blog, just under my header.

I have to tell you... I had such fun making these little birds. Angie from ScrapScene has a new "Scrapping Spring" E-book available , and it's full of great ideas and patterns. The pattern for these cute little birds is just one of them. You can read more about it here.

I added buttons to the breast and tail of my birds. I have these hanging from the shelf in my room. They're helping me feel like it's spring, even though the weather here is icky!!! (defiantly NOT spring-like weather)
Thanks Angie... I'm loving the E-book!


Yesterday morning , Jarad called me and said he had this weekend off, and he and Kate were going to take a road trip up to South Dakota. What? Okay... you know kids... get an idea and just run with it. lol Actually it's really cool that he wanted to go see family.
My Gram used to live there, and I still have Aunts and a Uncle there. They planned to go visit them.
He also wanted to take my camera... (eeeek my what?... my precious sidekick, that I go nowhere without?) I had a moment of hesitation...and then... gave it to him. Now that's love! lol
(It came back in perfect shape.)
I got the biggest kick out of the photos he took. Here are a few.

If you "city girls" want to know what small town America looks like.... here it is. This is were my Grandparents lived. My parents actually met at a dance here, probably around 1938.

This is just a house on the road out to my aunt and uncles , near where my Grandparents farm was, before they moved to town. ( it seems Jarad like to photograph the same sorts of things his mama does) lol

I didn't get a chance to ask Jarad where this was taken, but look at the chair, and at the trunk Kate is sitting on.
Saturday night, Kate and Jarad spent visiting with Aunt Donna and Uncle Al. (Uncle Al , is my moms only brother). What fantastic, and hard working people. They still live in the same house on the farm , that they've always lived it.
They always have a HUGE garden. Sell the produce, freeze and cann, all that good stuff. Amazing people!
Jarad said they had such a nice time with them.
On Sunday morning they went to see my Aunt Viv ( my moms only sister). Herrick is where her and my Uncle Jack lived all there lives. After Uncle Jake passed away a couple of years ago, Aunt Viv moved to a house in town.. a few miles away.
( I had to ask Jarad what that "TVU" is on his shirt (because I'm so OUT of the loop , these days). I now's a Christian Rock video station. ( I learn something new everyday) lol
Here's Jarad with my sweet Aunt Viv. Jarad said , he and Katy, spend a couple hours visiting with her, after church. They had coffee , and Aunt Vivs homemade banana bread.
Here are some of the photos Jarad took in Herrick. This is the dance hall. My mom and dad kicked up their heals here, a few time also. lol The house my parents lived it when they were first married was only a couple of blocks from here. ( oh yeah... in a town this size.. everything is only a couple of blocks from everything else) lol

We still try to make it back here for Memorial Day , now and then. It was something we always did when dad was still alive. My Uncle Jake (Aunt Viv's husband), was a Veteran, and I always remember how impressed I was when those guys came marching out at the cemetery for the Memorial Day service, and how when they shot off their guns... how I felt the "thud" in my chest. I cherish those memories!

This is the town hall.
I'd love to know what year the school was built in... and how many kids have come and gone through those doors over the years.

I was talking to my mom about this "jail" today. I thought it was something they just built (for a joke). Obviously they just painted the writing on it as a "funny", .........but my mom said they actually used this jail years ago. I laughed SO HARD!!! She said, "well, it could hold one person".
My dad was actually the town cop for a bit. I said "did he ever have to put anyone in there?"...she said (in her sweet mama voice).... "Well ...sure".
Oh...that is just too good! lol
All I can say is I'm so glad that my son shares the same appreciation for this people and places that I do. I can just tell. Althought, "I" never lived here, because mom and dad moved to Fremont long before I was born...Some of the best memories from my childhood are from visits to these places, and from these people. It's just too bad there aren't more places like this still around. I'm afraid that someday these places will be even more few and far between.
It's good to know that for now...there still are places like this. It may not seem like much to some...but to me...........priceless!

*** Stay outta jail...theres only room for one! lol

Saturday, March 29, 2008

All good things

After I posted these photos, I thought.. hmmm... all good things, family, good music, good food, good friends and art! Perfect! lol
Nathanial is sharing some tunes with me. He's got one ear piece and I have the other. He has great taste in music! The kids in this family are just growing up right before our eyes, I tell ya. (thanks for the photo Deb!)

As you can see, I'm still catching up with photos from Easter. I promised to post these recipes, so here they are.
This was the first time I had made this salad, and it was really yummy.

Zesty Gazpacho Salad

2 medium zucchini, chopped
2 medium tomatoes, chopped (I used grape tomatoes)
1 ripe avocado, chopped
1 cup fresh or frozen corn, thawed
1/2 cup thinly sliced green onions ( I also added a can of drained and rinsed garbonzo beans)
1/2 cup picante sauce
2 Tab minced fresh parsley ( I used fresh Cilantro)
2 Tab lemon juice
1 Tab veg oil ( I left it out)
3/4 teaspoon garlic salt ( I used fresh)
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin

In a bowl, combine the first five ingredients. In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients: mix well. Pour over zucchini mixture: toss to coat. cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.


Spring Salad (this recipe has been around forever, but I LOVE it)

2/3 cup Mayo ( I used light Miracle Whip)
2 boxes lime jello (I used sugar free)
1 lb Cottage Cheese
2 cups boiling water
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 can crushed Pineapple
1/2 walnuts (chopped)

Dissolve the jello in the boiling water, add marshmallows, and stir until melted. Add pineapple, cottage cheese, mayo, and nuts. Chill

I've also been wanting to post these pieces of art given to me ,when I had our little "art day" at Paula's a while back.
Paula made me this cool round altered playing card .

**************************** By: Paula Bendig

And this altered matchbox ....
filled with all these fun little inches From my new friend Stephanie.****************************** by: Stephanie Freeman

I went into Fremont this morning to help mom with some house work and pick up some prescriptions for her. I've decided next time I'm not telling her when I'm coming to help, because she had a huge jump start on me this time. We're all so glad she is feeling better and doing so well, but just don't want her to overdo. She doesn't let anything keep her down! It's great to see her feeling SO much better!
Jarad and Kate brought lunch over to moms for us, and we all ate together. I was a really nice day!
Hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Place for Art .."Sweet Chips" House

*** Be sure to check out the new cards that have been added to the card challenge. HERE

I've been working on this "A Place for Art" house shaped book from Crafty Secrets. I used paper from the Classic Paper Pad, and stamps from the Altered Art , and Hardware sets.

I outlined using the Sakura(startdust) pen.


Here's another thing I've been wanting to post. My Niece Amber is a Hair Stylist, and she was asked to do the hair for the bride on the cover of this magazine, and in the photos below.

Here is the promo for the the salon she works for "Salon Jack" , and Amber is the one talking in the video.
Beautiful work!... We're proud of you Amber!!!

Today was a pretty uneventful day , until it came time for this.... THE DREADED RIDE TO THE VET!!!! lol
Poor Molly had to have blood drawn to have her Thyroid checked again, and get caught up on her shots. I schedule the vet appointments for when Dans off work, so we can take his work van, instead of the dogs shedding in mind. (always a plan) lol. I always plan to take both dogs, because they both usually needs their nails clipped . Every time we go to the Vet, it's like a three ring circus has come to town!!!
Aly is FREAKED, and Molly is OUT OF CONTROL!
The constant "DING" of the door when it opens and closes in the office , has Aly about to have a complete meltdown and Molly is trying to get up on Dan's lap ( she only weighs 67 lbs).
Who ever told the Vets office that is was a good idea to have a pet CAT, in the office, that just walks around to taunt the dogs? lol Actually Aly was so freaked out about the "Ding" of the automatic door bell in the office, she didn't even notice the Cat. We live in the country so our dogs don't see many cats...but Molly knew it looked enough like Huge squirrel, for her to be interested.
At least it wasn't as bad as the last trip to the vet, where the girl brought them out a bowl of water, because they were panting so hard, and when they called our name to come in , and I stood up . Molly knocked the water dish across the room and I slipped and practically fell in it!
Molly was such a baby today, even the vet said, "she's a bit of a drama queen". lol
Aly, on the other hand , did fine, once she got away from the doorbell!
Why is it , when I leave the Vets office, I always feel like that mom who's kid just made a huge screaming scene at the checkout in the grocery store??? And everyone rolls their eyes as you walk away. lol
My dog is unruly!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Altered Childs journal

Happy Thursday! Boy this week is just flying by for me...seems like it should be Tuesday not Thursday. Yesterday is was sunny and almost 60 here, today NOT even close. brrrr...
I had to go out and make a run to the post office and a quick stop at the store , other than that , I'm staying in! (oh,.. I did have to run into my junk/treasure place, just because it's close to the post office... and I cant stand the thought of missing a good deal) I'll show you what I got... at the bottom of this post.
The (red and black child's journal) one of the( late night) things, I worked on when I was dog sitting last week. When my kids were little I keep a journal about silly things they said. It was a cheesy ,bought'n one, that said "What the kids said and did, that I wanna remember forever".
*** Okay...this is how caught up I got in this post... I went and dug it out. lol Here it is....

It my be a bought'n "cheesy" book..but it's a treasure to me. It's filled with little papers from the boys when they were little and things that I had written that they said. I read through it not to long ago (probably about the time Jarad moved out) lol. I laughed so hard.. and also shed a tear or two. I'm so glad I took time to write those things down, when the boys were little, so if those memories start to fade ( and they do).. and can just read and remember them all over again.
Every one of these little notes touch me even more now , then they did then.

So if your a young mom.... and you just can keep up with scrapbooking every single event for your kids... use a little book , or notepad, handmade or bought'n... and stick every little crumpled up note they hand you , in there, every wilted little dandelion they bring you on a summer day, write down your thoughts, the funny things they say, and photos of the "everyday" things...because they are the things to remember!

*** Well, even though this story got alot longer than first expected.... THAT little book, was the inspiration for this little journal.

I cant get enough Jennie Bowlin stuff, so it's all over the place in here. lol The papers are
"29th Street Market" from My Minds Eye. They are some of my very favorites.

a little bookmark.

I cut a place out of the center of the bingo card for a photo (to be slid in from the top)

It was fun and easy to make.


The old lunch pail , dish, buttons and rickrack are among the treasures I found on my hunt today. lol The old lunch pail is now holding my stash of vintage photos for projects.


And these are some of the goodies that were waiting for me in the box at the post office.
NEW PageFrames stuff!!!! YAY!

I cant wait to be able to play with these goodies! Thanks Kim and Tara!

( I think this little clear album is going to be my new Favorite! LOVE that scalloped edge)

New shapes , New designs on them. Now you can get them totally clear or with printed patterns.

I love that they all come with the clear protective layer on both side, to keep them from protected until you're ready to use them.
The cards ( which somehow I didn't get photographed... oops sorry)... are cut from a thinner acrylic, so they they can fold. They come plain or printed also. You can by them in packs of 6, or if you have access to a AccuCut Machine, you can buy the 12x12 sheets and cut them yourself.

check out these large tags for a tag album. And there are two more samples for the printed designs available.

How beautiful is this?
Okay... I've probably kept you longer than I should have , AGAIN today. lol
Carry on. lol