Thursday, March 27, 2008

Altered Childs journal

Happy Thursday! Boy this week is just flying by for me...seems like it should be Tuesday not Thursday. Yesterday is was sunny and almost 60 here, today NOT even close. brrrr...
I had to go out and make a run to the post office and a quick stop at the store , other than that , I'm staying in! (oh,.. I did have to run into my junk/treasure place, just because it's close to the post office... and I cant stand the thought of missing a good deal) I'll show you what I got... at the bottom of this post.
The (red and black child's journal) one of the( late night) things, I worked on when I was dog sitting last week. When my kids were little I keep a journal about silly things they said. It was a cheesy ,bought'n one, that said "What the kids said and did, that I wanna remember forever".
*** Okay...this is how caught up I got in this post... I went and dug it out. lol Here it is....

It my be a bought'n "cheesy" book..but it's a treasure to me. It's filled with little papers from the boys when they were little and things that I had written that they said. I read through it not to long ago (probably about the time Jarad moved out) lol. I laughed so hard.. and also shed a tear or two. I'm so glad I took time to write those things down, when the boys were little, so if those memories start to fade ( and they do).. and can just read and remember them all over again.
Every one of these little notes touch me even more now , then they did then.

So if your a young mom.... and you just can keep up with scrapbooking every single event for your kids... use a little book , or notepad, handmade or bought'n... and stick every little crumpled up note they hand you , in there, every wilted little dandelion they bring you on a summer day, write down your thoughts, the funny things they say, and photos of the "everyday" things...because they are the things to remember!

*** Well, even though this story got alot longer than first expected.... THAT little book, was the inspiration for this little journal.

I cant get enough Jennie Bowlin stuff, so it's all over the place in here. lol The papers are
"29th Street Market" from My Minds Eye. They are some of my very favorites.

a little bookmark.

I cut a place out of the center of the bingo card for a photo (to be slid in from the top)

It was fun and easy to make.


The old lunch pail , dish, buttons and rickrack are among the treasures I found on my hunt today. lol The old lunch pail is now holding my stash of vintage photos for projects.


And these are some of the goodies that were waiting for me in the box at the post office.
NEW PageFrames stuff!!!! YAY!

I cant wait to be able to play with these goodies! Thanks Kim and Tara!

( I think this little clear album is going to be my new Favorite! LOVE that scalloped edge)

New shapes , New designs on them. Now you can get them totally clear or with printed patterns.

I love that they all come with the clear protective layer on both side, to keep them from protected until you're ready to use them.
The cards ( which somehow I didn't get photographed... oops sorry)... are cut from a thinner acrylic, so they they can fold. They come plain or printed also. You can by them in packs of 6, or if you have access to a AccuCut Machine, you can buy the 12x12 sheets and cut them yourself.

check out these large tags for a tag album. And there are two more samples for the printed designs available.

How beautiful is this?
Okay... I've probably kept you longer than I should have , AGAIN today. lol
Carry on. lol


aardvark said...

Like you, I keep a journal to remember what my kids do. For me keeping a written journal was something I always wanted to do, but I couldn’t ever find the time.

Then I stumbled upon a service that let me phone in my thoughts, feelings, and stories of my daily life (although it’s mostly stories of my kids, since their lives are more exciting than mine).

At first I wasn’t sure what it would be like to keep an audio journal, but I like it. I call-in during my daily commute and let the stream of consciousness flow. I use a service called LifeOnRecord. The web site of the journaling product I use is

happiness blooms said...

Love Love LOVE the journal! It's so YOU!
Man, did you have to wipe your chin after opening that box from PageFrames? Talk about GORGEOUS stuff!!!

Shawn said...

Thanks for the reminder on the book, I haven't kept up very well with Bethany's. What a good idea for a book like that. :) Memories are so wonderful aren't they!

janel said...

I am so jealous of your i wish I would have done this. I did something similar, and when she turned 21 I gave it to her. I think your idea is so wonderful, and what a great gift for a new mom! Love love all the PF clear product, and can hardly wait to see you work your magic.
Have a great Friday!

Angie said...

I have a standing jewlery box with drawers in my bedroom, I have kept notes that my daughter have writen in the drawers, they are more pescious to me than jewels, but I think its time to bring them our and put them in a book, and share them. Thanks for the inspiration.

OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, loving the page frames stuff.

MJ said...

Reading your post reminded me that I haven't been as diligent as I should be in writing down what K and N say. N's favorite saying recently is that "this has been the best Easter ever" which means a lot coming from a 2.5 year old

maggiegracecreates said...

You are so right about keeping those things. My oldest goes off to college this fall. Young Moms hang onto those things - they are even more precious when the tear drops of yours mark them like rain.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

i love these albums!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi! Hows "mom" doing?? It was nice to catch up on your blog! I've been out of touch for a few days. Cant wait to see what you do with all your goodies, its going to keep you busy for awhile!! Laurie

Country Liv . . . said...

Vicki! I love the little journal. Where did you find the basic one? Fingers hurting or not I want to make one for my Grandson's "words of wisdom!" He always says the cutest things, yesterday he put his little arms around his mother and I and said, "How'er my ladies?" He's a riot all by himself.

Those page frames are gorgeous. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would have such wonderful things to scrapbook with?

Hugs, Liv

jenni d said...

Thanks for the inspiration Vicki. I have kept wanting to make a journal like this b/c I just am not a good scrapper and I am horrible at filling out the baby book. You gave me the push I needed! What book did you use as your base? Love your sweet creation, as usual! Hope your Mom is doing okay. Jen M., OK

D@nielle said...

love this journal ! I have post-it's all over the house to record funny things the boys say and every now and again I record them in their journals. Lovely to read back in, i treasure these journals as much as all the pictures we take.

Kara Ward said...

Oh, sigh...I have got to have one of those Mom's Journal. That just touched me so deep. On Vacation, Sutton said, "Mom, when are we going to New Hamster"?--meaning New Hampshire. I just keep telling myself I've got to remember this. And deep down, I know I will forget. Tear, tear. If I could just find my scrap desk...I could get busy making one.

I need a road trip....I want to go to you store...I love the lunch box. I saw somewhere on the internet about painting objects and I thought how fun would that lunch box be...lavender. Ha ha. You could carry your supplies when you teach in it. Delicious...Kara