Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie Rose

Today is the first birthday of Miss Katie Rose. Is she a doll or what?
I was honored to be asked by her mom to contribute to a book that they are putting together for Katie. In the email from her mom, she told how her and her husband had tried to conceive for years to no avail ..and then .... finallyl....BEENA arrived! (her mom sent me this photo of the two of them).
Her mom explained that she had decided to put together a book for her , of photos and cards from her family, and about why they are important and special to them. Then after giving it some thought they decided to ask others that inspire them, such as contemporary authors and artists to contribute a little piece of their work to this book for her. Beena (Katie's mom), decided that she would ask some of her favorite scrapbook artists if they would want to contribute. Artists who's work inspires her in what she creates. I thought it was so cool that she thought to do this... She said, "I thought it would be a more personal and dimensional way of illustrating who her father and I are right now as well as expose her to beauty and art."

She is doing a 12x12 album so this should fit... it's 7x12.

I just love simple little flowers... so that's what I chose to do on this. It's done on heavy cold press watercolor paper. I used Watercolor paints and Glimmer Mist.

Vintage sheet music and lace and buttons.

It felt good to just do something fun and whimsical.

When I paint, ink, hand stitch... it just feels so much more personal. There's just nothing more enjoyable than total creative freedom!!! ahhhh

I don't remember where I even got that sweet little vintage trim...but I use it sparingly... because It's almost gone now.. I wish I had another 6 yards or so. lol It so delicate.

It's nothing fantastic...but it's me.. and it was made especially for you Katie!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I feel honored to be asked to have a page in your book!
May your whole life be filled with "All things Sweet and Kind".


Shawn said...

That is beautiful I'm sure they will absolutely adore it :)

happiness blooms said...

Vic, this story gave me tingles! Little Katie Rose is adorable and I know she's gonna feel the love you put into this page!

janel said...

Such love...comes right through the computer screen. Beautiful, sweet and perfect!
Enjoy the weekend!

Natasha Burns said...

That looks fabulous Vicki! How special! And isn't it fun doing whimsy. I keep hearing about Glimmer Mist, think I should get some.....

rose said...

This is just stunning,I love it
so beautiful.I love the glimmmer Mist[yes you inspired me to go buy some in the end lol!]

Pattyjo said...

You say you just love simple flowers? I just love everything you create!

Micki said...

That looks great Vicki!

Vicki said...

This is a gorgeous wall hanging! I love everything about. You are so creative!

Country Liv . . . said...

This is so beautiful it almost made me cry! So much sweet detail and all done by hand! Once again you went over the top and splashed down on the other side of wonderful! I'm sure little Katie is going to go bonkers over "her book" when she gets older!

MJ said...

Sweet contribution to a cute little one-year old!