Monday, March 17, 2008

Hippity Hoppity... Easters on it's way!

Easter is really sneaking up fast this year. I cant believe it's already this Sunday. Since I haven't really had time to get much creating done this past week, I thought I just post some photos of my favorite Easter Goodies. (the few I have out this year). But they are my very favorites.
OH...Huge thanks to Sandy for being so sweet and posting for me last time. It's been so nice to just take some time to spend with mom while she's here. We checked in with the doctor this morning , and he thought she was improving. She is doing some better every day ,and building her strength back up. The heart not working correctly, causes fluid to build in the lungs , and that has been the battle, for the most part. We are hoping with time , the meds will help get her heart back into it's correct rhythm. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy these little bits of Easter fun.... from me to you!

I'm SO ready for spring... I set these little birdies outside by the birdhouse. I just hope they dont freeze their tails off (literally) , before spring finally gets here.

Today , the doorbell rang, after we got home from the Doctors office and there was my sweet friend Tera's mom, standing there with a card and these cheery little cupcakes for mom and I. How darn sweet it that? It's not everyday, someone from Florida , reads a blog of someone in Nebraska, and it ends up that the Florida blogger is from the same small town in Nebraska, and her parents still live here. It's amazing the people I've met through blogging and the great friends I've made. Tera and I met a few months ago when she was back to Nebraska for a visit. I tell you , "bloggers" are just the nicest peeps! Thanks Tera!!!

Okay.. until tomorrow friends! Hugs!


Sharon in NE said...

Wasn't that nice!! What a sweet surprised to receive cupcakes and a card sent via a mom but the wishes came all the way from FL.

I'm glad your mom is home with you. The two of you just sit back, relax and watch Spring spring...well, okay, forget today with the snow we had, it will spring...I'm sure of it. (sigh) :D

stampqueen said...

I love all your Easter decs - I didn't even get mine down this year - :( - we are redoing DD's room over spring break the 31-5 but the carpet is getting pulled out and tile put in this thursday.
Did Mom tell you her baking story from this am? Shhh don't tell - she went to bake oatmeal brownies but didn't have enough oatmeal, so then she was going to make rice krispies and made them with tub margarine and they turned out quite chewy so you ended up with the pretty cupcakes :).
I got my card done today :) - here's the link
Take Care

janel said...

So sweet!
Happy Easter to you too...I didn't get mine out this year with no kids home, but I sure have missed having those little peeps and the cute things out. Did get my Easter books out today, as I had little Campbell this afternoon, and it was a great day to snuggle up and read.
Hope things get back on track for your mom.
Thinking of you.

Deb S. said...

Glad your mom is doing better everyday vic. i'm sure you two are enjoying your time together.
i love your decorations. so sweet! spring is coming vic,i heard the little birds singing away yesterday and this morning! :)

Felix said...

Where do you get your chickies? They are soooo cute with the hats and clothing! Love them.

Maggie said...

luv luv the cupcakes so cheerfully, that was very nice of her.
I luv the chickies they are so cute and the frame is gorgeous.
? where do you store all these stuff?
I'm running out of space to display my projects..

Felix said...

Where do you get your chickies? They are soooo cute with the hats and clothing! Love them.

Shawn said...

Your decorations are so pretty! Glad to hear your Mom and you are getting some rest. How nice to have cupcakes delivered, that is so sweet of her Mom and they are so springy!

Scrap for Joy said...

Happy to hear that your Mom is with you at home. Let's hope she's on the right road. Your decorations are so the chicks with hats...did you make them? I haven't gotten my stuff out yet...better hurry...only a few days before Easter! Take care of yourself, too, Vicki.

Nat said...

oh how wonderful your Mom is with you home!!!

Love love love the little chicken- taht is my favorite.
Huge Hugs Mrs Vicki :-)

editor said...

I'm glad to hear you and your Mom are home safe and sound and she's on the mend. Wonderful Easter pic's. If only spring will arrive. We'll be having our egg hunt in the snow this year. Colored eggs in the snow hmmmm...
Take care Vicki

Gina said...

Love all of your projects, those chicks are just too cute!

BTW - you have also been tagged!!! LOL... just post 7 Random facts about yourself and then pass the tag onto 7 other unsuspecting victims... or... blog friends - LOL!

Sugar Bear said...

Yay! Happy to hear mom is doing better. I love all of your Easter photos. I have that glass bunny - just love it and I think they should make pastel Hershey Kisses year round!

rose said...

love the pictures oh and cohco kisses
So pleased you got a little rest and mom is home and doing well,Iam sure been home will aide her recovery and enjoy some quality time together

Elly said...

Your easter-goodies are really super-cute!I'm totally not prepared for easter, and it's almost there! And I love this time of the year, so I hope I can do some creating this week!
I hope your mom will recover soon!

Catherine said...

Your Easter decorations look so lovely - and yummy too! Looks like I saw some Cadbury chocolate eggs in there, they are so dang good - sinfully so! Have a happy Tuesday.

Charmingdesigns said...

I laughed and laughed and laughed!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chickies wrapped in paper!! I really think I need one!! LOL!! And that stand that you have them in...SO COOL! Say hi to "mom"! Your cupcakes looooook sooooo yummmmmy! Laurie

MJ said...

I recall those sweet Easter chicks from last year! I envied them then as I do now!

Glad to hear that your mom is improving! Hope she's home soon!

Precious Treasures said...

I have not even gotten my Easter decoration out yet. I am so far behind. I love those three bunnies, are they vintage? BEAUTIFUL DECORATIONS!