Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sandy is Posting for Vicki Today!

Hi Everyone, I'm Sandy Redburn from Crafty Secrets and when I talked to Vicki tonight and heard she brought her mom home from the hospital to stay at her house, I told her I would post some past Easter projects she has created using our products and give her a break. She has been sleeping every night in the chair next to her mom's bed at the hospital for days now so I'm surprised she can still walk and talk!

Vicki has been creating fantastic samples for our company for over 3 years and she has become one of my best friends who I wish lived closer to me! She literally was 'our design team' for over 2 years and I'm so lucky to have such a great team of ladies now but I've always known that Vicki was one of the main reasons for the success of our Heartwarming Vintage line. Like many of you, I've never met Vicki's mom but I feel like I know her from seeing her photos and hearing Vicki talk about her with such love here on her blog and when we are at shows together. Hey Vic, tell your mom we are all sending her hugs and get well wishes!

Here are two Easter layouts I love that Vicki made. The first is an 8 x 8 layout I needed for an ad using paper from our pastel paper pad and our spring joy stickers. I emailed her the photo and she just whipped up this adorable layout! Vicki also created this page using paper from our pastel paper pad and the cute chick from our Spring Cotton Scraps. She cut the little chicks out of our Seasonal booklet. I love the way she sewed on the paper and added the ribbon and buttons. I think the youngest boy in the photo is her husband Dan with his siblings on Easter when he was little. I've met Dan and Vicki's sister Jan but I feel like I know the the whole family! If she is ever away at a show, she checks in on all of them daily.
Here are two sweet Easter cards Vicki made. On the first she used our Spring Joy stickers, cardstock and the blue paisley paper from our Earthy paper pad. I love the way she added the 2 faux eyelet stickers to dress up her punched holes for the ribbon.

On this card Vicki used one of my favorite images from our Seasonal booklet with the little boy running down the hill with the bunnies. Wow, I just realized this card is a couple of years old and I love the embossed paper but sorry, I don't know the source. It's cards like this that continue to make this book such a popular seller for us.
This tag is sooo pretty! Vicki used one of the flower images from our Spring Cotton Scraps, the faux photo turns and eyelet stickers from our Greetings and Sentiment stickers with a couple of gems. I think she used a Sakura Clear Glitter Pen to add the sparkle. The blue ribbon and ink are perfect accents on this tag.
Finally, last year Vicki decorated this styrofoam Easter egg with punched flowers from our Pastel and Classic paper pads. She attached the egg to a base and it's at least 8" tall. I bet it took ages to make but it's beautiful. I just had it on display at the CK Portland show and everyone was ga-ga over it. Hey Vic, you should post here what punch you used and how you stuck the flowers on (pins or glue?) because I bet some people are wondering and getting ideas. I just don't know if anyone else has the energy to punch and stick this many flowers, buttons, pearls and bling as you have here!
Okay, Vic you can take a break and can relax at home with your mommy. I bet you could take a couple of weeks off and I could dig around and find all sorts of wonderful things you have created that people have never seen, or would enjoy seeing again!

I wish we had Easter stamps, hmmm... I will note that idea for next year. Spring must be coming though because everyone is going bird crazy for our two bird stamp sets and bird cotton. Gee, I could post a ton of cool birdy things Vicki has created but the entire design team is in love with all our bird images. You can see more samples from Vicki and our entire design team in our online gallery here:

I hope these samples inspire you with some creative ideas!


Shawn said...

Praying for your Mom Vic and hope you get some rest and sleep too. We are trying to get caught up too. Thanks for the nice email I appreciate the kind thoughts for Corey's dad. hugs. :)

Your projects are beautiful thanks for letting sandy share them.

Micki said...

Oh. My. Word.

Those are just toooooooo cute! Sandy thanks for posting those for Vicki and helping her out. They are WONDERFUL samples!

Vicki I hope that your Mom is doing much better very soon!

DeniseLynn said...

Thanks, Sandy, for taking care of the blog so our gal Vic can rest a while. I adore the projects you shared with us. Oh my and that Egg!!! WOW, I just love that. I wish I had the stamina that I am sure that project took.

Vicki, I miss you but am happy to have looked at photos of your work - now that I've had my Vicki fix I can make it through the day. *wink* yea, I'm grinning but it's all too true; I gotta have my vicki fix! Hang in there and know I care. I'm praying for your mom and for you. (((hugs)))

Melissa said...

Your sweet creations are just that---SWEET and beautiful. Love each of them. Big hugs to you and your mom Vicki.

Maggie said...

omy gosh I hope her mom is doing well.
Look at that egg! oh my, you guys are just amazing :)
I will be lighting a candle at church and add her to the prayer list as well.


janel said...

Oh what a nice post Sandy...and yes, Vicki is one in a million....talent and sweetness combined. Sending prayers and thoughts of strength and love!

Catherine said...

Thanks for posting for us today Sandy...and thanks for the wonderful Easter inspiration! Hope you and your Mom are resting nicely Vic....xox.

Sharon in NE said...

Such beautiful work. Thank you Sandy, for sharing Vicki's art, so she could have some needed personal time. You're a good friend.

And Vicki, you are so precious to us. Take good care of yourself and your mom. Lots of hugs!

Monica Yvette said...

Inspiration- Check! Best wishes to Vicki's mom.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

praying that your mom is doing better. take care of yourself too, vicki. such lovely the egg! just breath-taking!

Jessrose21 said...

Vicki makes such gorgeous things! Thanks for sharing on her behalf, Sandy. You can thank her for all the Crafty Secret's products I've ever bought. :)

Linda D said...

Vicki I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers my friend. You are such a sweet lady. *hugs*

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vicki! So glad Mom's out of the hospital so you both can get some rest. My thoughts and prayers are with you even though I can't be. By the way-I'm heading out for D.C. this week and won't be able to get near a computer so keep good thoughts for me and mine. Thanks,
Hugs for all of you,

Susan said...

Thanks for posting Sandy. I miss it if Vicki doesn't post daily. Vicki, you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get some much needed rest now. Love all your past spring projects.

MJ said...

Sorry to hear that your mom is still hospitalized, Vicki! Take care of yourself too!

Thanks, Sandy, for posting Vicki's eyecandy to pacify us!

Precious Treasures said...

Glad to hear your mom will be coming home.