Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sharing just a bit

Quick post , while I'm home for a shower and some clean clothes. Mom should be able to come home tomorrow afternoon the way it looks. Her breathing is some better and they have relieved some of the fluid from her lungs. Hoping to convince her to some stay here a few days.
Thank you all so so so much for all your thought, prayers , called and emails!!!!!!!!!
If it could be any weirder... last time mom was in the hospital ( less than two weeks ago)... my cousin Jerri called and was having her baby, ...yesterday the phone rings when I get back up to the hospital and Jerri's sister Candice, has just arrived to have her baby!!! Last time a new baby girl,... and this time, a baby boy! (cousins). Hows that for coincidence?

Neely... Grandma is wearing the cute sleepers you gave her on Saturday!

This was the sunrise from moms hospital room this morning. I knew it had to be a better day, starting out like this.

Wanted to share a photo of my class at "Building Families Boutique" Monday night! They are a fun bunch of girls.

and...yesterday before mom got bad, I was invited over to a little art group meeting over at Paulas. Check out this table full of creative goodies.

Some of my photo didnt have enough light , and were to blurry to I only have a few.

We all altered Bingo cards. It was a great time. I had to leave before everyone else, so I didnt get photos of everyones projects ...but Here's peek at what I got done so far.

Hope we can do it again, when I have more time.


Okay... have to run. I update tomorrow! Thanks again for all your kind thoughts!
Oh... and I only got to check my emails briefly... but I did notice I didnt have all the address for all of the first 20 people who signed up for the card challenge... and I got some from those who didnt make the first 20 list.. this time... be please be sure and check to make sure you were in the first 20.
I promise to do one again soon for those of you who did make the 20 cut off this time and wanted to play.


Catherine said...

Glad to hear that she's doing better today, will she come and stay with you a bit? It's nice that you are so close to her and can stay with her when she has to stay in the hospital!!

BTW, I wish I could have joined you the other night, looks like you had a great creative time!! I'm a tad bit jealous about that!!

DeniseLynn said...

Hey there - finally getting chance to peek in here. I am loving the bingo card!!!! Oh my I want one of those ... so please tell me, did you buy the bingo cards somewhere or are they altered from an old game? (perhaps I need to read previous posts? I've missed a couple days I think.) As always I adore the projects you make.

stampqueen said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing better - been thinkin aboutcha!!!!
I on a stretch of days to work :( - so durn to bed.
Take Care

janel said...

Hoping you are getting some shut eye tonight and can rest. What a beautiful beautiful precious baby. Taking time to appreciate the glory of a new day during all this is something that makes you so very special. Your family is so lucky to have you...and mom did a heck of a job raising her girls!
Sleep tight!

Loving that altered Bingo card too!

MJ said...

Glad to hear that your mom is feeling better and may be released from the hospital soon. I thought it was quite humourous that you are attending in the hospital for births of 2 cousins ~ maybe the moms went into labour knowing you'd be available for a quick visit, cooing and some photo ops?! At least there are some happy moments for you at the hospital!

Scrap for Joy said...

What a roller coaster with your Mom-I know how scarey that can be. Hope she's on the road to health now. You are a loving daughter.
I am always amazed at all that you accomplish! Love your Bingo card. I have that scalloped stamp you used for the bottom-I use it a lot. Isn't it fun?
Because I supscribe to your blog and get a feed everyday, the news is always a day delayed so I missed the drawing completely. I'll have to just go to your blog everyday myself and see what's going on. Don't want to miss any other opportunities.
Keeping your Mom in prayer.

Micki said...

Congratulations on the new baby and good news about your Mom!

rose said...

so glad your mom is doing good and do so hope she will stay with you to recover fully
oh congratulations on the new addition to the family

Sharon in NE said...

You obviously bring happiness into so many peoples lives. Its wonderful to see the pics and the smiles.
How weird is that to have another cousin have a baby @ that time.

Keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

StaceyM said...

Oh wow girl, sounds like you have your hands full. I hope your sweet mama is on her way to a full recovery. It's not fun having to be at the hospital but thank goodness we have them to go to. Hugs to all!

chelemom said...

Was checking in today to see how your mom was. Glad she is doing a bit better. Your altered Bingo card is incredible! Love that idea!

Juliana said...

I love the idea of this get together--and that bingo card is cool!! (if you ever have a chance--I would love to hear more about this group).

I hope your mom continues to improve.

Thanks for the baby pic--there is nothing like a sleeping newborn to quiet the soul!!