Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"US" book kit at Scrappy Gourmet

Hi Everyone! Hard to believe this week is more than half over already. The wind was blowing link crazy here today..and it was cold cold cold!... Just like everyone else... I'm ready for spring! So are my sinus!... One day it's almost 60, and then the next freezing rain and snow. I decided to try benadryl today. I haven't taken it for years, and couldn't remember if it made me sleepy or not... well, I found out! ummmm.... it does! I was working in my room and all of the sudden, I said to Dan..."I'm SO tired... I have to lay down on the couch for a few minutes". TWO HOURS LATER.... here I am. lol I think I'll only be taking it close to bed time from now on.
I don't know when the last time was , I fell asleep when it was light out and woke up when it was dark... looking around for a clock , wondering what the heck just happened? Is is 8pm? midnight? or 5am???? Weird time warp , or something. lol
My "US" book kit is now for sale at SCRAPPY GOURMET... if your interested, you can check it out HERE.
It can work for couples, or family, whatever. If you like Jennie Bowlin stuff, like I do.. you'll like this kit.

Here's the cover and some of the pages
The kit comes with complete instructions

It's a simple to make album

all the little emblies , come with the kit also, ribbon, rick rak, buttons ect...

and the back

Last night I worked on putting together this goodie basket that Julie and are are going to take to Nancy (the friend that had the fire). They are still set up in a hotel, so we thought some snack things to keep in the room would be nice. I wanted to put them all in a pretty basket, but I know that Nancy said, one of the things they really need is plastic storage bins.. so I went with "practical"... and just tried to "pretty is up" a bit. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

OH.. I didn't want to forget to tell you in this post , that if you are interested in some "until they last" stamps , that are on sale at a HUGE discount. Check out HEARTWARMING VINTAGE BLOG. Changes are being made in a few of the sets, so the original set are GREATLY reduced.
Only until they are gone... so if you interested... run. lol


and don't forget , if you haven't already put your name in for the giveaway drawing , in yesterdays post here... GIVEAWAY until tomorrow.....


MJ said...

Your story reminds me of my experience with Neo-citron. A chronic insomniac, I was astonished to discover that Neo-citron put me out like a light!

What a thoughtful basket you made up for your friend. I'm sure that she'll enjoy it!

Sharon in NE said...

Don't you hate that feeling waking up and it's dark. Warm temps and longer days are right around the corner. :D

Love the US book. He's so handsome!

That is such a nice gift for your friend Nancy. That will surely brighten up her room. I'm keeping her in my prayers.

Ruth said...

Can't wait to get my "US" kit. I just put my order in!

stampqueen said...

What a great book - handsome boy ya got there. I had to do a double take at my boy the other day - all the sudden he is almost as tall as me!!!
My sinuses are telling me all about the front headed our way this evening - should get some good thunderstorms....Hang in there spring is just right around the corner!!!

Shawn said...

I saw your book Vic and it is beautiful irl!! Hugs to Nancy, I bet your basket really cheered her up what a great friend you are :)