Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just for fun

I have so many yummy papers sitting here , that I just haven't had time to play with , that today , I did just that. No assignment.. just create for fun. I took this photo of Griffin kissing Addison on the head , at Easter , and have been wanting to do something with it.. so today was the day. lol
This isn't the best shot..but you can click on it to see it bigger , if you want.
Making Memories and Melissa Frances papers , Jenni Bowlin journal sticker, MF rubons and Fancy Pants Stamps.

I have to tell you , the reason this photo is extra special , is because he truly was not prompted to kiss her on the head like that.. he just did it.. and I was lucky enough to catch it. (see it pays to have camera in hand at all times) lol

The only other thing I did today was this silly little pin cushion. I have had this funny little piece of vintage material for some time now.. I love it ,but its just a little piece really, so not that much I could do with it. I had all these pins in a dish...but now.. I have this little pin cushion. Yippee!
Never takes much to please me, does it? lol

Well, short post .. I need to get back on wasp patrol. What is the deal with these things? There must be a nest near.. I just haven't figured out where yet. There are four or five on the outside of my screen right now. Weird.

oh .. one other little fun thing HERE
Thanks for coming by.. have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round Page Frame Project

Decided I'd share this PageFrame Project I did a few day ago.. since today was a "housework" sorta day, so I didnt get much "creative" done.
I used two round Page Frame rings for this (they're about 7 inches), and the PageFrame clear Butterflies. I sandwiched a piece of transparency between them . Then added the paper circles I had cut and then the clear rings. This is the front.
This is the back. I wanted to hang it from fishing line , as a mobile.. so both sides needed to be finished.
I did four clear butterflies total. Two on each side. I used the PageFrame butterflies to trace around to cut the ones out of Patterned paper. The Page frame butterflies where easy to bend enough to put the wings up some. I have it hanging from a ceiling hook , over by the window.. and it looks so pretty when the sun it shining in. ( now.. if the sun would just keep shining!) lol

I have to tell you about something exciting that is happening May 1st! My sweet friends Michelle White and Helle Greer, are opening their new store. If you are anywhere near San have to check it out. Michelle and Helle are just the sweetest, most fun and talented girls... I just know their store is going to be FABULOUS!!!
Just check out these photos of the store on their blog, here PAPER TALES BLOG (I spy Crafty Secrets!) lol
I spent most of the day doing things around here, ...just housework kinda stuff. I even washed some windows. I think it's because the sun is shining , I'm finally in the mood to get a few things done.

I even picked up a couple of hanging plants for the front porch. I haven't gotten anything much , as far as flowers yet...because it's just been to cold at night some night. There was still frost a couple of mornings better safe than sorry. ( these are lessons that have been learned the hard way here in NE) Don't get in too big of a rush.. because you never know if Spring is Really here or not. lol

Thanks everyone for asking about Molly. She got a new frisbee today and we played a bit outside this afternoon. Hard to tell yet, if the anti inflamatories are helping or not.

Molly is about 6 , Ally is about 8.... look how grey Aly is getting. We laugh and say, she is starting to look like a raccoon! lol

Geeezzz... we just love these crazy pups so much's ridiculous. lol

I made a run for a few things this evening... check out this sunset I got to enjoy on the ride home.

Cant end a day an better than that!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Glimmer Mist Tips

I've gotten so many emails recently, asking me questions about
Glimmer Mist Techniques , that I promised to post a few more tips and a "sort of : tutorial here this week. lol

You can also get great tips and information here on the Glimmer Mist Creations Blog
and see creations and visit the forum here on the Tattered Angels Website.

So goes.

I guess the first thing I would say, is don't restrict yourself to just what you see or hear , can be done with Glimmer Mist..because all it is , is a new , really fun medium... for you to play and create do just that! You might discover something new, that no one has even tried. There are so many way to use it ..the possibilities are endless.
I'm just sharing a few of the ones I've tried, in this post.

** It's always important to remember to shake first ( the bottle , not you..silly)

With Glimmer Mist, you can put it on as light or as heavy as you want. There are just so many variables. How much you use, whether you let the colors dry between layers , or let the colors blend more , by adding while the other colors are just wet, ect...

I just used basic cheap manilla file folders, to show you these different techniques. Of course different colored papers , patterned papers, textured papers, chipboard , wood, ect... will all have a different look. Each on , cool, and unique from the other.

I love the blotchy look I get by spraying my GM a bit closer to the papers, and keeping the bottle more in one spot when I spray... like below.

But there are times you want a "misted look" without the larger dots of GM. The best way I could describe how to do this , is the way Wendy (creator of GM, and owner of Tattered Angels), explained it to me. She said, go from one side of your paper to the other , with one contant ..long mist. Like you put hairspray on. Keeping some distance between the bottle and the paper.

Adding the next color while the previous color is still wet, really helps them blend.
BUT.... I just discover this new way of achieving a really smooth blended look

In the photos below , I'm just using one color, but you can do the same with multiple colors like the example above.

Just spritz the entire area with the color(s) you choose..not even worrying about blotches or puddles.

Then just lay a paper towel down and rub over the top of the paper towel with your hand. ( you can also wipe with the paper towel.. to get another different effect)
note- the longer you leave the GM on , the more color will start to soak into the paper.
And... if you want, you can do this with another piece of paper, instead of the paper towel...then you will not be wasting anything.. and can use that piece of paper also.

When you pull up the paper'll have this smooth look. Almost more of a glimmery color wash.

Here's a more "layery", "altery" look you can achieve (with or without stencils or Glimmer Screens).. but I'm showing it done with Glimmer Screens.

For this more "altery" look , I'm using heavier amount of GM.. and using them .. one layer on another , while they are still wet... which allows them to blend even more.
I just started with the green folder from above..but you can just start by lightly spraying the entire area with a "fairly light" color. I usually always start with a lighter color and then add darker colors as I go. That lighter base color is what will show through when the stencil is lifted. The more color contrast between the color under the stencil and the colors on the rest of the paper, the more it will show up.

I then , just missed some darker colors over the top. If you put alot , or put it on fairly heavy, it may run or seep under the stencil or Glimmer Screen. I think that looks kind of least a little bit of it..BUT if you put it on heavy, and it seeps under too much, you'll loose the design of the stencil... so be aware of that.

You can pick the stencil up at anytime , move it to another area, add more or different colors , whatever you like.

(you can see here, where some of the color seeped until the Glimmer Screen)

You can just keep moving and adding until you get the look you like.

NOTE: When your added lots of color you can use a heat gun to help speed things along..BUT be sure NOT to heat the plastic stencil or Glimmer Screen. ( lift that off first)
You can heat directly with a brass stencil.


Lots of people ask... "how long does it take to dry"?

Well, it's water based, so just like water... it depends on how saturated your paper is. And... if your paper buckles a bit, if you've used alot.. it usually will just flatten back out as it dries. ( I cheat and iron mine, when I'm in a hurry) lol


Since it's water based, it washes off your hand and out of your clothes!

I had a roll of that light weigh table cover , left over from one of the boy's graduations.. and it has come in SO handy to put down a piece to work with "big or numerous " GM projects.

When I use die cut flowers to do lots of these folders for classes, I just roll out a big piece,.. do a bunch, and when I'm done, I let the plastic piece and the flowers dry..then I fold it all up.. (with the flowers inside) and put it away to use next time. Works great!

Below is just a sample , showing you how to keep a crisp design from your stencil or Glimmer letting each spritzing dry before adding another. It really only takes a minute to let thin spritzes of color dry in between... instead of adding heavy spritzes that might run under the stencil or Glimmer Screen. Both looks are great...depending on the look you are trying to achieve.


This is another thing I wanted to mention... remember you can use the positive, and negative of a stencil or Glimmer Screen.

After I've done this one...

I have this GM just sitting on here , waiting to be used (lol)

Flip it over on another piece of paper and utilize it.

Those are just a few ideas..but I'm sure once you start playing'll find lots more.
That's half the fun anyway right?
Thanks to all of you for thinking about and asking about Molly. We did take her to the Vet just a bit ago and he seems to think it may be arthritis. She will be taking anti inflammatory to see if that makes a difference. He said we should be able to see improvement within a couple of days, if that is the problem. If not, then we have to go the next step and have ex rays and other tests.. to see if we can get to the bottom on things. Poor thing... I can tell she just isn't herself.. so I sure hope this helps. Last summer she was doing back flips to catch the Frisbee, and that's what I want her doing this summer...cause she lives for that darn Frisbee! lol
I have to tell you this morning I was a bit nervous wondering if Becky was going to post pictures of our little practical joke last week. But thank goodness she spared us the photos. It was kind of funny though. When we talked about getting together, I eamailed her asking what she wanted me to pick up for lunch.. and being the funny girl she is .. she wrote back.. "I dont care... I'll eat a "poop sandwich" as long as we can get together". lol Well, it went from there . I called her the next day and asked her if she like mayo or mustard on her poop sandwich. Lets just say , 3 wasted, and very messy hours with plaster, paint ect... led to a really great afternoon laugh. I know... pathectic arent we? lol... well, trust me .. at the time it was really funny.
You can read about it here, if your interested. lol Becky's blog
Hope you all had a great , first day of this new week!

Purse Album

I guess it 's all how you look at things sometime..because last night, as I was looking at this shape of this size>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sweet Chips Chipboard album from Crafty Secrets, I kept thinking

if it was cut in half, it might make a cute shape for a purse album.

hmmmm...thinking , thinking... and then I remember this little purse handle I had in my stash of stuff to alter... so I went and dug around until I found it. After I was lucky enough to actually find it (in the boxes of junk I have), I decided I was going to give the purse idea a try.

Actually it worked perfectly!

Here's how it turned out. I first tried to punch the holes in the top of the chipboard and just use ribbon to attach the handle and hold the album together..the problem with that was that the album just didn't open really easy... so I added a binder ring ( like the ones that you use for mini albums anyway), and just attached the handle to those. That worked much better!

I just used two of the four chipboard pieces that come in each album pkg, because cutting them in half , still have me 4 pages. ( 8 including fronts and backs).

I used papers from the Radiant Paper Pad, and the image and journal spots are from the "Summertime" Image and Journal booklets. I also used a few stickers from the "Wonderful Women sticker sheet". All from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
Ribbons, and the big brad in the center of the flower on the cover, are from Creative Impressions.

As I was looking for "girlfriend" photos to you, I realized we haven't had any photos taken of this fun bunch of girls , for a long time. We need to get together soon girls!!!

left to right... Deb, me , Ruth , Becky, and my sissy Jan.

Ruth and Sherri in the photo below.

It's a fun little album to make, and of course you can add extra pages easy enough. It would be a fun little gift for the friend, or a little girls themed purse.

I love this image!

Here's what it looks like from the side.


Nothing much exciting going on around here this weekend. We have both been a little under the weather. I've been sticking close to home... kind of worried about Molly. She just hasn't been herself. We are taking her to the Vet tomorrow. She is always a bundle of energy ..but the last few days ..she's just not been herself. Whining at different time and really laying around alot. Today, I even took her out to toss the Frisbee to her a few times. (her FAVORITE thing), and she ran after it the first time.. got it and then just laid down in the grass with it. That is NOT her ,at all. She was really sick a couple of years ago, and after months and months of thinking it was allergies and giving her meds for that... we found out she had thyroid problems. She was loosing her hair( to the point she had almost NO hair on her tail), had dark blotches on her skin and was lethargic. It was so scary! Since that was diagnosed and she started taking meds for that daily..she INSTANTLY got better. It was amazing! Such a change!

This is the first time she's no been acting well since then.. so I'm kind of worried about her. We just had her thyroid levels checked about a month ago.. so I don't know what the deal is. Hopefully the Vet will get it figured out.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Slacker

That's me! I didn't even post yesterday and barely got to it today. It's been rainy and cold .. so I've been battling a sinus headache, off and on since last night. I've been staying in..just doing things around here.
Yesterday I did have a really nice time lunching with Becky at her house. We haven't gotten a chance to just hang out and chat for so was great! She is one talented photographer and scrapbooker! We ended up just sitting on the floor in the middle of her studio , looking at things, and chatting it up.....the time just flew by it always does when we get a chance to catch up. It was such a nice afternoon.
Today I was planning on playing with this a bit...(but I guess it will be tomorrow now)lol. NEW..Product from Clearsnap. I've been pretty excited about these since seeing them at CHA.. and can wait to give them a whirl with some of the Crafty Secrets and Fancy Pants Stamps.
Pretty cool. You can read more about them here.... MEMORY ESSENTIALS
I'll share more about it , when I get a chance to play.

This is also another new product from Clearsnap. Sparkle Fibers
I was thinking... hmmm... I don't have any new projects to share today.. but then I remember that I do have some that have been published that , are okay to post I'll share those
(because you know I dread posting without projects to share)lol
Both these birdhouses are made with Fancy Pants Papers and Chipboard. Both the houses are from the Dollar store.

The first one was in PaperCrafts "Room to Room" issue.

The scallops on the roof of this one were cut out of chipboard using an AccuCut die, and the roof on the bottom birdhouse are Fancy Pants Chipboard pieces.

and this one was published in PaperTrends

This one is a tissue box.

Okay.. before I go, I have to tell you.. I'm still having issues with these...

What is the deal? We are trying to figure out how they are getting in , and if there is a next on our house. Time to break out my big gerbera daisy and start swatting again, I guess. lol
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just my day

well, the title of this post , pretty much sums it up. Sometimes you just have to have one of those days that you just run from morning till night. Especially since we don't live right in town anymore, I dread running in everyday , so I try to do it all at once, when I do go. Whew! draining sometimes. In the car. out of the car.. in the car, out of the car... But I did get alot done, in Fremont and then in Omaha,.. and I even got to squeeze in a visit with my dear friend Chris. We used to live just blocks from eachother , and walk together every night. She ended up moving to Omaha and me the other direction, so we just don't get together as often as we would like to. I was SO good to see her. Her son Nick, and my son Wes were in Kindergarten together... this week Nick and his wife had a baby boy. Chris is a grammy! lol Where in the world does the time go?
Well, you know me .. I did also enjoy my time in the car... with my music... today.... this...

Like a needed some more shoes..but these were just too cute to pass up. I guess I'm worth the whopping $12. Comfy for summer.
Chris and I hit the new Target store. I always check the dollar bin. Have you seen these there for 1$ I think they would be perfect for altered projects. Yup.. got me some! lol

I have to share this.. just because it tickles me. When Wes was here yesterday, I was running around here trying to get dinner going and a number of other things done.. one of which was getting the clothes in off the line before the rain started. I usually don't do this ,but let's just say.. I laid a somewhat "heavy" hint that I could use some help.
Dan got the meat going on the grill... and Wes... well....

*** Have you ever heard the saying .. "if momma ain't happy , ain't nobody happy" ??? lol Maybe they're learning. lol I have to say.. I really appreciated the help!
So I don't forget to post this now. Its funny, when I get emails from blog readers..for some reason the same questions seem to keep coming up. It cracks me up how often people ask me these questions.. so I'll answer them here.
!) What do you do with everything you make? Don't you run out of room to store it all?
Well... YES I do run out of room for it! lol I joke that someday my entire house will be made of PAPER. Actually, I do have a big walk in storage closet in the hall, that I keep class supplies and projects that I've submitted. Submitted projects, I hang on to , until I see if they get picked up for publication. (or I keep them for tradeshow samples). When time passes and they don't get picked up..then I usually give them to who's ever photo is on it, (if it has one on it), or give it who I think might have a place or use for it. If I like it and have a place for it , I might use it in my house. Some of the stuff I do , goes to the companies each month , and some or for assignments those get mailed off right away. Some are for swaps ect... So yeah.. there's alot, some go, and some I keep.
2) Does your room always look like that? lol... Oh... if you could only see my room in the middle of a creative whir wind or a deadline crunch!! You wouldn't believe the mess I can make!! I trash my work area...but when I'm done at the end of the day, it all has to be cleaned up and everything put back in it's place. I love organization! So ... answer to this would probably be..
I'm an organized mess maker!!!
3) Do you ALWAYS have your camera in your hand?
pretty much ...yes! How's that for a short and sweet answer? There are just so many fun opportunities for just "everyday" shots ..that , if I don't have it , certainly one will appear..and I'll be sad that I missed it. So either one or both cameras are always with me.
Also .. a number of you have asked me to let you know when the Tilly's are going to be on Sesame Street. Well, today they were in New York filming it..but Neely said it wont be on until this Fall. I did hear from a little bird that they will be singing "the Alphabet". (how cute is that?) I cant wait!

Okay.. after posting yesterday , about Dan's "bathroom rug placement".. I began to wonder what he would have thought about the way I handled the "wasp" incident that took place late last night in my studio, after he was sound asleep. I'm sure he would have questions my approach to this, as much as I did his rug placement. So it's only fair that I share. lol
I don't know what the deal is this year, but I have seen more wasps than I can even believe. They are everywhere. Well, last night I was at my work table .. ( mess'n in Glimmer Mist).. and I start hearing this buzzing and then "tick tick tick". I look up and see this HUGE Wasp bouncing off the ceiling time and time again. Well, this crazy Glimmer Mist Freak.. does what everyone one would do (?)... I grabbed the big pink Gerbera daisy that sits in the corner of my room, and swung it wildly ...trying to smack it! After about about 5 minutes of ducking , screaming , swatting ect... I brought in the big guns. I put the long attachments ( all of them) on the vacuum hose and proceeded to try to suck him up. Well,.. this wasn't going much better and he (the wasp) was TICKED! To top it all, either he (the wasp) morphed and split into two.. or another one came out of hiding! OH GREAT! Now ..two are dive bomming me! Finally... some how, the sucking power of the vacuum and my will to survive one.. and then the other!
Only a woman would approach this problem in this manner. lol ( well, okay, not every women...but I'm sure Dan would have done it differently.