Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clear Page Frame Card

It's been a busy day today.. so I'm just getting around to posting...but wanted to share this "Clear" Page Frame Card I did the other day. Why "springy" colors , you ask? Because I WANT SPRING! I'm sure you already deducted that, from my previous posts, huh lol

I know it's tricky to see..but the chipboard circle is attached to the front of the card, and so is the scalloped piece of paper I cut to go around the outside edge. I cut a piece of paper for the inside ( so there would be a place to sign you name or write something).. and I just punched the same size circle in it.. lined up the the one on the front , so that it's clear all the way through both pieces of acrylic.

a little bit easier to see here.
How dE-lish are these papers? I have always loved Websters Pages. Terri Conrad does amazing work..and she is having a "Post, Play and Win",giveaway on her blog right now.. so stop on over the check it out. Her blog is a real treat!

I know , I know... don't start with the "weather" thing again, right? lol Two words.. Gloomy and Rainy
So since nicer weather wont come to me... I'm bringing it here!
These are from last year.. but just humor me here, okay? lol

I'm feeling better already.

hopefully soon.... spring will be here, for real.

Today I got to see this little sweetie! Wyatt's mom , worked her magic on my hair today, so I got to see his new pastime... Crawling! It's amazing how fast he is growing up. Such a totally happy little guy! I got some "smiley" photos also.. but this one just tickled me.

One more note. I know I've told you before, I'm not much of a TV watcher , for the most part..but the other night, Wes told me I should watch the movie " Into the Wild", because he liked it, and thought I might. Well, I did watch it...and I really really enjoyed it. Have you seen this movie? If you have , tell me what you thought. If you haven't, and you get a chance, check it out. I also loved the music in this film. I never watch movies more than once.. but this one, I think I could. You can check it out here Into the Wild
Have a great day!


happiness blooms said...

Vic, once again I am just BLOWN AWAY by your amazing talent! WOWZERS!!!!!

Emma's Paper Patch said...

i just hate nebraska weather don't you....snow in april-yuck! love your fun!

Nat said...

oh that card is so amazing!!

I want spring too - yesterday it wa so wonderful here and hopes came up and today it looks like the end of the world.

janel said... the card, love those Spring photos....that bunny is too sweet....and loved Into the Wild. Wasn't the photogrpahy amazing? Another good movie you would like is August Rush!!!
Happy Friday to you!

Melissa said...

It looks so beautiful where you live! Love your clear card---so pretty, and those papers are amazing! Off to check them out!

Sugar Bear said...

I love the nature photos. Gorgeous and serene. The clear page frames are a fav - you always do such a nice job with them.

Sharon in NE said...

Oh my goodness, that card is incredible! If I didn't think it would drain me of all of my brain power, I would give it a try. (Yes, the weather has been slowing draining me of brain power. I know there's a correlation.)

I'm exactly like you when it comes to watching tv/movies. I have to have a project to do just to watch a 30 minute sitcom...and then I usually get distracted and miss part of it. The movie though looks good. May have to rent that with a good project to do.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Thar! Love the Page Frame card! Here's my address: Liv H . . . just kidding, but it is lovely.

That photo of the wild rabbit? I have several photos very similar that I took a few years ago of my "Baby." She showed up in my yard as a teenager and she got to know me so well that when I called her she would come and eat! Strange thing: her descendants also respond to my voice-genetic imprinting? or weird old woman?
PS: I won't grab the little sucker, but I tell you it was just a gut reaction to nab her!
PPS: Wonder why your blog feed doesn't show up in my eMail until 24 hours later?

MJ said...

I haven't seen "Into the Wild" yet so will have to check it out further. We watched "American Gangster" last night and it was excellent! Loved the card!

D@nielle said...

I'm getting some of the webster paper in over here, can't wait !