Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fancy Pants, Page Frames and Griff's B day...

.. and I'm cramming them all in to this post. ha! All I can say , is good thing I purchased extra storage space ...because all the photos I'm posting today, would have certainly pushed me over.
Like I've said before... I'm all about looking at the pictures.. I'm a "visual girl". I don't really like to write .. that's one reason I said I'd never have a blog..but I guess I'm getting pretty comfortable with it after all this time, because some days I get pretty wordy. People have said to me .. "you write just like you talk". Ummm...then that would make sense, because I have been known to be a bit chatty. ( why do I visualize those of you who really know me , rolling your eyes right now?)lol
This is one of the things I've been working on.. and having lots of fun with , I might add. I think because I love stitching and embroidery, and just don't take time to do it anymore. It was really relaxing, working on these. Like lots of individual little projects, that go really quick.
Some are pins, and some little girls barrettes. I just stitched pin backs or hair clips on the backs.
They are all Fancy Pants Designs Felt pieces , and most of them Fancy Pants Buttons also.

I didn't have an cute little girls here to model them in their hair for photo.. and somehow I thought this might be pushing it for Aly and Molly . ( I did think about it though) lol
The great thing about the Fancy Pants Felt, is it's nice and heavy , so it holds its form really well. My stitching , putting the pin back on it's that tidy..but it's going to stay on! lol
Okay.. here my Page Frame project using Fancy Pants goodies. This is a 12 inch round Pageframe. I used one of the Fancy Pants transparent overlays behind the photos. Also, FP , chipboard letters, felt , buttons and ribbon.

I also used a clear flower embellishment from PageFrames.

Wyatt really wanted those sunflowers that day. What a Cutie!

I spritzed the Chipboard letters with Glimmer Mist, (Autumn Leaves color) and then went over the edges with (Chestnut Roan color) CatEye Ink.

I have to share some photos from Griff's Bowling Birthday Party on Sunday. There's not much light at all in the bowling alley , as you can imagine.. so I new the photos wouldn't be great quality..but ..they are CUTE .
I have given alot of thought about how really good photos have become such a big deal in scrapbooking over the last few years. I have mixed feelings about that , because as much as I love amazing photography and really really want to learn more about taking good photos.. I think about all those "not so great" photo's I have of my kids growing up. (um...because we only had a 1-10 camera)lol And the fact that we didnt take 40 photos at their birthday parties ( like we do now).. more like 4. And about the pressure it puts on the everyday scrapper to "get that perfect shot".....and most of all , about the photos, like the ones below that aren't the best..but for me , totally capture the sweetness of these little ones.. that I adore!
Photography is "art" all on its own. Scrapbooking has become more and more an expression of "art" I love them both...but I have decided I can love some photos and really enjoy them ,and even use them on my scrapbook pages if I want...., even if they are "far from perfect"
The some of these are a good example of that. Some of them.. no amount of editing in photoshop can fix...but that's okay.
I still love em

This pretty much says it all , doesn't it? lol

These two little guys all swatted down , checking to see how many pins they were knocking down. ( like they really needed to bend down to see?) I just had to laugh. Check out the little red bowling shoes.

Griffin and Adian having a serious discussion of some sort. The look on Griffs face , is just one of the reasons this kid, just steel my heart. Totally EXPRESSIVE!

The kid just cracks me up!

This is him , digging in to the bucket we give him. He got all these huge and really cool gifts , and then last came mine, ... I was thinking oh man, there isn't going to be anything in there that will look very fun to him after getting all that cool stuff. WRONG.... he reaching and and pulls out the sidewalk chalk and bubbles and says.. "OH... CHALK and BUBBLES"!!! (good thing 3 year olds are easy to please) lol

As we were leaving, mom and I got through the second set of double doors, and I could here Griff yelling , "Aunt Bic.. HEY... Aunt Bic"!!! I went back to see what he needed.
He just wanted to make sure I had my camera. lol


Sugar Bear said...

I love those felt brooches! Fantastic. That little Griffin is adorable!

Charmingdesigns said...

Sweet boys!! Love the felted flowers!! Glad you're up and running. Laurie

Shawn said...

I love your use of felt, very cute! I think what makes good photos is just remembering and reminiscing about what is in the pictures if that makes sense. Not all of em can be perfect :)

janel said...

Oh Aunt Bic, you are the best!
Well, those felt flowers are amazing, and just adorable. I love what Shawn said.....it is so true. And, looking back, how I wish I had more photos, but that just makes the ones I have more precious. Blurry, not correct exposure...whatever...they captured the moment and that is all that is really important!

Great post my friend!!!

Bunny B said...

Those felt flowers are adorable!! And Griffin - what a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Your felt flowers are lovely!! Your little guy is a sweetie! Looks like they had a great time bowling. We took our son and some friends bowling for his birthday when he was little. It's so fun watching them crouch down to watch the ball. Never goes out of style I see! Love your blog, BTW!!

Country Liv . . . said...

You gave me a great big smile today! Looking at those little ones squatting down - what a great photo! It tells a story so sweetly.

I'm with you on the 'don't know if great photography is the thing' mindset. I am a scrapper; I like tactile media. I am not a photographer but I do own a camera or two. When we were using the SLR's I actually did better than using the digital ones. I cannot let my inability to take great photos stop me from scrapping my stories. But I think you do an awesome job on the photography so the point is actually moot for you!

happiness blooms said...

Vic, your narration makes your pics all the more fabulous! I am GIGGLING as I look at that last pic of Griffin! He is so adorable! (as is his *Aunt Bic*!)

MJ said...

He knew how important your camera is to you and called you back! Sweet!

I have some poor photos pre 1996 and the zoom lens made such an improvement to my photos! I'm not a great photographer but I'm the best this family has ~ so far! Grab a camera, K & N!!