Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Slacker

That's me! I didn't even post yesterday and barely got to it today. It's been rainy and cold .. so I've been battling a sinus headache, off and on since last night. I've been staying in..just doing things around here.
Yesterday I did have a really nice time lunching with Becky at her house. We haven't gotten a chance to just hang out and chat for so was great! She is one talented photographer and scrapbooker! We ended up just sitting on the floor in the middle of her studio , looking at things, and chatting it up.....the time just flew by it always does when we get a chance to catch up. It was such a nice afternoon.
Today I was planning on playing with this a bit...(but I guess it will be tomorrow now)lol. NEW..Product from Clearsnap. I've been pretty excited about these since seeing them at CHA.. and can wait to give them a whirl with some of the Crafty Secrets and Fancy Pants Stamps.
Pretty cool. You can read more about them here.... MEMORY ESSENTIALS
I'll share more about it , when I get a chance to play.

This is also another new product from Clearsnap. Sparkle Fibers
I was thinking... hmmm... I don't have any new projects to share today.. but then I remember that I do have some that have been published that , are okay to post I'll share those
(because you know I dread posting without projects to share)lol
Both these birdhouses are made with Fancy Pants Papers and Chipboard. Both the houses are from the Dollar store.

The first one was in PaperCrafts "Room to Room" issue.

The scallops on the roof of this one were cut out of chipboard using an AccuCut die, and the roof on the bottom birdhouse are Fancy Pants Chipboard pieces.

and this one was published in PaperTrends

This one is a tissue box.

Okay.. before I go, I have to tell you.. I'm still having issues with these...

What is the deal? We are trying to figure out how they are getting in , and if there is a next on our house. Time to break out my big gerbera daisy and start swatting again, I guess. lol
Hope you're having a great weekend!


Cathy said...

I been looking forward to that new stamp roller from Clear Snap...looks like fun! I hope you're feeling better soon and glad that you enjoyed by goofy concert photos from the other night! Hugs!

Jessica said...

I love your birdhouses, especially the scallops and pastel colors.

We are plagued with wasps, too. Especially in our mailbox and window shutters. We spray them at night but it's a never-ending battle. So far, they haven't gotten into the house this year, but once they did come through the bathroom vent. Ughhh!! Let me know if you find something that gets rid of them. ;)

Kara Ward said...

Oh, I am so scared of wasps. I have been stung only once because I can run real fast... I would have to move. the birdhouse. So darn you and so darn cute. Kara

Michaele said...

Oh, the undulating buttons on the roof trim of the birdhouse is CUTE! Of course, I might actually be able to get my toddler interested in USING kleenex instead of his sleeve if he got to pull tissues out of the top of a very cool birdhouse box....

Wasps...yuck! Have you found the nest yet? Under your roof? In a nearby tree? Tucked behind an electrical box? Under the porch stairs? Sounds like they're nearby- I'm pretty good using my vacuum to suck up pesty invaders too, but I'm thinking the choreography might be greatly improved if I adopt a prop like your daisy.... a flowering tree branch maybe?

Shawn said...

Your bird houses are adorable! We had problems with the wasps last yr but hopefully this yr we got rid of all of their nests. You know they had a huge one built in our ourdoor front porch lights and by the garage. Crazy boogers.

Deb S. said...

Oh Vic that clear snap roller stuff looks fun! As usual your creations are beautiful1l
And guess what?? I found a dead wasp,thank-goodness, in my window today when I opened it! Yuk, I think they are everywhere,unfortunately! ;(