Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday stuff

This day just seemed to fly by. I don't know where the time went. Lots of unexpected running , and changes in plans ..but it worked out. Wes had a couple of days off and had been out to the cabin, just chill'n. Long story short.. he was here for dinner tonight. It was so nice out , we grilled. First grilled meal of the year! We grill alot in the summer, most every night.. so finally I'm starting to see light at the end of this long "winter" tunnel!!! Yippee!

Long awaited signs of spring!
Blogger was giving me trouble, so I could get logged in to post earlier... but at last.. it's working!
This is a layout I did a few days ago, using all Fancy Pants products. I kept looking at the mishmash of cut photos I have of Griffin, in my photo stash.. and I'll I could think was " I just love that sweet little face"... so .... I used them on this layout.
* the journaling reads: there is just something about you and you sweet little face, that I just cant resist"

I used one of the transparent overlays from FP , (Painted Pieces), over the entire piece of paper, and then added the other things on top.

Also forgot to share some of the goodies I found the other day at the junk/treasure store I frequent. I loved this little read case with the apple lining. I have it in my kitchen, on the shelf above my cupboards now.
Can you see that fun shaped hanger. I have a project in mind for that. Show you later.
The bottle was one of the things I was specifically looking for , for something I want to make with one of the new images out of the "Childhood" Image and Journal books from Crafty Secrets.

Ok... I have to leave you with this photo. What in the world do men think sometimes?
I had cleaned the bathroom and washed the rugs. I had them stitting on top of the laundry basket at the top of the steps, and had forgotten to lay them back down on the floor last night... well, Dan get up really early for work.. so obviously he decided to lay them down when he went to take his shower this morning. Okay... look at this photo and tell me .. do yo think this makes sense? lol

ps. he's really a fairly intelligent guy.. I swear lol
Hope you're day was a good one!


Monica Yvette said...

Vicki- I'm laughing out loud here at that last photo. This reminds me of my husband. I was just telling him today that men seem to lack attention to detail. This so proves my point! Cool vintage finds, btw.

janel said...

That is the funniest!
What a riot..and even better that you took a photo of it.
Glad you had a nice day, and got to spend time with the boys, and begin the summer routine. Can't wait to see what you have in mind with the bottle!

Precious Treasures said...

That rug is such a guy thing! hee hee

Precious Treasures said...

That rug is such a guy thing! hee hee

Heidi said...

Okay, I'm totally cracking up about the rug!! Looks like something my husband would do! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the flowers. Nothing is blooming here yet. LOVE the LO--what a cutie-pie! Looks like you found some great things, can't wait to see what you do with the bottle!

Country Liv . . . said...

What a hoot! Dan probably thought the rug was specially shaped to fit his feet when he's standing at the sink shaving!

I can hardly wait to see what you come up with for the hanger. TeeHee, I get so excited to see that sometimes-it's like Christmas morning!

Griff is such a doll and you made an adorable layout with those faces of his.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

bnovacek said...

that is hilarious!!! can't wait to see ya!

happiness blooms said...

Thanks for the early morning giggle Vic! Maybe Dan has an inner creative mind that likes to see things in a different light like we all do! Ü
I LOVE how you put the layout together!!! You have such a gift of putting just the right thing in just the right place! Adorable!

Deb S. said...

omg i'm lol here looking at the bathroom photo! too funny, the lo of griffin and your lovely photos of spring.

Shawn said...

That is too funny about the rugs! Love your lo he is adorable!

Charmingdesigns said...

The funny...Can they really look and say...ya, thats Laurie

Kathryn J. said...

So funny, my husband would have done the same thing ~ gotta love 'em!

Sugar Bear said...

It must have been too early for poor Dan!

Elly said...

What a funny story!!! Well that's how men are, I suppose! I think my hubby would have done the same! Love your "apple"-case!!! It's soóó cute! I can't wait what your up to with all the other stuff! Oh... and of course, I like your l.o. with the Fancy pants stuff!

aimee said...

bwahahaha! Mine would have done the same thing.

Maggie said...

oh chris that's funny, my dh would have come and get me to put them away :)

jules said...

Maybe it was so early that he was not paying attention. ;-) least they try, bless their little hearts!

Elizabeth said...

I can't stop laughing!
If I showed this to my husband he would say... what's so funny?