Saturday, May 31, 2008

Griffs book

Again..when I have a million other things I should be doing , I start (what should be a really quick little project)... and drag it out. I'm notorious for doing this for some reason. lol What is my deal? lol

Actually this only took a couple of hours, but I probably should have been packing, or cleaning , or one of a million other things. lol Oh well, it was really relaxing to work on since it 's so simple ..and I could just watch tv while I was working on it. One of those no pressure, no deadline sorta things..that you can just take your time and enjoy working on.

Since Griff has been sick and I had an extra set of photos from the day he came out to play, I decided I'd make him a little book. I wanted it to be something he could take to nap time or bedtime. ( not a sit on the shelf.. keepsake kind of book) something sturdy , he could really use.

It's a quick it's "story book" about the day.

These aren't all the pages... (I didn't want to bore you)lol ,but just a few.

I just happened to have this Chipboard album on hand.. and have had it for a while , so decided it would be a good and sturdy, with pages that would be easy for his age. BUT....

Fancy Pants has just come out with these new "Storybooks" that are great. I'll be doing one of those next.

You can check it out here. It would be such a fun project to make a personalized book for a little one.

At the end of the book are pic's of Aly and Molly...because he loves playing with them.

Hope he likes it. Thanks for asking about him...he is doing better.

Nebraska has been having storms like crazy. It was kind of scary the other night..but luckily WE ended up with just wind and rain. Others werent that lucky. The sky was ominous though.

When I when into Fremont Yesterday, I couldn't believe the water that was standing everywhere.

This was just where I pull onto the highway. There's never water here. I hope the weather is good today..since the girls are coming and we are planning to grill. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all. Should be a fun time.

I had fun making up these fun little $ store containers with summer fun goodies. I love making up little inexpensive fun party favors like this. I get such a kick out of it. I thought they could just use the baskets for storage later. I just added some ribbon and silk flowers. When I use silk flowers I pop the centers out and use Creative Impressions Big Brads for centers instead.. the brad makes the flowers easy to attach to the ribbon.(or to paper, ect)
I'll share photos tomorrow!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Taylored Expressions Card Challenge 18 and WINNER

The Winner of the little fairies and the goodies is ANGIE from 3 Little Scraps!!!
Congrats Angie! Just email me your addy and I'll send it your way.

Today is it's Taylors Card challenge Day. This is number 18.
I've done my card using all Fancy Pants. .. paper, rubons, button, pin, and lace.
Here is Taylors Card stetch for week #18.
I love this little "tape measure" rub on. All of the stitching is also rubons.

This is all from the Simplicity Line.

This weeks Cupcake sampler is Carol ( Happiness Blooms)
You can check out the other players blogs here
Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme
Jami Sibley: More is More
Mary Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within
Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper
Lynn Mercurio: Stamperosity
Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp
Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff

Thanks for this great sketch Taylor!
Lots to catch up on today.... because I slept later than usual. Reason being... Nebraska had bad storms last night. We had lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightening..but for us luckily no tornado's. Others around Nebraska where not so lucky. Molly is TOTALLY freaked about lets just say.. it was a LONG NIGHT! She was pacing , panting and carrying on.. ALL NIGHT. It's weird that a big dog would be so scared like that. Aly is far the mild mannered one, of the two of them.. and she was not on bit concerned about the weather. lol weird.
Tomorrow my sissy Jan, my niece Neely and Janelle and Kendra , are coming for a little "girls night".... cant wait.. it'll be fun!
Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and well wishes to little griff! He is doing better.
Okay... off and running...LOTS to get done today. I was feeling pretty energetic ..because I woke to SUNSHINE this morning...but it's gone I have to find some "get up and go" somewhere... so I can get things done!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog candy add on

Tomorrow is the day I'll draw for the Giveaway, of the fairy and for these added goodies. I added some yesterday and more today. I'll draw tomorrow before noon and post the winner. You still have time to get your name in. Read about it and post a comment HERE>


But............ I also have to tell you about the fantastic give aways Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage is having right now on their blog.. so you can go over and participate in those. Get this ...they involve $100 and a $50 gift certificates. Read all about it here
Heartwarming Vintage Blog

I thought I'd show you the fairy house , now that I'll put some things in it. I didn't put any of them in permanently... so I can change them out , if I wish.
I left this top photo large, so that you can click on it to see it closer if you want.

The little baby with the wings on the blue checked background is me.
The image at saying on the blue polka dot background is one that I love from Crafty Secrets "Childhood" Image and Journal booklet. The saying says "My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am". lol

The couple standing in the field off to the right, are my Great Grandparents.
The three kids at the bottom, are my sister Jan, and two of my brothers, Ray and Dan, when they were little.

My dad, is in the middle at the top ( of course ..because he is the head of the fam) My mom , in the square frame. The little red head with the pixie cut to the right is me.

I was working on some Fairies with only Crafty Secrets Products (below) , for show display to give to Sandy. I now have them packed and ready to take to TX with my next week.
Warning: if you start making these fairies ...beware... it's totally addicting! You CANT stop! ha Super fun!

Well, it sounds like we may be in for storms tonight.. so I think I'll get my computer work done , and then run to the store now. ... so I don't have to go out later. Hey... if we loose power, maybe that will force me to go to bed early once!
Happy Day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adding to the Givaway

Today and tomorrow I will add to the "fairy" giveaway. Today here is part of what I've added.

Crafty Secrets papers with crowns and wings also, so that the winner will be able to create some fairies of their own. I also added a wooden block and two spools ..then charms,buttons, ribbon, flowers pom poms and other goodies to create with.

Tomorrow , I'll show you what else I've added.

The little fairy girl and these goodies are still waiting for a home.. so if you want your name in on the drawing ..just post HERE. I'll announce the winner Friday.


I wanted to be sure to tell you all today that Fancy Pants is having a HUGE warehouse sale, with all kinds of great deals. INFO HERE

June 6 & 7Friday

June 6th: 9am-5pm Saturday, June 7th: 10am-3pm

Location:2441 North Main Street Sunset, UT 84015

TONS of Scrapbook Product discounted at 50%-90%!*patterned paper *ribbon *chipboard *acrylic stamps *crocheted flowers *buttons *pins *felt & more Please visit our website at: or email with questions.


I also wanted to tell all you girls that might be attending "The Great American Scrapbook Convention" in Arlington TX... to be sure to stop by the Crafty Secrets Booth and say hello.
Sandy and I will be there, and we'd love to see you!
( This means I may not be blogging next week. I'm planning to take my laptop with me...but we'll see)

I finally picked out a couch cover and curtains for the extra room, since the painting is done. We made the room on the main floor that used to be a "den type room" into a extra bedroom, because it's great for mom when she's here, since it's on the main floor. ( no steps). So... we painted the extra upstairs bedroom and put the couch from the downstairs room in there. It's still a sturdy couch..but didn't match... so I ordered this couch cover . MUCH better than the green and burgany stripe. lol

I just want this room to be simple.. not cluttered with "stuff" ( lol.. like my studio) Since I wasn't sure what I want to hang on the wall. ( and It was driving me nuts that it was so BARE) I just dug out these frames and added some of my favorite scrapbook papers that matched the colors of the room. The two frames on the ends are "floating frames" so the papers are just pressed between the two pieces of glass , and the wall shows through at the matte. I'm kind of liking it for now.

These are the curtains I ordered. I ordered one more panel yesterday, because it just wasn't enough. I just hadn't wanted to make them so gathered so I lost the pattern. kwim?

I actually thought ahead and put some dinner in the crock pot.. so that's out of the way. YAY!
Now , I need to get something productive done wise.
***** Please Say a little prayer for Griff.. Kiley and Brad had to take him into the emergency room , night before last, because he was running a high temp. He has pneumonia. I just talked to Kiley and he is doing better today. Hope he continues to feel better.
Happy Day Everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little Fairy Giveaway

Last night I worked on this little fairy using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage wings and papers (from the Earthy Paper Pad). It's very overcast here today, so it's not a good photo.. I'll try to retake it if there's more sun tomorrow. Here's hoping!
Anyway I'd love to give her away to a good home. All you have to do I leave a comment (in this post)... and I'll put your name in the drawing. I'll even add a little something to the give away each day.. so in the end you get little miss fairy girl and some goodies. I'll post each day, what I'm adding. On Friday I'll draw the name and announce the winner.

I also want to share with you a photo of the great canvas my friend Bec gave me. I LOVE IT! It's done with a photo of my boys , that she took this fall. She is an amazing photographer!

I'm also SO Excited that it's official.... my friend Catherine is coming to visit this summer!!!! She has her tickets booked and it's a go! I'm so excited! We've been talking about this for some time, I'm so glad it's finally going to happen! YAY!
Off to make dinner...running behind...
Have a great day friends!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just a few thing I enjoyed today.....

Hope you had an enjoyable day also!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lucky Me!

I know I've said it time and time again, but I truly am amazed by the good friends I have made through blogging. People from miles and miles away, states , even countries away, who I have (most times) never bet in person, but feel a bond with like I've known them all my life. One of those very special friends is Liv. What a dear dear person! She shares so many great stories, on her blog, ...thoughtful, insightful tid bits..ect... all mixed with her wonderful sense of humor! ... (beside the beautiful things she creates). Anyway...she's been teasing me that she was working on a surprise for me. Well, last night , I got to see it.
Is this beautiful or what? I was so touched!! She snagged one of the photos I had posted of mom and I from Mothers Day, and..this is a beautiful digi layout she created with it.

Created by: Liv Hudson
her blog


Another talented and sweet blog friend gave me this blog award today. Thank you so much Eva. Check out Eva's beautiful Mixed Media art... here on her blog.

"Sweet Home Blogger Award"

for sharing, beauty, love and joy through my blog, I am so honored. Now I will pass this award on to 5 people that have inspired me with their blogs.

I would love to give this award to these bloggers
Laurie at "Charming Designs"
Karla at "Karla's Cottage"
Karla at "Sugar Bear Designs"
Michelle at "Rose Garden Romantic"
Lidy at "French Garden House"


Okay... I have been "Fairy Obsessed" lately. lol This one of Kirstyn was done using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Wings and Crowns from the Earthy Paper Pad and the Radiant Paper Pad. (The Earthy paper pad, has 2 sheets of butterflies, in each pad and the Radiant Pad has two sheets of crowns) I am working on some others using the "Altered ART " stamp Set. What a great set for making Fairies. You can check it out here. ALTERED ART stamp set
The words , she's holding are from the Childhood, Image and Journal Notes.

I added some stickles to the tips of the wings.

Paula sent me a photo of the other fairies she finished after our little get together the other day. They turned out so cute.
I forgot and wanted to post that the fairies we used that day , where from Stephanie is on their DT and was so kind to share them with us.

I have to share this great photo with you of my niece Adriana running her Marathon a while back. We are SO proud of her! WTG Adriana! Her mom and dad are runner also.... so it's a family affair. Sure wish they lived closer .. so we could go cheer her on! You go girl!


We don't have big plans this weekend. Wes is having friends at the cabin... so here's hoping he doesn't get totally rained out. It did clear off today, and the wind is drying things out...but that doesn't mean the rain is gone. Keep your fingers crossed.
Like I said , we don't have big plans, but I do plan to use ..this baby! ha! We finally got a new grill!
I have some kabobs...that are sounding pretty good about now. lol

Molly's checking it out! lol
Enjoy the day, whatever you have planned!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Taylored Expressions Cup Cake Challenge #17

Today is Taylor Vanbruggens Cup Cake Challenge # 17. Where's the Cup Cake you ask? lol Well, Is not a requirement to have an actual "cupcake" involved. Taylor posts the sketch every Friday, and we create a card, layout or project, based on the sketch.


Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage

Image from the "Birds and Botanicals" Image and Journal Notes booklet

Papers from the "Classic Paper Pad"

Stamp from Clear Art Stamps "Wildflowers" set



You can see the sketch and catch the scoop on Taylor's Blog... plus see her beautiful work.
Don't forget to check out the beautiful creations from the cupcake challenge samplers.

Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff
Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme
Jami Sibley: More is More
Mary Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within
Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper
Lynn Mercurio: Stamperosity
Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp

Hope you can play along!
Thanks for the great sketch Taylor!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The jar....

I still have some things to share from yesterday.. and one of them is this jar from Paula.. filled with do dads. I know I've shared this story before..but for those of you who didn't catch it , here it is. When I was little , and we used to go to visit my Aunt Pauline and Uncle Emil on their farm (up near SD). My Aunt always had a glass peanut butter jar that sat on her window cil in her kitchen, ( yes... way back when peanut butter jars where still glass) lol, in that jar, she tossed, all kinds of random little things. Little things, probably that she ran across , here and there, like a marble, a little spinning top, little plastic farm animals, a arm guy, or a plastic ring from a gum ball machine. Silly little things. I LOVED that jar of "things"!!! Every time we came, I looked forward to seeing , what NEW mystery things might have been added to that jar. lol I couldn't wait to take it in the other room , while the adults where visiting ,and meticulously check out each thing. (Remember this was way back... way before , X-box, guitar hero, ect). lol It is just such a great memory for me. I always tell my cousin Paula ( who is my Aunt Paulines Grandaughter) that, that jar is probably why , to this day, I love storing all my goodies in my studio in old class jars. Really, I think it is. lol
Anyway, when Paula came yesterday, she presented me with "a new" "toy and trinket jar"... filled with "stuff"... farm animals, a plastic ring... ect ( I cant tell you everything because it should always be a "mystery" right?) lol I was SO touched! It's my new tradition for my nieces and nephews, when they come over. I know have a JAR of my own! Thank you Paula!


I have so many things to share today.. and this one is pretty fun too! The new ..
******Tattered Angels Design Team ******has been announced
Design Team
oh.. and me

I cant wait to work with this group of talented girls! Congrats to all!
I've added their inks to my sidebar also.
Oh... I wanted to share this with you also. My cousin Paula who I was talking about above, made this last time our group got together at her house. She just didn't have it totally finished. She brought it with her yesterday to show us the finished piece. It turned out so cool.

Project by: Paula Bendig
Okay, now... Miss Lana tagged me yesterday. ( hop over to her blog to see what she wrote and see how amazingly talented she is.) I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself. (hmmm... I probably share more random things about myself on this blog, than you care to know, the way it is.) lol
but here goes ..
1.) it bugs me if my liquid soap dispensers at the sinks, are filled. I don't mean ..when they are empty.. I mean, filled to the top, or near the top.. all the time. I know..weird! Especially, because other I can let other (more important things ) go.. and that doesnt bug me at all. (and they probably should!) lol
2.) I get on a kick with a certain color.... right now I'ts BROWN. ( open my closet... brown, brown and BROWN) lol
3)I dont like milk
4) I am the youngest of seven children. I use to hate being called the "baby of the family". .. Now , as I get older, being the "youngest" good with me! lol
5) There has never been a time in my life that I didn't have a pet. I love animals. I've always had at least one dog, and when I was younger, at one time or another , I had , a cat, a bird, a turtle, fish, ect. I even used to go to the ditch by our house and get tadpoles and watch them grow legs and turn into frogs, and then let them go. I think having pets is great for kids, such a cool learning experience too. When my kids where little , they had all kinds. Wes even had a snake! ( Yep.. as scared as I am of them).. I let him have one. It wasn't big ( but it was STILL a SNAKE). We had to go to the pet store to by crickets for it to eat. He had it for over a year.. and was so crushed when it died.
6)My first car when I turned 16 was a orange maverick (lol)
7) I always said .. I'd NEVER have a blog. (even funnier)
Okay I'm trying to think of 7 people I havent tagged with this before.. so I'm tagging

Tabitia Worthington (check out this talent.. paper ... and photography, oh my)
Ingvild Blome- ( such impressive work)
Liv Hudson- ( this girl , does it all ..traditional, digi ..hybrid. Check out her freebies!)
Shawn Behrends- ( she has something new going on all the time)
Maggie Lamar-(You have to check out her Motherday wallhanging. OH MY)
Julie Shahin- ( QUEEN of Hybid...nuf said!)
Both boys where home for a while yesterday. Jarad brought his truck out to help Wes load up the volley ball poles and some other things to take out to the cabin. Wes is using the cabin this weekend and having a bunch of friends out. Here's hoping it doesnt rain...because he's really been planning ,and looking forward to it.
Yesterday he was working on this game. He was really into it. lol

He spoils these dogs terribly when he's around. I have been telling the guys not to feel Molly anything extra.. ( like people food)..because I'm afraid with her arthritis, the more wieght she has to carry around the harder it will be one her. Everyone agrees, and then I come around the corner, and see this.

Whew..this is turning into one, LONG post!
I just have one more thing I wanted to tell you about.
Taylor from Taylored Expressions has been doing a CupCake card challenge every Friday for a while now. She posts a new sketch each Friday. Well she is now going to be having a few girls
do thes challege cards with her each Friday. And I'm lucky enough to have been asked to participate. All the cards do not have to involve "cupcakes".. but that will still be the name of the challenge.
I've linked all the other girls blogs on my side bar also, but here they are
(and me)
So starting tomorrow , each Friday at 8am, well will all be posting our cards and linking to Taylor and the others.
You can see it all here on Taylors blog tomorrow. (Friday)
See you tomorrow friends!
thanks for hanging with me through this long post! lol