Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adding to the Givaway

Today and tomorrow I will add to the "fairy" giveaway. Today here is part of what I've added.

Crafty Secrets papers with crowns and wings also, so that the winner will be able to create some fairies of their own. I also added a wooden block and two spools ..then charms,buttons, ribbon, flowers pom poms and other goodies to create with.

Tomorrow , I'll show you what else I've added.

The little fairy girl and these goodies are still waiting for a home.. so if you want your name in on the drawing ..just post HERE. I'll announce the winner Friday.


I wanted to be sure to tell you all today that Fancy Pants is having a HUGE warehouse sale, with all kinds of great deals. INFO HERE

June 6 & 7Friday

June 6th: 9am-5pm Saturday, June 7th: 10am-3pm

Location:2441 North Main Street Sunset, UT 84015

TONS of Scrapbook Product discounted at 50%-90%!*patterned paper *ribbon *chipboard *acrylic stamps *crocheted flowers *buttons *pins *felt & more Please visit our website at: or email with questions.


I also wanted to tell all you girls that might be attending "The Great American Scrapbook Convention" in Arlington TX... to be sure to stop by the Crafty Secrets Booth and say hello.
Sandy and I will be there, and we'd love to see you!
( This means I may not be blogging next week. I'm planning to take my laptop with me...but we'll see)

I finally picked out a couch cover and curtains for the extra room, since the painting is done. We made the room on the main floor that used to be a "den type room" into a extra bedroom, because it's great for mom when she's here, since it's on the main floor. ( no steps). So... we painted the extra upstairs bedroom and put the couch from the downstairs room in there. It's still a sturdy couch..but didn't match... so I ordered this couch cover . MUCH better than the green and burgany stripe. lol

I just want this room to be simple.. not cluttered with "stuff" ( lol.. like my studio) Since I wasn't sure what I want to hang on the wall. ( and It was driving me nuts that it was so BARE) I just dug out these frames and added some of my favorite scrapbook papers that matched the colors of the room. The two frames on the ends are "floating frames" so the papers are just pressed between the two pieces of glass , and the wall shows through at the matte. I'm kind of liking it for now.

These are the curtains I ordered. I ordered one more panel yesterday, because it just wasn't enough. I just hadn't wanted to make them so gathered so I lost the pattern. kwim?

I actually thought ahead and put some dinner in the crock pot.. so that's out of the way. YAY!
Now , I need to get something productive done wise.
***** Please Say a little prayer for Griff.. Kiley and Brad had to take him into the emergency room , night before last, because he was running a high temp. He has pneumonia. I just talked to Kiley and he is doing better today. Hope he continues to feel better.
Happy Day Everyone!


rose said...

oh my I do hope Griff gets well soon I will be praying for the little one
Oh must say the room and curtains look so pretty and love the favourite papers in the frame
Now Iam only posting once today lol!! love the extra adding to the fairy drawing,oh Iam drooling
Thank the lord for crock pots!
Away a week ,no post what Iam I going to do!!!!

aimee said...

Vicki your room looks so pretty! I love framing scrapbook paper too. It's fun because you can change it out for the seasons or just when the feeling strikes. The pillows and curtains are awesome too. I love it all!

Sharon in NE said...

Love how you're decorating the extra room and yes, I'll certainly lift Griffin up in prayer. Poor baby.

Deb S. said...

oh the room looks great vic! sometimes less is more,i agree. your studio however is chucked full of wonderful goodies and eye candy! i love that look too! :)

DeniseLynn said...

Hang in there Griff!!! *prayers are being lifted*

janel said...

Thinking of you and saying prayers that Griff gets better soon, and the all that love him are comforted too.

Fun add ons! And, love the new look!
Have a great evening.

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, poor little Griff! Bless his little heart, you just wonder how something like that happens to little kiddies. Has Aunt Bic been to see him? When you do give him a big hug from the mushy lady in the computer!

Like all the deco and especially the framed papers!

Gotta go, Men in Trees is coming on!

Love Ya,

happiness blooms said...

Breaks my heart to think of little Griff not feeling good.
LOVE what you did with the spare room! Especially the curtains! I need some decor help... wanna come over? Ü

María Elena said...

Hi Vicki, the fairy is wonderful, and the fabric's curtain, too. Thanks by stopping in my blog (sorry by my basic english).

~Sasha Farina~ said...

prayers going out for all of you!! Hope Griff get better real soon...

Jeanie said...

Hi, Vicki, thanks for coming by The Marmelade Gypsy!

I meant to tell you in my other comment how much I really liked your framed papers. Very simple and elegant.

Tracy Lathrop said...

I will definitely keep Griffin in my thoughts and prayers! I got the email from Fancy Pants regarding the wharehouse sale and I have never in my life wished that I lived in Utah so bad as I do right now!! Lol!! I am a Fancy Pants addict and let me tell you if I could get there for it I would! So so so tempting!! Lol!! Wow, what pretty pretties you keep adding to an already fabulous giveaway! Unbelievable!!

Precious Treasures said...

Will be praying for Griff.