Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog candy add on

Tomorrow is the day I'll draw for the Giveaway, of the fairy and for these added goodies. I added some yesterday and more today. I'll draw tomorrow before noon and post the winner. You still have time to get your name in. Read about it and post a comment HERE>


But............ I also have to tell you about the fantastic give aways Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage is having right now on their blog.. so you can go over and participate in those. Get this ...they involve $100 and a $50 gift certificates. Read all about it here
Heartwarming Vintage Blog

I thought I'd show you the fairy house , now that I'll put some things in it. I didn't put any of them in permanently... so I can change them out , if I wish.
I left this top photo large, so that you can click on it to see it closer if you want.

The little baby with the wings on the blue checked background is me.
The image at saying on the blue polka dot background is one that I love from Crafty Secrets "Childhood" Image and Journal booklet. The saying says "My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am". lol

The couple standing in the field off to the right, are my Great Grandparents.
The three kids at the bottom, are my sister Jan, and two of my brothers, Ray and Dan, when they were little.

My dad, is in the middle at the top ( of course ..because he is the head of the fam) My mom , in the square frame. The little red head with the pixie cut to the right is me.

I was working on some Fairies with only Crafty Secrets Products (below) , for show display to give to Sandy. I now have them packed and ready to take to TX with my next week.
Warning: if you start making these fairies ...beware... it's totally addicting! You CANT stop! ha Super fun!

Well, it sounds like we may be in for storms tonight.. so I think I'll get my computer work done , and then run to the store now. ... so I don't have to go out later. Hey... if we loose power, maybe that will force me to go to bed early once!
Happy Day!


Delaney Gates said...

The fairy house looks amazing! I love that you use family photos for your fairies. That way, when no one is looking, the fairies can sneak from room to room and have little family reunions! :)

Sharon in NE said...

These are so cute!!

Angie said...

I love the fairy house Vicki! said...

Oh my, I need to make some!!

YOu are a cute little sprite!

Lyrical Stamper said...

I'm honored that you stopped by my blog to say hi! You're my vintage inspiration. THANKS!!
-Mary Lou

Trace Geworsky said...

I am REALLY loving those fairies...I would love to see how you make them...any chance I could bribe you to have a tutorial? he ehee
Trace G
p.s.AWESOME RAK!!!!!!!:)

chelemom said...

Such cool projects!!! Love 'em!

rose said...

wooza this house is rockin with lots of fairies oh it looks beautiful and look at the ones for the stand,I can see an explosion of fairies all around the world,What have you started lol!!
they are all stunning and great way of showing the family

lois said...

I would love to win that cute little fairy and I have just the place for it...we'll keep the little griff in our prayers too - along with ms. molly - but that new toy seems to have cheered her up a bit, eh?

lois said...

would love to win that little fairy and the goodies:) thanks for the offer.

MJ said...

Those fairies are so cute! I especially like the crowns on the dogs!

I hope little Griff is feeling better soon. Keep us posted!

Kathryn J. said...

I LOVE the antennae on your baby pic~ your eye for detail always inspires me!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow... that is one amazing project!

Tracy Lathrop said...

The Fairy House is stunning!! I love looking at all the little details that you have put in there with your family photos!! You are so like me in the staying up late! I am a night owl and I highly doubt that losing electricity would stop me, I would just get out all my candles!! Lol!! I am a die-hard late night girl when I create and to me that is when it is the most peaceful.

stampqueen said...

I love the Fairies and your fairy house!!! love the Molly fairy :)
I am on day 3 of 5 - 12 hour shifts in a row so may not have time to pop in over the weekend - so have a good weekend!!!!

Michelle said...

OMG! I love the doggy fairy!! Your fairy house is fabulous! You're so creative!

Anonymous said...

This is it!!! Beautifully done!

Deb S. said...

omg i love your fairy house! i need one of those for sure now that i've seen yours!:)

Lucy Edson said...

Wow!!! Vicki! That fairy house is amazing!! So beautiful and so much to look at! I love it!

Vicki said...

Oh, wow, Vicki! This is truly amazing! I love everything! You are so inspiring!

Vicki said...

BTW, thanks so much for stopping by me blog and taking a peak at me creations! So kind!

Anonymous said...

Great project. I think those family faces are a neat idea.

Shelly said...

I second the comment about learning how to make these. Please share, I would love to make a set of my family members ;-)


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