Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Glimmer Mist flower pins

I wish I could show you these flowers in real life..because the Glimmer Mist makes them look so great. These were just plain white silk flowers. I took them apart and spritzed them with Glimmer Mist. After letting them dry , I stitched a vintage button in the middle and added a pin back to the back side of the flower. I thought it would be cute to pin one on your purse or a bag.

I have so many beautiful vintage buttons.. and this is a great way to show them off.

This old button , is one of my very favorites.

I've been busy going through things , in my room and in closets all over the house. Organizing and getting rid of some things. I kind of like organizing, so I've been getting "lost" in it. The day just flies by! The problem is I haven't been creating anything! Tomorrow .. I promise! lol

If this doesn't spur me to create, nothing will! I got some new Fancy Pants goodies , in the mail today. I'm SO excited about this "Story Book". I haven't had one yet..and I can see that the possibilities are endless. I'm already planning! lol
Here are the different sizes offered Story book sizes

Some of you had asked about the cute little pins that were in my pin cushion. The really cute ones, that are different colors and shapes... are Fancy Pants.

They come packaged like this. The buttons also come like this. I love these cute little snap shut containers. You can see the different shapes and colors here.

And I LOVE these new Glitter Cuts !
Okay, Okay.. I guess I love "everything" Fancy Pants! lol
If you need inspiration and ideas, check out the FP gallery and the FP blog.

It's a windy, chilly , glooooomy day , but I have this little bit of cheer sitting on my desk right now, so I can enjoy it! Thank you Nathaniel! It's the rose he gave me on Mothers Day.

I was telling you we finally got the spare bedroom painted upstairs. It was so white and so bare, now that the boys are moved out , and have taken all there stuff. I'm ordering a slipcover for the couch. That couch... we moved out of the back room downstairs , when we put the bed down there for mom. I think we are going to keep it in there, and get a new desk and small TV to put in there for now. We'll see.

You can kind of see the new color in the photo below. It look kind of green here...but the color is called "basket weave".
Okay.. are my dogs weird or what? lol
Since that room is pretty much ,...empty right now, I had set the big box that my new monitor came in , the other day..in there. Wes said not to throw it away until we knew there was no problem with the monitor, so we'd have it in case we needed it for a return.
It was tipped on it's side...and when I looked in there Aly was laying in it. lol She likes to lay on a blanket,.. so I took an old sheet and laid it in there...and every time I turn around ...there she is.
Molly is not amused. lol

What have I started? It's not like I'm going to leave this huge box sitting around. Now I'll have to be the big bad mom and eventually take it to the trash. lol

The other thing I had to share....just to gross you out , as much as I was at the time.
Late Saturday night after I got home from Nathaniel's program, I went to open the back sliding door to let the dogs out and there was a huge web across the top of the door ..that I almost WALKED INTO ..because it was dark, and I couldnt see it. I flipped on the deck light as I was starting out the door..and saw it just in time. How the heck did that happen that fast? That web wasn't there before I left. If I would have walked into it, I would have freaked...because this is what was in the web....

Okay..granted , it looks alot bigger in this photo , I imagine. But still I bet it was atleast as big as a quarter.
I'm not really afraid of spiders that much (not like snakes anyway), but I just opted to use a different door.


stampqueen said...

I love the glimmer mist flowers - will have to try that. I didn't do much paper crafting today - dug out the sewing machine - yikes, but I need some new tops for work -
needless to say after not sewing for about a year I didn't get far - but DD's curtains are done...
Take Care

Sharon in NE said...

The glimmer mist flowers with the buttons is such a great idea! I have some cherished buttons and what a nice way to display them.

Gorgeous rose from Nathaniel!

Deb S. said...

oh i love your flower pins&your idea for one on your purse and one on your shirt/jacket!cute.awww,
ally is such a sweet dog.the rose from nathaniel is gorgeous!he is such a nice young man! ;)

Charmingdesigns said...

Really!! I could have done without the spider.LOL! The glimmer mist flowers makes up for it.Stacey got some new chairs, she was just about to sit on one when a zillion baby spiders hatched, cute but gross!lol. Come by and check out my blog tomorrow...I'm finishing up a doozy tonight.love love love it!Laurie

Precious Treasures said...

I LOVE the flower pins. The bug has to go though...ewww.. I am PETRIFIED of bugs. My grandpa used to tease me when I was little that if I was not good I had to sleep in the basement with the bugs. hee hee

When you catch up I do have a project for you. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.


bnovacek said...

those flowers are gorgeous vic! hope you had a great mother's day!

Country Liv . . . said...

Love the button display flowers. Those are gorgeous colors on them.
Isn't that Nathaniel a living doll!? But aren't you the best auntie around!? Where was Griff this Mother's Day?
Boy oh boy, Fancy Pants is really adding to their line-great stuff!
Ally's pretty old, huh? What with the white muzzle and all! Molly seems to be better-is she?
Spiders! Eek! I hate it when I walk into their traps-it freaks me out. But, you are right, at least they are not snakes!

Judy & Sheri said...

Just think that spider is entirely too gross this early in the morning but those pretty flowers are a nice lead in!! I have not used the glimmer mist yet...I have got to get me some!!! and your rose is gorgeous!!! Have great day Vicki!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Those flowers are great! I tried to contact that seller about shipping to me but had no answer from her, might try to get some on ebay instead, each time I visit you I keep thinking "must get some glimmer mist" and you keep reminding me and showing us your gorgeous glimmer mistings!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How cute are those button flowers??? What a good idea!

And I don't care how big that spider is, he would not be fun to run into in the dark, or daytime either!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! The new FP things are lovely and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Cats are the same way...put down a box regardless of the size and they want in it! I have a big cat that loves to adopt an empty shoe box and he hangs over it on all sides. He's too funny. Your dogs look so sweet!!!

rose said...

oh loving the new FP stuff,Well I sprayed some flowers with glimmer mist and was pleased like you with the result,never thought of buttons for centre drat! If it stands still long enough at the moment it is sprayed with glimmer mist !! lol!
OH dont mind spider,just other bugs I dont like
oh look at the dogs,bit like a kit with a new toy,they choose the box everytime lol!!