Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day!!!

I LOVE May Day! What ever happened to it anyway? Just not like it was when I was a kid.. and I miss it. Well, I didn't exactly make May Day Baskets ..but I did drop off one of these (below) to my friend Deb and to my sweet momma. ( oh yeah.. and one for me) lol.
Took some sand buckets filled with goodies to Kirstyn ,Jayvier, Adian and Griffin. My sad little attempt at keeping May Day alive. lol
Every May Day , I have to tell this story because it's just too sweet. When the boys where little we always made May Day baskets and delivered them around to the neighborhood kids and the over to Grandmas. Well, one time when Jarad was about 3, we were heading over to my moms to drop her basket off.. and I was explaining the whole .. "put the basket on the porch and ring the door bell and run, because they'll run after you , and if they do they kiss you" thing, to him.
Jarad was all good with that.. and so out the door he went, basket in hand. He put the basket on the porch , rand the door bell.. and.......... just stood there? I rolled down my window.. and said "Run Run.. she's coming ..she's going to catch you, and kiss you!!"
He turned around and smiled with the sweetest face.. and said..
"I know .. I want her too".
Is that sweet or what? That will stick in my mind forever.

I had to make a quick run into Omaha today, and since I was already at Debs dropping off the little May Day gift.. I asked her if she wanted to ride in to Omaha with me. It was nice to get a chance to chat a bit.
We were going to just make a quick stop at Hobby Lobby , while we were there. ... Ummmmm yeah.. all I'll say to that is... Hobby

Lobby has a lot of great stuff on sale, 50% off right now.. so we were there longer than we had planned. lol

I found this cute little bitty "cake plate" ish things, and I seriously stocked up on cardstock!

But this was my favorite find. ( 50% off , I might add) ... YES! I don't know if the birds will stay ..but I can always change it out , with the seasons ect.

I put it on this table , straight ahead of the front door.

I fell in love with this pink bucket and had to have it for my room. My first thought was that is would be my new trash can..but when I got it in here.. it was just too cute, so it's going to hold books instead.

I'm meeting for a little "creative play time " with Stephanie, Jessica and Paula tomorrow, so these are their little "day late" May Day Treats.

I'll share photos tomorrow of our little gathering. Cant wait.
Hope you all have a WONDERFUL MAY DAY!!!!


Deb S. said...

Love how you placed all your new goodies in your lovely home! What a sweet story @ Jarad May daying at grandma's. Love that...
Don't ya just love Hobby Lobby Vic?;)

Precious Treasures said...

Your decorating is a work of art.

janel said...

Happy May Day to you. We delivered our baskets in the rain and some snow today. It was Campbell and Cole's 1st time to deliver, and we had a great time. Wish we were closer and we would have come to your house. Oh, the memories. And, my L. called home today just to tell me that he was thinking about May Day and all the fun we had delivering our baskets when he was little....that really made me smile.
Enjoy the day!
Gorgeous basket, and great goodies from HL!

Anonymous said...

Love all your new treasures! The hanging plant was simply gorgeous! I remember stories of May Day from my mother and it sounded fun!

Tabitha W. said...

oh, that story is the cutest!!

Lana said...

Popping in to say HI Vicki!!!! :) I have so so so been loving your feed blitz emails. Thank you for sharing all you share - especially the creative treats - you always get my mojo stirring :)

Sugar Bear said...

Oh Vicki - that is the sweetest story! It brought a smile to my face.

Shawn said...

The flowers are beautiful!! I stocked up too on a few things at hob lob gotta love sales. Sounds like a fun time with good friends!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey, friend! You are such a thoughtful young lady, it is a pleasure to call you friend. I know that Deb really loves her flower basket but you more! That itty bitty tiered plate is adorable-Hobby Lobby? I need to go find me a pink bucket to put by my bed to hold all my meds! LOL! You make it this far on God's green earth and you have to have a pharmacy located in your bedroom! Hope you had a wonderful May Day too!
PS: The tree guys came and took down 3 trees and the squirrel guy is here now! Woo Hoo! Finally some peace and quiet!

Country Liv . . . said...

I forgot to say: I can tell Jarad is your son-he's just too, too, sweet!

chelemom said...

Love that story! You always find the best treasures......Have a great weekend!

Ruth said...

LOVE your 50% off find. How come I never find those things??? And a sweet story about Jarad.

Catherine said...

Happy May on the look out for your box maybe tomorrow or Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Well if that isn't just the sweetest story!! Very cute. And very sweet of you delivering all that May Day fun! Hope all is well Vicki!

Secondhandrose said...

You are a very giving person...presents for everyone! I love the story of your son on May Day. Come for a visit.

Sabii Wabii said...

Wishing my name was Stephanie, Jessica or Paula! How fun do those look.

JgWM said...

Just found your blog tonight and I love it. I have just started blogging I love flowers and posted 7 Sisters today, your children are cute and your lay outs are great.
Funning thing is tonight i was working on a lay from when I was a kid. It was our Annual School May Day event. Our moms had to make our outfits. As a 1st grader i was a clown, but when you got to the 5th or 6th grade you were able to wind the May Pole. What a thrill. i will come back and show you the photo.Great memories to continue for children.

In my other life I put in gardens for people, your hanging basket is
calibrachoa or Million Bells and it is beautiful. I will be putting in 120 of just that one plant plus 300 more of other var, I post ities next week. And oh, I post photos of my childrens dogs who are my companions daily now that the children have gone to college. I can relate. It's a wonderful life. Art makes me happy, do I daily look for ways to get it out there and get more people involved it relieves stress. Thanks for listening, and sharing. gayle

Kathleen Summers said...

Aw, that is a SUPER sweet story!!

Ms Dragonfly said...

happy may day! so many beautiful things here :)

Pattyjo said...

The framed bird picture is just gorgeous! I just love that style and all the things you make. Just beautiful!

Judy & Sheri said...

Happy May Day to you Vicki...That is a great story about Jarad...So Sweet!!! I loved seeing that flower basket...Can hardly wait to hang some of my own!!!

MJ said...

I'm not familiar with May Day activities. The story about Jarad is precious. However, I am curious: Did Deb chase you when you delivered her basket?

Cathy said...

I fell in love with those displays yesterday at Hobby Lobby (the one you put your little birds in) Love it! I just didn't fiqure they would wrap it well enough to get it home in one piece. Can't wait to make one of those file folders!