Thursday, May 22, 2008

The jar....

I still have some things to share from yesterday.. and one of them is this jar from Paula.. filled with do dads. I know I've shared this story before..but for those of you who didn't catch it , here it is. When I was little , and we used to go to visit my Aunt Pauline and Uncle Emil on their farm (up near SD). My Aunt always had a glass peanut butter jar that sat on her window cil in her kitchen, ( yes... way back when peanut butter jars where still glass) lol, in that jar, she tossed, all kinds of random little things. Little things, probably that she ran across , here and there, like a marble, a little spinning top, little plastic farm animals, a arm guy, or a plastic ring from a gum ball machine. Silly little things. I LOVED that jar of "things"!!! Every time we came, I looked forward to seeing , what NEW mystery things might have been added to that jar. lol I couldn't wait to take it in the other room , while the adults where visiting ,and meticulously check out each thing. (Remember this was way back... way before , X-box, guitar hero, ect). lol It is just such a great memory for me. I always tell my cousin Paula ( who is my Aunt Paulines Grandaughter) that, that jar is probably why , to this day, I love storing all my goodies in my studio in old class jars. Really, I think it is. lol
Anyway, when Paula came yesterday, she presented me with "a new" "toy and trinket jar"... filled with "stuff"... farm animals, a plastic ring... ect ( I cant tell you everything because it should always be a "mystery" right?) lol I was SO touched! It's my new tradition for my nieces and nephews, when they come over. I know have a JAR of my own! Thank you Paula!


I have so many things to share today.. and this one is pretty fun too! The new ..
******Tattered Angels Design Team ******has been announced
Design Team
oh.. and me

I cant wait to work with this group of talented girls! Congrats to all!
I've added their inks to my sidebar also.
Oh... I wanted to share this with you also. My cousin Paula who I was talking about above, made this last time our group got together at her house. She just didn't have it totally finished. She brought it with her yesterday to show us the finished piece. It turned out so cool.

Project by: Paula Bendig
Okay, now... Miss Lana tagged me yesterday. ( hop over to her blog to see what she wrote and see how amazingly talented she is.) I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself. (hmmm... I probably share more random things about myself on this blog, than you care to know, the way it is.) lol
but here goes ..
1.) it bugs me if my liquid soap dispensers at the sinks, are filled. I don't mean ..when they are empty.. I mean, filled to the top, or near the top.. all the time. I know..weird! Especially, because other I can let other (more important things ) go.. and that doesnt bug me at all. (and they probably should!) lol
2.) I get on a kick with a certain color.... right now I'ts BROWN. ( open my closet... brown, brown and BROWN) lol
3)I dont like milk
4) I am the youngest of seven children. I use to hate being called the "baby of the family". .. Now , as I get older, being the "youngest" good with me! lol
5) There has never been a time in my life that I didn't have a pet. I love animals. I've always had at least one dog, and when I was younger, at one time or another , I had , a cat, a bird, a turtle, fish, ect. I even used to go to the ditch by our house and get tadpoles and watch them grow legs and turn into frogs, and then let them go. I think having pets is great for kids, such a cool learning experience too. When my kids where little , they had all kinds. Wes even had a snake! ( Yep.. as scared as I am of them).. I let him have one. It wasn't big ( but it was STILL a SNAKE). We had to go to the pet store to by crickets for it to eat. He had it for over a year.. and was so crushed when it died.
6)My first car when I turned 16 was a orange maverick (lol)
7) I always said .. I'd NEVER have a blog. (even funnier)
Okay I'm trying to think of 7 people I havent tagged with this before.. so I'm tagging

Tabitia Worthington (check out this talent.. paper ... and photography, oh my)
Ingvild Blome- ( such impressive work)
Liv Hudson- ( this girl , does it all ..traditional, digi ..hybrid. Check out her freebies!)
Shawn Behrends- ( she has something new going on all the time)
Maggie Lamar-(You have to check out her Motherday wallhanging. OH MY)
Julie Shahin- ( QUEEN of Hybid...nuf said!)
Both boys where home for a while yesterday. Jarad brought his truck out to help Wes load up the volley ball poles and some other things to take out to the cabin. Wes is using the cabin this weekend and having a bunch of friends out. Here's hoping it doesnt rain...because he's really been planning ,and looking forward to it.
Yesterday he was working on this game. He was really into it. lol

He spoils these dogs terribly when he's around. I have been telling the guys not to feel Molly anything extra.. ( like people food)..because I'm afraid with her arthritis, the more wieght she has to carry around the harder it will be one her. Everyone agrees, and then I come around the corner, and see this.

Whew..this is turning into one, LONG post!
I just have one more thing I wanted to tell you about.
Taylor from Taylored Expressions has been doing a CupCake card challenge every Friday for a while now. She posts a new sketch each Friday. Well she is now going to be having a few girls
do thes challege cards with her each Friday. And I'm lucky enough to have been asked to participate. All the cards do not have to involve "cupcakes".. but that will still be the name of the challenge.
I've linked all the other girls blogs on my side bar also, but here they are
(and me)
So starting tomorrow , each Friday at 8am, well will all be posting our cards and linking to Taylor and the others.
You can see it all here on Taylors blog tomorrow. (Friday)
See you tomorrow friends!
thanks for hanging with me through this long post! lol


Lana said...

A- love your previous post just as much as the glass covered project - that will probably go down in history as my all time fave!

B- Funny 7 thnigs! The pet thing was interesting, I never would have guessed but I can see it now remembering your lovable doggie :) and the "baby of the family" made me smile

And finally C- CONGRATS to the new Tattered Angels team!!!!!!!!!! What a great gig - love their products!!

Jessica said...

I love your jar story. When we were kids, mom had a treasure box full of little things like toys and coloring books, etc. If we were especially good, or did a good thing, occasionally we'd get to pick something out of the treasure box. Thanks for bringing back that great memory!
Congrats on the Tattered Angels DT. You've already been a super advertisement for their products!

Country Liv . . . said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading your blog! Slow down girl! How many more reps can you do? Congrats on the Tattered Angel team, again! Did I ever tell you that you were the person who made me buy all my Glimmer Mist? And now another rep making at least one card every Friday? Ha! You'd better get those blasted little elves in gear if they are gonna meet all the deadlines you've set!

Tell those boys to not pay attention to the sad eyed Molly! She needs them to be strong and not feed her!

The story about the jar reminds me of the story about my aunt's glass menagerie. Lovely, warm memories.

Okay, you do realize that you've tagged me before?! At least I'm weird enough not to have to make up anything! LOL!

Have a great Friday, friend, and keep your eyes open for the surprise. (you were suppose to get it today but I forgot I had to participate in a blog hop so I couldn't work on it)

Big Pink Hugs,

Deb S. said...

yes,you dearly love your trinket jar,i could tell! so sweet...cograts on you getting dt for tattered angels!

Shawn said...

My Grandma used to have an old crock that was similar to your jar. I loved loved loved being able to get that down and look through it. She would put tiny doll furniture in there, those bendy dolls, little rubber balls. It was always a treat to go through it. Sometimes if I was really good she would hide a miniature candy bar in there. I need to do this with bethany. Brings back good memories. :)

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Hi Vicki, I am just popping by to introduce myself and let you know that I look forward to being a part of the Tattered Angels DT with you and all of the other ladies! Your talent amazes me and I look forward to working with you!

have a GREAT weekend!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh I ADORE that jar story and now I too want to turn one of my jars into one of those jars. I am always finding little "treasures" aound my house that need a little place to live (with 2 little boys here - yup, lots of little oddities find their way into our lives). Anyway it would be a great thing for nieces and nephews but even for my own kids when they need something to keep them busy. I think it might even turn out to be a "reward" jar of sorts. Thanks for sharing the inspiring jar story!

Monica Yvette said...

Hi Vicki-I love the jar story. It makes me want to start an oddball item jar collection. I'm sure if I look around I can find stuff to fill it with already.

Anonymous said...

I loved your story about the jar! Such a sweet memory. I love what Paula created...awesome! Congrats on the Tattered Angels team...a perfect fit.