Thursday, May 15, 2008

Winding down the week

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. Holy Moly! I cant believe tomorrow is Friday already.
I've been going through one of my "cant sleep"things again lately. Last night at around 2am, I got up and clean out the cupboard under the bathroom sink. I was just so frustrated laying there, trying to go to sleep.. I just got up to do something productive! grrrr... hope tonight is better.
I didn't work on anything major today"creative wise", because I was busy online, trying to find a slipcover for the couch in the spare room and some curtains. Finally found some..hope they match , when they get here. the "basket weave" color we painted , looks alittle more green that I had anticipated. But I like it, and it always feels good to have a nice fresh coat of paint.
I used one of the images from the Birds and Botanicals Image & Journal Notes Booklets, and papers from the Earthy Paper Pad (from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage) to decorate this cookie jar.
Oh.. and I forgot to post this yesterday , after I finished that layout.........
for all of you who ask if I always keep my room neat and tidy when I'm working?
ummmm.... the answer to that , would be NO!

Just wanted to share some more of the photos from the day my little buddy Griff and I played in shaving cream. lol

And to think , he was actually a little hesitant in the beginning. lol

Like I said.. the day is just not complete until you play in shaving cream in your spiderman underoos!

One thing about shaving cream, it smells good and cleans up easy. We used to let the kids do this all the time when I worked at school ( okay..NOT to this extent)... it was fun for them and cleaned the tables , all at the same time. Really it's a fun and cheap activity.. and not to bad to clean up ...if you keep it to just hands ( not the entire body)
************* but how fun is that


Susan said...

Griffin is such a cutie! And what a great auntie you are to let him play like that. He will remember that for a long time!
Susan T

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for showing your work table...(smile) Love the shaving cream!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

That little guy is such a cutie patooie! He will be a real heartbreaker when he gets older! The shaving cream looks like so much fun..I wish I had a young one to play with.

rose said...

oh love all the shaving cream mess
and love the work area and the cookies look so yummy
see you are enabling again!!!!

Country Liv . . . said...

I love the photos of Griff-they are so perfect for a young boy's special layout. I love the drama the dark background adds.

I've been trying to find the Crafty Secrets Botanical Booklets but no one stocks them around here and my favorite online stores don't have them either. Got any idea as to who has them?

PS: If you look really close to the photo of your work desk, you can see the reflection of those darn elves just waiting to dive in and clean up! LOL! You think I'm falling for this staged mess? Ha!

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

What a cute little guy! I'll have to tell my daughter about the shaving cream for her kids! About the not sleeping - sometimes I can't sleep and what I do is get up and have some warm milk and get on the computer, pretty soon, I'm so tired looking at the screen! Also, try rubbing in some Vicks on the bottom of your feet, put on some socks, and you'll fall fast asleep! Guaranteed! I do this when I haven't slept too well the night before...Sweet Dreams,

Catherine said...

He's so adorable! The shaving cream is a great idea!!