Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Wow , this week is just flying by. I can't believe its midweek already. Yesterday when I went in to Fremont to get Griff, I dropped off some things at the Goodwill. I was a bit early to pick Griff up, so I decided I would run in and see if there was any great bargains. (didn't I just say I was NOT going to purchase one more alterable thing, until I worked my way through the 3 boxes I already have)

Well, In my defence , it was only $2.99

Anyway, this was kind of what I had envisioned when I decided to get it. I thought the Crafty Secrets "Bird's and Botanicals" images would fit great in each section.

I just added a little of this and that as I went.

I used the "ABC TopHat" stamps from Crafty Secrets for the little banner.

Since I've been having a hard time finding the sized of nest I need, I just bought some of those little tiny grape vine wreaths..cut the binding that holds them together, and made my own. Easy and really inexpensive.

I used papers from the Earthy Paper pad on this. ..and lots of stitching. lol

I have to say, those pairs of (large scallop) deco scissors from the $ store, have been used ALOT. I love em!

That flat edging you can see in the photo above is some vintage binding I found some time ago. It's one of those things, I never want to run out..but it's slowly dwindling.

I used mounting tape under one of the layers to try to add dept to the project.

I had planned all along to cover the entire back of this with one piece of cardstock or chipboard..but didn't get it done before I took the photos today. I don't like the way you can see the light through the stitching holes..but covering the back should solve that problem. I also tried to get a photo of the entire window box outside..but it was WAY too windy... almost lost it over the side of the deck rail. eeekk Sorry for the not so great photos.
I did also find this mirror that I fell in love with while I was there. $6. It's one heavy duty mirror. Really Heavy! Not sure where it will end up..but for now.. it's just propped up here.
We finally finished painting Wes's (then Jarads) old room ,upstairs. I like the color... but really want a new desk and new curtains..but I don't want to be hasty and get something until I'm SURE it's what I want. ( I have been know to change my mind .. "Often"! lol The color was called "basketweave".
Alot of you have been asking about Miss Molly , and wondering how she's doing.. well, it's hard to say. I wish I could say, she SO much better, but cant. She may seem some better, but then again, the weather has been much warmer, so that makes a difference for her. I'm just having a hard time believing it's arthritis.. because I see other things that aren't right. She gets tired and winded too easy. .. an pants and seems like she's hot all the time. (like wanting to sleep on the tile floor). If that's the case now... a humid 100 degree day in July , isn't going to be good.
Cant wait to see the fam this weekend for Mothers Day! Looking forward to that.
Wes wont be able to be home until later in the day on Sunday, so we'll grill here that night with the boys.
Hope the weather is nice.
We had major wind here last night and lots of lightning. I finally just shut of the computer and went to bed. Molly is FREAKED about thunder so I'm glad it didn't continue all night. whew! Could have been a sleepless night for me.
Oh.. before I close... I wanted to be sure to mention that AccuCut is having giveaways all this week on there blog... so hop on over and check it out.
Talk with you tomorrow friends!
(Hi Kate!!) lol


Country Liv . . . said...

Hello Ms. Vicki. You never cease to rock my world . . . I've been working on a wall hanging for days now-can't seem to get it like I want. You pick up a piece and boom! it's done. Artistry just flows out of your fingers. I can tell you this: if I ever get a chance to visit Nebraska, you can bet your bottom dollar I will search in your closets, under your beds, and in your attic for those little designing elves! I don't see why they can't come east and help out and old gal.
I bet Molly's health is a big worry to you. I'm sorry you haven't gotten a definitive answer about her problems. You know what it reminds me of? When I was going through MegaPause! Do dogs have menopause? Tell her to stuff her bra with cold packs-it worked for me!
Off to post on my blog!

aimee said...

Gorgeous! Everytime I come here I'm so inspired. Now I want to go alter something. hehe.

rose said...

oh my oh my I just love this and know you choose it all especially to send me green at the gills with envy I just love the birda and botanical and this peace is so so beautiful and I so need to pick my chin up off the floor wonderful

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness gracious girl!! This is the neatest thing ever!! It is lovely. Just when you think, "I'm NOT going to buy ONE more thing" there it is, and it hops right into your cart. LOL. Love your mirror!Laurie

Emma's Paper Patch said...

i just love your window!! how clever...i just get so inspired by your work. thank you for sharing your gift. by the way, love your mirror.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Vicki!!

Deb S. said...

ok vic, that is soo cute! i mean seriously i can't stand it! you rawk my friend! i love that mirror by the way and it would be perfect over here at my house! ;)problem solved right?! :)

Sharon in NE said...

For $2.99 that would have been SO wrong not to buy that window box...and NOW look at its value. :D I loved to study each picture. Gorgeous!

Oh poor baby too hates the thunder. He goes into his carrier with the blanket over it, but he still has little tinkle accidents when there is a loud crash. I'm prepared and have washable bedding just for that reason.

bnovacek said...

hey vic! i've missed keeping up with you. it's so good to be home and into my little reading your blog! talk to you soon!

Precious Treasures said...

Hi Aunt Bic,

Just wanted to let you know I sent another box home with mom today for your Lutheran Family Services crop. We will start another box.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Love the projects you have been working on.


Jessica said...

Love, love, love it! Lately, it's seemed like you've been posting projects just for me! LOL! Thanks for the tip about the grapevine wreath. I didn't like the nests at Michaels, so this is perfect.

janel said...

Loving this creation!
So sorry that Molly is not improving. Such a difficult time..don't you just wish she could tell you?
Hope the sun shines on you, and the wind is somewhere else! Have a great day!

happiness blooms said...

Ok, so this creation TOTALLY took my breath away. Holy MOLY!
oh, and I love the way you say "I just added a little of this and that as I went". LOL! You oooooze talent!!!

Pam/Iris said...

OMW! What a beautiful windowbox Vicki and you did this in 1 day???

Love that mirror too!

Pattyjo said...



Cheryl said...

Amazing as usual. Did the vet give Molly some meds? That could be causing her to pant and such.
My dog has "arthur" and the meds he was given made him do the same thing. I took him off and started giving him the joint formula (for people) they have at Walmart or other drug stores, it has msm, glousamine in it and aspirin for the pain. He has been on this for two months and what a difference. I don't have to give him the aspirin anymore and he is running and playing. He had gotten so down we were afraid we would have to put him to sleep. There is also a dog formula called Flexicose that has the same stuff in it. A friend used that on his dog and made a world of difference.

stampqueen said...

What an adorable window box!!!!What do ya mean shouldna bought it - I say that every garage sale and thrift store I go to ....I have no room but it doesn't seem to stop me :) - I just need more time to craft!!!
'Hearts" to Molly!!

Tabitha W. said...

i thought of you today.... i went to the thrift store and saw a similar window box and thought what wonders vicki could do with that thing!