Monday, June 30, 2008

Glimmer Mist Project (Wooden chest)

First.. so I dont forget to tell you about it.... Check out the great Crafty Secrets giveaway over at
"I inspire me" We would LOVE to have you come over and play along! This blog has some rock'n stuff going on!
(great mention on Saturdays ScrapScene post) wtg Lana


Also ...if want a free download of some great sheet music... Here you go!


I'm always so impressed with how Glimmer Mist takes to wood. I love that it's SO easy compared to painting... esp because it's water based .. and just wipes up so easy.
This was a wooden chest I picked up at Micheal's the other day.
The colors I used on this project were
Bronze 021132
Olive Vine 02742
Spiced Pumpkin 02292

The silk flower was from a bunch I got a the dollar store and started "white".

You can see the Pattern from the Glimmer Screen here. I used a plain manilla folder to work from . Added the green first and then put my screen down and added the Bronze. I just used one screen , and moved it along as I went. Placing it randomly along the paper. I cut the manilla folder to the size I needed after it was dry and adhered it to the box,( after inking the edges.)
( I like using manilla folders for projects because not only are they super cheep,but they are long, when opened up, are a great "heavier" weight and are a great base color to start with when using Glimmer Mist) Just something I find works well.

You can see the flower better here. Those two leaves you see.. were already those colors with the glittery edges. (I just pulled them from some I had in my stash)
** The stitched look was just from using my tracing wheel along the edges. I works great on wood too.

The corner pieces and the key are from the Embossed -Regal set. This set includes 30 pieces... of flourishes, frames, keys, key holes, corners, fleur-de-leis ect... and they are all great. ( and self adhesive backed)
I fist sprayed them with "Olive Green" and then after they were dry I just lightly run my link pad over the decorative chipboard piece.. catching only the raised places. (they are embossed)
It's a great way to really show off the details of the design.

I did the same with this frame on the front. The Image inside is from the "Summertime" Image and Journal Book from Crafty Secrets.
Since your just spritzing the color on's just really easy to get into the corners inside things also.

Yesterday I had such a nice time with Jarad and Kate. They picked me up and we went to Old Settlers Days in North Bend and then....

eeeeek... a little surprise off roading in the jeep . (photo below) It was SOOO fun! I had a great time .. and it was a GORGEOUS day! Sunny and nice and cool! The country air smelled fantastic. It was just such a good time. I really enjoyed myself. ( I told Dan... he really missed out..when he was too busy mowing) lol

Thanks guys... for such a fun afternoon!

I also have to share this RAK I won on my friend Ali's blog. Woo Hoo.. it came in the mail.. and what a great bunch of ribbons!and trims!! And I mean... "a bunch". There was just a ton of goodies in there! I will put them to good use. THANKS ALI!

It's another sunny but nice and cool day here .. so I have the windows wide open and I'm taking it all in. I was so sick of the house being closed up over that LONG LONG winter.. I havent turned the central air on one time yet! It feels great to have the house open!
Hope you all enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

This weekend was Old Settlers Days here. Just wanted to share some photos of the day.

Not much to share as for as "papercrafting" today... except that I did get my window frame hung. Other than that, this was the weekend we planned to finish up pulling in the edging , rock, plants ect.

What a mess in the yard. lol We didn't come in from outside until 8:30 last night. It was a perfect day for working outside though. Really nice and cool. I love working in my flowers (esp if I'm not freaked about snakes). Oh... yeah... we got "snake away"'s hoping it works! eeek.
It was alot of work..but we put down the mess stuff that's suppose to let water through..but hold back weeds.
I did really enjoy being outside and digging in the dirt. It was hard work..but felt good.
Those bags of rocks aren't light. lol

This was the best part... I love these pop down speakers in my car. Just opened the back.. and had great music to work by! Woo hoo!

At the old house.. I had all my plants just were I wanted them. We lived there 20 years .. so I had time add each year. Dans Grandma was an amazing flower gardening and shared starts of about everything she had. It was sad to leave those behind. Here .. because it was a new build..there was nothing! I mean nothing!

We've lived here 8 years now... and I'm still trying to get things filled in. Isn't that terrible. I just cant believe it's been that long already. Doesn't seem like it at all.

Seems like there are always so many other things needing to be done.. it's hard to find the time. Even yesterday, although I loved working on this... I was thinking about the "work" that I should be doing. CHA is just around the corner.. so this is a busy time .
That will be the mission today!

All the lilies are now starting to bloom , out under the trees. They're are hundreds of them.. and they are so pretty .. growing way back in there. (I'm not going there though..because there's also Poison Ivy) .. learned that lesson the hard way.

Thank you all for your nice comments yesterday. I found out later in the day, that Bill ( Jills husband) will recover from the motorcycle accident. Broken bones.. but will recover.

Hope you all enjoy your day. Tomorrow I'll share the new Glimmer Mist project I finished up on Friday.
Go play! lol

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty bottles just for fun

It's been a pretty rough past 24 hours with the storms and all..but I'm determined to start this post with something , pretty ... so I'm sharing my new obsession. ( yes.. another) I have always loved glass containers (esp vintage ones).. jars, bottles ect... so I started dressing them up with goodies like this and hanging tags stamped with my favorite images from them.
This one got filled with pink bath salts.

I have so many ribbons, lace , flowers and embellishments I really love , I thought .. this way I can show them off. (Now that all my friends and women relatives know what they'll be getting for birthdays);lol
The stamps that look so great on these are Crafty Secrets French Mail ,Cherub, Fairies and Bird Notes... well... now that I look , lots of the others too! lol You can check them all out HERE


We had one nasty storm in this area last night. It came fast and only lasted a short while..but it was intense! We were lucky... only a branches down here..but we kept power. Mom lost a couple of plants and some branches also, but she's okay, and no damage to her house.
Woodcliff, Elkhorn and Omaha got hit hard... lots of damage. 67,000 are without electricity and will be for up to a week. Two people lost their lives when a large tree crushed the car they were in . So sad. The damage has been extensive.. so it's amazing more lives weren't lost. I talked to Neely twice last night.. checking on her.. (she lives in Omaha). She was shook up ..but okay. No electricity for her .. so she's staying with a friend. It's been hard to get through on the phone and the circuits have all been busy.
You can see more about the storm HERE.

These two photos are from our front door. It was just raining harder than I think I've ever seen it rain.. and the wind... terrible!!! I told Dan... "I think this is a tornado"... I was seriously getting worried.

This is how hard the wind and rain were hitting the back deck doors.
I just can get over how fast it hit.. there was no time to even bring anything in. I had the house windows open , suddenly the wind just came up instantly and the doors in the house started slamming shut. The dogs were freaking to say the least. Before I could get the windows in my studio shut.. the wind had blown all the silk flowers I had to vase in my room clear into our bedroom. It was crazy!
When I talked to my friend Julie this morning , who lives out at Woodcliff (lake), she said the State Patrol was blocking the entrance , only letting people who live out there in. Lots of damage out their. They have no electricity .. their house is okay..but lost everything outside.. like patio set ect... So glad they are all safe!
What's up with these crazy storms? I've never seen it this bad. Enough already!

Like I said.. a rough 24 hours. I woke this morning to a call that someone I've known for years was killed in a motorcycle accident. ( you know how this motorcycle thing has been on my mind so much lately with both my boys just getting them). I'm just sick. A mother of three.. close to my age. Her and her husband were on the hyway headed for KC when the back tire blew out.
I dont know yet how severe Bill's injuries are.
Please pray for Bill and for his and Jills family.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit brighter day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Taylored Expressions Cupcake Challenge 22

Again this week Miss Taylor provided us a fun sketch. Here's my card.. inspired my her stetch.

All Fancy Pants Papers, Ribbon and Rubons. Celebrate line.

I loved this little "awning" idea Taylor uses. ( I snagged it.. thanks Taylor) lol

and Taylors Sketch for the week

Be sure to check out the other girls blogs , to see the beautiful cards they came up with using this sketch.

and this weeks cupcake sampler

Hope you play along!
***and speeking of challenges.. be sure to check out the new things that have been added at "I inspire me" . Hope you feel inspired to play along. I'm having a blast with it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Valentine Cards using Crafty Secrets "Clear Art Stamps"

Yes... more Valentine cards. lol
( see, no excuse for not getting some done for yourself.. I'm giving you a 8 month jump on it) lol

Thought I'd share these ..they are all done with Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps

This stamp is from the "Cherish" set.

This one the "French Mail" set
Although I love to stamp.... I dont do all the "detail" coloring ..but these stamps are beautiful just stamped in black. The detail is amazing!

and this the "Cherub Set".

I just stamped the cherub image twice , cut out the wings from one set.. and added fine iridescent glitter before attaching them over the top of the wings on the main stamped image.

this is from the "Flourish" set
One flourish.. I just flipped it one way, then the other.

and one more from the "French Mail".

There are so many images on each set that make it so easy for you to build with.



For those of you who were asking about directions to make the Stick Fairies... I have a tutorial posted on the Fancy Pants Blog. HERE


Dawn sent a few more wedding photos from the weekend , so I'm sharing a couple. You can click on them to view them larger.

She was a beautiful bride.

The bride and the two other blondes are my sister Sharons Grandaughters.


Also wanted to share this photo of the Tilly's that is in the July issue of "Spin" Magazine

AND.... I now have the NEW Tilly CD... and it's FANTASTIC! The first song on the CD is one Neely sings.. and it's beautiful... I put it in the CD player in my car the minute I got it. Listening to her sing.. literally brought tears to my eyes. ***

On top of all the other fun Tilly news.. I am SO excited because ... Sandy... my dear friend ( and owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage) , her husband and family are going to Vancouver BC on the 4th of July to see "Tilly and the Wall" perform!!! How cool is that. Neely has Sandy's cell number so they can connect and meet after the show.

*( my niece Neely.. is the one holding the guitar)


And just because she is so darn cute... here's miss molly. lol


The summer just get's more exciting as it goes.. I've been so excited about Cat coming for a visit in Aug... and now today I got news that my friend Marianne is coming in July. We lived in the same neighborhood from 1st grade on and then were room mates just out of high school. Her and I have always shared the same weird sense of humor... we "get each other". lol I can not wait to see her!
( hmmm... I'll have to see if I can dig up an old photo of us..from "back in the day" to share ).

Have a great day everyone!

ps. if you want to see more photos from Becky's party .. check out her blog here.

"I inspire Me" blog post today

I just have to tell you I am so excited about the new " I inspire Me" blog that Lana started up. I look so forward to seeing what the girls draw their inspiration from , with each post. If you haven't checked it out yet.. you have to see today's post! Wow! I love the idea of this
You can check it out here I inspire Me blog.
This is my inspiration for time. I was inspired by this old fan in my mud/laundry room. I took inspiration from the round shape and the open areas in it.. letting the color of the wall behind to show through.

So I used a round PageFrame for my layout base.. and a transparent overlay.

I cut the pieces of green paper to fit the paisley shapes , and added them behind. I added the flower ..inspired by the pitcher of flowers in the photo.. and the metal buckle drawn from the idea of "bond".
This photo was from Mothers Day.. it's Mom, Jan, Neely and I.

I have been having so much fun with this inspiration blog! Thanks Lana for pulling it all together and for inviting me to be a part of things.
also... want to wish my sweet friend Catherine a Happy Birthday today!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT! (party like a rock star girl!)lol
and a belated Birthday to my dear friend Janel!!! It was great talking with you today friend!

Now.... go conquer the day girls!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Party and photos to share

Even the rainy weather could stop the fun garden party at Becky's house today. It was so nice! Everything was beautiful, the food was delish..and every little detail worked to a T. So many nice people... it was just a really nice time.

Like I said.. the food was amazing.. and presentation... gorgeous.
Becky and I

and Miss Gabby. I'm so sad because I took lots more photos but my settings were wrong so they turned out blurry.

I have to tell you , there is just something about Becky's house that just makes you want to "sit and take it all in". Her eye for color, love of all things vintage ( and fun).. mixed with her "artsy" touches... and her beautiful photography displayed here and there.. just pulls you in.

It was great to spend time with my sis today also.. esp since it was her birthday!


The plan was that Jan and I were going to go over to moms after leaving Becky's party, and I was going to go pick up Griff and keep him until Nathanial's game tonight, that we were all planning on going to. Well... Poor Griff has just been having a terrible time with his ears... and then today started complaining about his throat. Kiley called and said she was taking him to the doctor.. so plans changed. Griff and I will play another day.
Kiley called after leaving the doc.. and said , he has strep!
They just drove by to say hi, on they're way home... just a quick "hello" at the jeep window..because the poor little guy was really feeling rough.
Just looking at this picture makes me feel so bad for him. FEEL BETTER LITTLE BUDDY!

Nathanials game was canceled early in the afternoon because of the rain..but they decided to come for a visit anyway. ( unpredictable Nebraska weather.. as you can see... the sun was shining by the time they got there..but to late to change plans then). We loved getting to see them anyway.. game or not.
Jarad stopped by mom's for a minute. Nathanial was checking out Jarads new wheels.

As if "ONE" of my boys riding a motorcycle isn't enough to worry me.....

the other one just bought one. You would just have to know Wes... if you did , you would totally figure him to by this Vintage 1973 Honda 350 Scambler. lol OH.. why must they make me worry so? grrrr

Since I'm sharing photos .. just had to toss in this one Wes sent me from his fishing expedition with friends. Crazy kids. lol

Tomorrow is the next post on the inspiration blog "I inspire me"... and I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. Check back.. I'll be talking more about it tomorrow and posting my take on the inspiration challenge too.

Until tomorrow!