Monday, June 09, 2008

Crafty Secrets Halloween images/ NEW Tattered Angels

I LOVE Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Halloween images... Love them! They are the very first thing that drew me to Crafty Secrets, before I ever knew anything about them. Of course they have come out with others since then.. but I still love them all. In the beginning they had stickers, and cuts. Now they have them in "Cotton Scraps" also. And..........there is a little something in the works be released for CHA. I got a little "look-see" at the new things to come..and they are SO fantastic.. I cant wait to have them in my hands. (just a little tease for now) lol arent I terrible?
These first two images are done with the Cotton Scraps, and papers from the Radiant paper Pad.

These are a couple of cards I did with some of the Halloween images on cotton, last year. ( the set below also has Halloween Stickers)
These projects where ones I did the day before I left for the TX show.

These projects are all done with the "Halloween Cuts", and papers from the Radiant Paper Pad.

Nothing like a few Halloween Projects in June. lol I'm sure when the blog post came up today, you were thinking ... WHAT? lol Never too soon to get a start on it. lol


***** New Tattered Angels ******
When I got home from TX, I had a box of new Tattered Angels Product ..just sitting on the counter, waiting for me to tear open and drool over. woo hoo
These are Great colors for winter projects:
Twilight (60550)
Auburn (60500)
Sage (60530)
Simply Khaki (60540)
Cinnamon (60510)
Huckleberry (60520)

The new TA blog will be up soon and you will be able to see all the new projects the DT has been working on. It's going to be great.
These are some of the new Glimmer Screen designs.

I'll share some things soon as I get a little more time to play. I'm still trying to catch up around here , after being gone. I'm ready to be done with laundry and groceries I can create!! There is nothing worse than having new product sitting there calling your name.. ..and you have do the "not fun" stuff like ...laundry and cleaning first. ick!

Here are some photos I took at the "Tattered Angels" booth in TX at the show.
These are examples using some of the new screens.

These darling canvas was made by Denise Thomas ... one of the talented DT members.

Here's a little peek at the new GLIMMER GLASS. They are really cool transparent images.

Every time I turn around these companies are coming out with another amazing product.

Well I hope to get some sleep tonight..since we aren't "supposed" to have storms. We had bad storms here about every night while I was gone. Lots of rain, wind , lightening and thunder. ( all the things that totally FREAK Molly out). I guess she was loosing it while I was gone..and all these storms where happening. Sounds like there may be more storms this week, so for tonight, I going to try to get some sleep. It looked really story earlier, and the wind really whipped up. The doors started slamming , before I could get all the windows shut. Molly just now removed herself from being glued to the side of my leg! What a baby!
Aly could care less. lol
I have a fun new project I've been patiently waiting to tell you about ... maybe tomorrow?
Enjoy your day!


Charmingdesigns said...

oh no!! MORE Glimmer still my heart! I love that screen that you're showing, I'll have to check that out...cant wait to see what you do with it. Laurie

Angelnorth said...

You're right - I was thinking "Halloween?!" The projects looks great though - love those cubes! Those glimmer masks look lovely too, look forward to seeing some projects with those.

KimmyS said...

*faints* oh my....I didn't know CS do cotton scraps - they look divine!

And those new TA releases - I am loving me some of those see through shapes!

Fingers crossed that the storms pass you guys by

Deb S. said...

Ahh halloween stuff in june yes! ;) i do love those crafty secrets halloween images so cute. all the stuff you did with them is amazing!

stampqueen said...

Lots of yummy stuff - love the glimmer mist screens!!! Cute Halloween stuff. Hope the storms miss ya - my DS lives near Ceresco and they will have to reshingle the house but not too much damage.
Take Care

Shawn said...

Those are really cute and the halloween stuff is fun! I think that is my fav holiday! Poor Annie doesn't like storms either. We try to turn on the fans and turn up the tv to drown out the storm noise!

janel said...

Glad you are home safe and sound! The new glimmer glass looks so fun. And, what fun photos you shared. Hope Molly has a better day today, and I sure thought about all the Neb. girls last week during the stormy days.

rose said...

oh more yummy T/A,just gotten my screens but had no chance to play and the new ones look fab. Love all the hallowen projects. oh wonder what you are going to create have the "chores" are done!
YOu have nerves of steel I would just so have to have at least a little play!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just one word for your entire post- NICE!!!

Angie said...

I love halloween projects anytime! New glimer mist? AWESOME!

harrahx2 said...

You are a total tease! I got my first glimmer mist and haven't tried it yet.

Her Vintage Stage said...

I grabbed some screens but haven't tried yet. Love the Halloween stuff.

Jessica said...

I love all your CS cards! The Halloween blocks are super cute, too. They look like a fun project. I can't wait to see the new CS products!

Chris said...

OMG I love the new GLimmer MIst!!!!! I need it now!!!!! :D

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh my word what fun fun fun!!!!

Ali said...

What gorgeous products!! WOW! Made me drool too, LOL!

And your garden is going to be BEAUTIFUL-- those flowers you posted in the trunk of the car, LOL!...

BTW, Molly's twin here (Lucie-Honey) hates thunderstorms as well. She is totally attached to me at all times anyway, never lets me out of her sight. Is Molly like that w/ u? Lucie is "my" girl. Kinda funny! She chose ME, LOL.

Thanks for checking out my Button Cluster article today, too! :o)

cindy said...

We were so honored to be asked our opinion on the new Halloween goodies. I LOVED em, and like you they weree the first things to draw me into Crafty Secrets. Can harly wait for them to come out.