Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Party and photos to share

Even the rainy weather could stop the fun garden party at Becky's house today. It was so nice! Everything was beautiful, the food was delish..and every little detail worked to a T. So many nice people... it was just a really nice time.

Like I said.. the food was amazing.. and presentation... gorgeous.
Becky and I

and Miss Gabby. I'm so sad because I took lots more photos but my settings were wrong so they turned out blurry.

I have to tell you , there is just something about Becky's house that just makes you want to "sit and take it all in". Her eye for color, love of all things vintage ( and fun).. mixed with her "artsy" touches... and her beautiful photography displayed here and there.. just pulls you in.

It was great to spend time with my sis today also.. esp since it was her birthday!


The plan was that Jan and I were going to go over to moms after leaving Becky's party, and I was going to go pick up Griff and keep him until Nathanial's game tonight, that we were all planning on going to. Well... Poor Griff has just been having a terrible time with his ears... and then today started complaining about his throat. Kiley called and said she was taking him to the doctor.. so plans changed. Griff and I will play another day.
Kiley called after leaving the doc.. and said , he has strep!
They just drove by to say hi, on they're way home... just a quick "hello" at the jeep window..because the poor little guy was really feeling rough.
Just looking at this picture makes me feel so bad for him. FEEL BETTER LITTLE BUDDY!

Nathanials game was canceled early in the afternoon because of the rain..but they decided to come for a visit anyway. ( unpredictable Nebraska weather.. as you can see... the sun was shining by the time they got there..but to late to change plans then). We loved getting to see them anyway.. game or not.
Jarad stopped by mom's for a minute. Nathanial was checking out Jarads new wheels.

As if "ONE" of my boys riding a motorcycle isn't enough to worry me.....

the other one just bought one. You would just have to know Wes... if you did , you would totally figure him to by this Vintage 1973 Honda 350 Scambler. lol OH.. why must they make me worry so? grrrr

Since I'm sharing photos .. just had to toss in this one Wes sent me from his fishing expedition with friends. Crazy kids. lol

Tomorrow is the next post on the inspiration blog "I inspire me"... and I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. Check back.. I'll be talking more about it tomorrow and posting my take on the inspiration challenge too.

Until tomorrow!


Sharon in NE said...

The garden party looked wonderful (sans the garden). Loved looking at the pics of Becky's home. Griffin did not look like a happy camper. Hope he's feeling better soon. Ugh...motorcycles! Darn kids! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, the garden party looked scrumptous! Becky's home looks so pretty! Poor Griff looked pretty unhappy...here's hoping he's better soon.

Sugar Bear said...

That garden party looks fabulous! Wonderful friends, food, and decor. Poor little Griff - he definitely does not look happy. I'm with you on the motorcycles!

Jeanie said...

This table is so very beautiful! What treats and Becky's home is lovely! Get well, Griff.

MJ said...

Those photos of Nathaniel would be a great scrapbook layout! Watch out, Vicki! Vrooom, vrooom... (I too am horribly paranoid about motorcycles).

bnovacek said...

i was soooo happy that you were here tuesday! :)