Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Neely!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
we hope you have a fantastic day! We love you!

Not only is today Neelys Birthday, but today Christine and Justin get married! We wish we could have come to Florida to celebrate with you all. We can't wait to see the photos and video. Hope it's been a wonderful day!!! Congratulations!

I just had some things I wanted to share... no particular rhyme or reason to it.

These are some things I found (for my kitchen) on Friday.

I'm on this red and yellow kick , for my kitchen. Maybe just a summer thing..but I like it for now.

Today when I was out to Gabby and Tracy's ... not only did I get to see Gabby and sweet little Wyatt..but the neighbors potbelly pig... "Ponch".

Cracks me up... he just wanders around being social! They live out near the river , with other houses near them... "Ponche's" owner , being one of them. ... So he just kind of meanders around as he pleases.

Gabby was feeding him lettuce. I just could not believe how much it acted like a dog. Very social. When you talk to him, his tail swishes around wildly. He grunts instead of barking..(but it's little tiny grunts.) lol

Gabby says when she takes Wyatt for a talk..pulling him in his wagon.. Ponch just walks down the road with them and back again.

I wonder how big he'll get? Right now, he's smaller than either of our dogs. Cute little guy.

geeezzzzzzzzzzzz... and I'm worried about a double chin. lol

I cant really even call Wyatt, "Baby Wyatt" anymore. She's over a year old already. What a sweet sweet little guy he is. He's just growing up sooooo fast.

They have a great place by the river with lots of nature all around.

The is the Platte River. I was surprised how the water has gone down so much. Our cabin is on the Elkhorn and it is still pretty high.

I just had to show you these photos of the clouds I saw yesterday when I came out of Sams Club with my friend Chris. Seriously..they were HUGE! We both were a little freaked at first. There were weather warnings ,..but nothing major came of it. (this time). I decided to head for home..instead of doing any more shopping. The sky looked really ominous all around me , all the way home. I think we are all getting a little nervous with all the storms we've had in the midwest this spring.

As I pulled into the garage...I was just happy to get me and my little car.. safe and sound .

Hey.. before I close... check out the photos in Elsie's post about the Tilly's new CD.



Shawn said...

Happy Bday to Neely! I can't wait for their Sesame Street appearance! Love the clouds but so glad you didn't get hit with more storms. Have a good weekend :)

Sharon in NE said...

Ah...its all good...Elsie's comments about Tilly's CD, Wyatt, the cute kitschy finds for your kitchen, but Ponch, um...well, I'm not sure about that yet. ;)

Beth Leintz said...

I think I would be scared if I ran into Ponch in my backyard- a social pig- who would have thought?

janel said...

What gorgeous photos. Love that dandelion fluff photo....and oh my...that pig, what a riot. He doesn't look like something I would want to cuddle with, but i am trusting you if you say he is "social"!
Have a wonderful Sunday, and stay away from those clouds.

Michelle said...

It looks like a fun day! I love the vintage red kitchen stuff!!

Wow! Those clouds do look big!!

Her Vintage Stage said...

Visiting you blog always gets me in that country mood. Picnics,rivers,smell of sweet grass. Thanks, love the pig! Sandy

Precious Treasures said...

That is SOME pig! :)