Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not much to share as for as "papercrafting" today... except that I did get my window frame hung. Other than that, this was the weekend we planned to finish up pulling in the edging , rock, plants ect.

What a mess in the yard. lol We didn't come in from outside until 8:30 last night. It was a perfect day for working outside though. Really nice and cool. I love working in my flowers (esp if I'm not freaked about snakes). Oh... yeah... we got "snake away"'s hoping it works! eeek.
It was alot of work..but we put down the mess stuff that's suppose to let water through..but hold back weeds.
I did really enjoy being outside and digging in the dirt. It was hard work..but felt good.
Those bags of rocks aren't light. lol

This was the best part... I love these pop down speakers in my car. Just opened the back.. and had great music to work by! Woo hoo!

At the old house.. I had all my plants just were I wanted them. We lived there 20 years .. so I had time add each year. Dans Grandma was an amazing flower gardening and shared starts of about everything she had. It was sad to leave those behind. Here .. because it was a new build..there was nothing! I mean nothing!

We've lived here 8 years now... and I'm still trying to get things filled in. Isn't that terrible. I just cant believe it's been that long already. Doesn't seem like it at all.

Seems like there are always so many other things needing to be done.. it's hard to find the time. Even yesterday, although I loved working on this... I was thinking about the "work" that I should be doing. CHA is just around the corner.. so this is a busy time .
That will be the mission today!

All the lilies are now starting to bloom , out under the trees. They're are hundreds of them.. and they are so pretty .. growing way back in there. (I'm not going there though..because there's also Poison Ivy) .. learned that lesson the hard way.

Thank you all for your nice comments yesterday. I found out later in the day, that Bill ( Jills husband) will recover from the motorcycle accident. Broken bones.. but will recover.

Hope you all enjoy your day. Tomorrow I'll share the new Glimmer Mist project I finished up on Friday.
Go play! lol


Anonymous said...

Your house looks lovely! I love that porch and your flowers are coming along well. Can't wait to see what your Glimmer Mist project is!

Sharon in NE said...

I think how nice it would be to have someone come in and just design and complete the entire landscaping, but then again, its like my home, it will be a never ending project for us, but that's okay. We're fine with that. We just keep adding to it. Watching to see how the plant does and make adjustments accordingly. (Okay, if I won a millon bucks, I'd hire the landscaping designing team. ;) but I'll be content in this never ending project...)
btw, I'm jealous of your porch!

Lana said...

ooo I love visiting with "Mercy" playing!! it's part of my workout soundtrack - has that empowered woman energy to it! LOL :) great post Vic!

Shawn said...

This weather seems really bad this year! So glad you all were safe.

MJ said...

Glad to hear your friend will recover!

Good luck filling in your flower beds! Seems like an annual task here too! (In fact, I whined about it in my most recent post!!)

Gail S. said...

Our Nebraska storms can be so fierce can't they? Kearney and Omaha have been hit so hard this year. I get soooo scared when the storms come up and then after the storm the clouds part and the sun shines thru and it is the most beautiful sight in the world. Sorry to hear about your friends accident. Your friend and their families are in my prayers.

janel said...

Oh I almost reached through the screen to grab a taste of that funnel cake...yummy-ness! What great photos, and plenty of blue sky. So much to look at. The kids looked like they were having fun too...Thanks for sharing the photos!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

Love how all the flowers are blooming! I love your yard, Vickie! I feel like I've been there with all the pictures I;ve seen. Beautiful!