Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty bottles just for fun

It's been a pretty rough past 24 hours with the storms and all..but I'm determined to start this post with something , pretty ... so I'm sharing my new obsession. ( yes.. another) I have always loved glass containers (esp vintage ones).. jars, bottles ect... so I started dressing them up with goodies like this and hanging tags stamped with my favorite images from them.
This one got filled with pink bath salts.

I have so many ribbons, lace , flowers and embellishments I really love , I thought .. this way I can show them off. (Now that all my friends and women relatives know what they'll be getting for birthdays);lol
The stamps that look so great on these are Crafty Secrets French Mail ,Cherub, Fairies and Bird Notes... well... now that I look , lots of the others too! lol You can check them all out HERE


We had one nasty storm in this area last night. It came fast and only lasted a short while..but it was intense! We were lucky... only a branches down here..but we kept power. Mom lost a couple of plants and some branches also, but she's okay, and no damage to her house.
Woodcliff, Elkhorn and Omaha got hit hard... lots of damage. 67,000 are without electricity and will be for up to a week. Two people lost their lives when a large tree crushed the car they were in . So sad. The damage has been extensive.. so it's amazing more lives weren't lost. I talked to Neely twice last night.. checking on her.. (she lives in Omaha). She was shook up ..but okay. No electricity for her .. so she's staying with a friend. It's been hard to get through on the phone and the circuits have all been busy.
You can see more about the storm HERE.

These two photos are from our front door. It was just raining harder than I think I've ever seen it rain.. and the wind... terrible!!! I told Dan... "I think this is a tornado"... I was seriously getting worried.

This is how hard the wind and rain were hitting the back deck doors.
I just can get over how fast it hit.. there was no time to even bring anything in. I had the house windows open , suddenly the wind just came up instantly and the doors in the house started slamming shut. The dogs were freaking to say the least. Before I could get the windows in my studio shut.. the wind had blown all the silk flowers I had to vase in my room clear into our bedroom. It was crazy!
When I talked to my friend Julie this morning , who lives out at Woodcliff (lake), she said the State Patrol was blocking the entrance , only letting people who live out there in. Lots of damage out their. They have no electricity .. their house is okay..but lost everything outside.. like patio set ect... So glad they are all safe!
What's up with these crazy storms? I've never seen it this bad. Enough already!

Like I said.. a rough 24 hours. I woke this morning to a call that someone I've known for years was killed in a motorcycle accident. ( you know how this motorcycle thing has been on my mind so much lately with both my boys just getting them). I'm just sick. A mother of three.. close to my age. Her and her husband were on the hyway headed for KC when the back tire blew out.
I dont know yet how severe Bill's injuries are.
Please pray for Bill and for his and Jills family.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit brighter day.


happiness blooms said...

Vic, the bottle is adorable! I keep thinking about how good a big tub full of pink bath salts would feel right now.
I am so sad for those effected by such horrible weather. We lost power for ONE DAY a few weeks ago and it was so hard! I can't imagine a week without power!
I will most definetly hold your friends in my prayers! So sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and your family are safe! This has been a change season for storms! I love your bottles! They are adorable. I've recently started collecting shaker bottles for storing glitter in. Got the idea from Pam Hooten and I really liked it.

Michelle said...

Crazy weather this year! Sorry about all the accidents! With the gas prices so high alot of people are getting motorcycles... Does your state require safety course to drive one?

Rainy said...

Glad you are all okay fromt he storm. We just had one come up this evening not as bad as y'alls, but my Buddy is shivering like at leaf at my feet. I have an Aunt and cousins in Omaha, I'll have to make a call to make sure all is well. You are just too creative for words. Have a great Sunday.

rose said...

love the bottles,so addicting
So glad you are all safe and prayers for those whom are not
I sure hate motorcyles they are bad

janel said...

Sending big hugs, and prayers for your friends in the accident. This has really been a strange spring/summer for weather. Stay safe. Thinking of you. Hope your Sunday is a "sun-day".

Sharon in NE said...

My daughter Kelsey and I were shopping at Westroads (Omaha) getting ready to leave when that storm hit Friday afternoon. The sky went black and all we could see was debris and broken tree limbs flying past the windows horizontally. I thought for sure it was a tornado. They made us go in a tunnel under the mall. a shopping mall and can't shop...such torture.

Ali said...

Vicki, What pretty, lady-like & stunning bottles- a GREAT gift idea!

I am so glad that you, your family (and your Mom of course!) are all safe and also still have your power. Damage and loss of power can be so hard, especially for oue seniors and little ones. Whew. So many storms of late- What's UP with that?? Hrrible. I'll keep all those affected in my prayers. And, I am VERY sorry for the loss of your friend. My heart goes out to you and to her family. I hope her spouse was not severely injured. We have many friends w/ motorcycles, too. HUGE safety/certification course req'd here...hope it helps. Biggest warm and caring ((HUGZ)) from Nova Scotia...~A

Snuppeline said...

I am so sad to hear so sad news about people near you. I will keep them in my prayers. I am glad to hear that you and your family are ok.

The bottle you have decorated is really beautiful and romantic. What a great idea!

MJ said...

Yikes. American storms can be so deadly. Glad to hear that your family survived them just a little shaken.

(The photo of the chairs in the storm is beautiful).

Anonymous said...

Dear Vicki,

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I enjoy your blog with your fabulous artwork. I too stamp and scrap and ect. Thank you for putting all the effort it takes to post so often. I also love your photography.

A scripture I found so helpful in my losses and grief is "John 16, verses 20, 21 and 22. I will be praying for you and the family.


Diane D. (Surprise, AZ)