Monday, June 16, 2008

ScrapMuse Kit for June

Another B*E*A*U*T*F*U*L day here today! I know this is the HOT days are just around the corner..but I'm enjoying this nice cool summer days while we have them. Perfect weather ..just perfect. Windows are open.. nice cool breeze..and the sun is shining! Although I have things I need to be working on today.. it's just way laid back around here.. and I'm needing that!
I went in to town to mail some things at the post office.. and as I was on my way there, I was thinking about how much I love living here. When I was a teenager I used to's so boring here.. I'm moving away from here when I'm out on my own. Oh how time changes the way we see things sometimes. Now I do believe "Nebraska..the good life" , as we say. lol
I used to like living in Fremont town..but now that we live out here... I really love it! Not really being "in" town..but close enough when we need it.
*** The "girls" ( hmm.. I think they're girls?) down the road( photo below) seemed to be enjoying the nice day also. Like I said... a pretty laid back atmosphere. lol
I have to say.. last night I was looking over some of my past posts..and thinking "I" better slow down a bit... EVEN with spell check... I had way more than my limit of mistakes!!! lol
Odetermined by or dependent on chance; aimless.
Yup..that's me! h well, you guys should be used to it by now! lol It' just part of who I am..." full speed ahead and a little haphazzard."
*** I just looked up the definition of "haphazzard"
characterized by lack of order or planning, by irregularity, or by randomness;
You can always watch the corn grow. lol.. this is the field just to the West of our house.
All the way into town the ditch on both sides is filled with wild daisies. (and probably snakes too..that's why I took this from my car window). eeek


Over the next few days, I'm sharing some of the layouts I did with the June ScrapMuse kit. I was filling in over there this month..and it's been great. I gorgeous kit to work with and "old home week" with the girls.

You can see everything in the months kit HERE

and be sure to check out the amazing work in the gallery HERE

When I pulled the papers out of the box and saw the colors.. I remembered the sweet little outfit Amy had on Addison at Easter. I knew the colors would be perfect.
Is that little girl a doll or what? She wasn't even feeling well that day.. and still Smiley as ever!

This kit has lots of great embellishments.

That is one thing I've really missed about doing a kit each month ..getting a chance to try out different embellishments..that I may not have even thought of purchasing for one reason or another. I've been pleasantly surprised so many time. That and the fact that it it really helps me think out of the box and use things in different ways. (since I'm usually trying hard to use "only" whats in the box). I've always felt like working with kits has helped me be a better scrapper in many ways. Like I've said before..just ask my friends... I'm always the one that wants to use something "other than" what I'm supposed to. lol
**I guess I just don't follow rules very well sometimes.


This simple clipboard was just done with leftover strips of the papers. They are so pretty all on their own. I put magnets on the back , so it can be used on the fridg.

Oh... by the way... I added some new you don't have to keep listening to the same old stuff. lol Hope you "likey"!


janel said...

What a treat to read your blog and I hope you know that we love you "just the way you are" Mr. Rogers always said. You have the key to happy in the "now"! That is why I LOVE reading your blog. It is my daily vitamin.
Mom always said that the corn should be "knee high by the 4th of July", and it looks to me like it already is...hopefully, a bumper crop.
Thanks for my daily dose of positive and midwestern goodness!

Mimi Hornberger said...

Fabulous card and page, as always. Love the photos too! I love your work. TFS! XO, Mimi

Heidi Blankenship said...

Love the pictures of the country! We went to my uncles this past weekend and I seen wild roses growing all over in the ditches. Great picture of the cows too-LOL! Love your LO and what a little cutie!! Very clever idea for the clipboard, great use for the scraps!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh I liked what Janel said...its so true, you give out a great hefty dose of positive. The midwestern goodness?...well, I'm smart enough to stay right here to get that all the time. :D
hugs from me too!

Shawn said...

Nebraska is the good life, I do miss home at times. :( What a cute kit and cute little girl!

Anonymous said...

The kit looks fab! Your pape is adorable...of course, it helps that you are scrapping a total little sweetie! The clipboard is cute with all your leftover strips of paper! Great job!!!

Michelle said...

Such pretty girly colors! You did a great job creating this

Tabitha W. said...

we've been under a heat wave here in the south until today. it's actually so nice i've opened the windows back up and the smell of my gardenias is intoxicating!

i just want to add that i am also a fan of your blog for the same reasons as others. you take such delight in the everyday things and often in today's time that gets lost. thank you for sharing with your adoring fans :)

rose said...

oh we could not have you any other way lol!! Love what you did with the kit. I love kits because you get to play with things you would not us or buy ,so you have to stretch the mind,and you did it beautifully