Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuff to share

Kind of a random post again today. I've been working on little projects here and there,...(and working in the yard.) I added some paper that I love to this window .. and yesterday we picked up some hooks .. so it could be suspended in front of the window in my studio. (sounds weird? I know.. but I have a mission. Hoping it will turn out that way I envision it.

I also picked up this chair over the weekend for a whopping $6! Not sure exactly what I plan to do with it yet.. ( other than use it for an extra chair in my studio)..but I gave it a fresh coat of white paint, ( because it was a icky light grey) and I think I'll make a cushion out of vintage hankies. ( just have one laying there for now.. as I ponder.) lol

You know I LOVE birds.. always have. ( like I always say.. before they were "in")ha! I found this a while back ,and just loved it..but it needed a good soak in Oxy clean. Much better now.
Sweet little runner, perfect for my dresser in here.

I also LOVE embroidery. I love doing it ..but just haven't had the time lately. The Other day when I was over at moms, while the cable guy was doing the installation.. I looked through photos with mom again. I have looked through them so many times..but still love doing it.. and good thing I did, because I found things I had miss before.

One other thing we looked through was moms old embroidery patterns. And... look what I found!
birds!.. and cute ones at that. Arent they sweet?

Sweet chubby birds are the best!

I was thrilled to find these photos I hadn't seen before.
This one is Grandma Bendig, My Uncle Al , and then my mom and Aunt viv on the right.

And this photo of the guys. Not sure who all of them are, but Grandpa B standing on the far left.
Uncle Jake kneeling on the far left. Dad in the middle with the lighter colored jacket , and I think it's Uncle Al on the far right ..( standing).
If any of my family is checking this out , and know who any of the others are .. let me know , okay? You can click on it to see it larger.

Below.... my Grandma Bendig
Since I'm on a roll with family photos...
I was thrilled to get a few sneak peek photos of the wedding (in Florida) over the weekend.
We thought about you guys, all day.. hoping thing went well, and that the weather cooperated.
This is my sister Sharon's family. Sharon and Howard must have been in awe to see their granddaughters all grown up. (Dawn and Gary's girls) Christine (bride). Kathy next to her to the right and then Becca next to Kathy.

The photos I received today where of the girls getting ready.. I'm sure we'll see some of the actual wedding soon.
The girls are beautiful!

Now.. off to the Post Office to mail the last three card kits. I cant wait for this challenge.. should be fun!
Have a great start to the week everyone!


Shawn said...

Those bird patterns are so cute! It would be cute to "embroider" on paper with those patterns! I rcv'd my kit in the mail today thank you and I'll get started soon :)

happiness blooms said...

Vic, you find the COOLEST treasures!
What a beautiful bride and bridesmaids! LOVE the dresses!!!

Catherine said...

Those bird patterns are awesome!! I should check out my Mom's stash!! Loving all your treasures!

janel said...

Cannot believe you got that chair for a mere 6.00---what a steal! Darling idea for the seat cover. Those bird patterns are such a find too.
The bride and her attendants are beautiful. Will be anxious to see more. Have a great week...and give ole Molly a love pat from me.

myfrogprince said...

love the altered window. Love those vintage family pics too. said...

I think you should use that big open chair back as a canvas for one of your paper creations! Just do your cut and glue magic on wood instead of chipboard, then put a couple heavy coats of poly on it to protect it. And it will look so cute with the hanky seat.

Jamie Wilcox said...

OOOOh, the minute I saw the window, it set the wheels turning! I bought an old window at Canton Trade Days probably 3-4 years ago. There's a large part for the top and 4 smaller panes below, very unique. I've been wondering exactly what to do with it -- of course, vintage it up!!!
I enjoyed the family pics too -- whether I know the people or not, old photos are just cool!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Cathy said...

You have such a knack for decorating! I always find something to inspire me everyday on your blog!

Vicki said...

Oh, Vicki, I love the window! I purchased one from a local market a few weeks ago too! I have been waiting for some 7Gypsy papers that I ordered for it! They finally got here and now I can work on it. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Love the bird patterns too!