Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tilly in a box

haha... heard of Jack in the box?... well this is "Tilly in the box". Since I have been busy working on a little something I cant share until tomorrow... I decided to pull this one from back in the achieves and share it (possibly again ..for some of you)
Since I've been doing free standing fairies alot the past few weeks, I decided to share this. I had forgotten all about it..and that I had given them all wings.
The lid kept falling off one of my old cigar boxes so I used it to make a shadow box. The scallop at the top is supposed to be like a curtain.. like they are on stage.
My niece "Neely" is the first girl in from the right.
Here's the bands new video that was made with clips of them riding in the Omaha/Council Bluffs parade ,that they were invited to ride in. Today was the first time I got to see it..it's really fun!
POT KETTLE BLACK by Tilly and the Wall

************************* Tilly and the Wall***************************
Okay.. so here is the reason I didn't get anything else done today! This is the back of my car..after I got the plants for the space in front of the house that we're working on. I took everything that was in the long area in front of the house and either moved it, or got rid of it. It was looking sad. When we first moved in , there was nothing planted anywhere around the house.. because it was a new build. I got some things, and without all that much thought..just started planting. It defiantly needed a face lift. So before I left for TX I had torn into it.. now I need to finish!

I still have lots to do..but looks like they are talking rain again tomorrow..so it may have to wait..we'll see. I was glad to see , that when I got home most of my potted plants had survived the storms pretty well. This was one I was really concerned about..but it perked right up.

These got a little bit wind whipped but with a few sunny days ,they should be fine too.

The Catalpa tree is blooming and it's so beautiful!

When the little flowers start falling , the ground is just white.

But..if you ever look at them close..they are really pretty.

There is one other thing I have been wanting to tell you all about , and it's sad so if you don't want to read it.. I understand. But my friend Leslie and her son Kevin , need all the prayers we can send right now.
Leslie was the owner of ScrapMuse when I first started going there, and then for the next 3 or so years while I was a part of the Design Team. And has been a friend ever since. Those girls on that team were like a second family..they are all fantastic people ,that I'm honored to call my friends to this day.
While I was in TX , I got a email that Leslie's son Kevin , who was in Iraq was hurt critically.
It has been just horrible for them all since then. I know she would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her son. She has been posting updates on her blog..as she has now flown to TX to be with him at Ft Sam Houston where they brought him.
If you can pop over and give her a cyber hug.. or tell her that his is in your thoughts... I know it would mean so much.
Here is her Blog Mended Wings

Sorry .. I'm not trying to make anyone sad ..but I have two sons and I cant imagine what she is feeling right now. ..and she needs all the support she can get. I know I have kindest blog friends ever..so I'm asking for your help. Thanks so much you guys!
I looked for a photo of Les..but this all I could find in my files quick. It was taken at Memory Trends a few years ago. "Some" of the DT and Ali Edwards.
left to right. Gretchen, Leslie , me, Ali and Cat..( down in front.)
Hugs and thanks ... everyone!


stampqueen said...

Do you have an addres for Leslies son? I would love to send a card - I know lots of folks in and coming and going to Iraq and Afgnestan....
Love the trunk load of flowers - looks like me around the end of febr with my first planting frenzy of the spring!!! LOL
Take Care

Nat said...

Leslie's story is so sad - I'm still thinking of her every day since she told us!

Loving your wonderful box! That is so fun!

Anonymous said...

Your plants look so beautiful!!! I'm sorry to hear about Leslie's son and will pop on over with some hugs!

Judy & Sheri said...

Hello Vicki,

Thanks for the link to Leslie's blog. Her story has really touched my heart. As a nurse who works in an ICU, it is really hard for us to watch these families go through tough times like this. I will keep reading her blog and sending many prayers her way.
To stampqueen - Tera...Here address is on here blog if you wanted to send her a card.

Ruth said...

Wow....look at all those flowers. Makes me want to get out and buy some. I have not planted any with moving coming up this year.

Hugs out to Leslie and her family! May God give them strength to get thru this.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

are you getting hit with the flooding at all? Looks pretty bad in some areas up there.