Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All went well

Headed for Omaha for moms eye procedure early this morning. It was hazy out ,.. but what a beautiful morning. The ditch across the road is just full of Lillie's and phlox. ( our house is just across the road to the right). I don't care if it's hot and humid.. I am NOT ready to even think about summer coming to an end. I cant believe there are only a couple more weeks before school starts here. Nathaniel and I are planning a day to hang outgether.. and we have to get that in next week, before he has to go back to school. We are thinking about taking in the Childrens Zoo , the State Capital, and the Sunken gardens. Should be a fun day!

the fields are beautiful early in the morning. ( I'm not really a early morning person.. so maybe they just look beautiful to me...because I'm not used to see them this time of day. ha

** Mom's procedure went well ,and she is here are our house for the next couple of days. We are lucky to have her close.. and love having her here. ( the dogs are eating up all the extra attention) lol. It's been great because it was Wes's day off, so he has been home to spend some time with Grandma here also.
I haven't had alot to share "project" wise, since CHA... I think I've been kind of burnt out from the weeks before. (always seems to go that way) haha
I'm not working on classes for a crop in Albion in Nov, that we do every year.
This will be one of the classes. I had stocked up on a bunch of these little K&Co tag books, so I decided it was time to do a class with them.
People always seem to like mini albums.

Simple , fun little book , you can finish in an hour.

I had to show you something I've been working on , so you didn't think I was being a total slacker, since CHA. lol

I was happy to find out these two mini albums I did a while back will be used in a Ad for PageFrames.

And before I wrap it up to get back downstairs ... I had to share one more picture of Griffin , from the weekend. Honestly..this kids facial expressions just crack me up!!!!

** Thanks everyone for you input about blog music. Between the emails and posts.. it's about 50/50.. hahah. But Tabithas post really made me think...
she's right ..there are plenty other bigger things to worry about.
so ..for now??? not sure...but not loosing sleep over it .. so no worries. haha

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going with the flow

Well, you know .. sometimes it's all you can do.. is just go with the flow. I had all kinds of plans for today, and woke up with a migraine , so that all changed. It's better now.. so I'm thankful for that.. but it just wasnt a very productive day.
I did have to go out this afternoon to run to the post office here in town quick, and on the way .. look..truck full of sweet corn and produce on the side of the road. Looks pretty yummy huh?

I think Wes is stopping home tonight , so I already had a roast in the crock pot. This will be a yummy addition. I've been meaning to show you the vintage salt and pepper shaker I found last week. ( looks perfect with the corn and tomatoes huh? ) lol I've got this read and yellow thing going in my kitchen all the sudden.
Speeking of Red and yellow.. and my kitchen. The layout I did a while back on the "I inspire me" blog of my Grandma and her extention club girls, it got picked up for the Dec. issue of Scrapbook Trends. Yay! I'm so happy, because I love that photo! ( and because I think it would make my Gram smile).lol
Speeking of things making people smile! I can not begin to tell you how much this made my day yesterday when it arrived. Out of the blue I get this box of vintage goodies from a blog reader.
I will tell you something .. if you are an artist at heart... there is nothing better than someone saying you've inspired them. If anything I ever do , in any way inspired someone to create something.. and enjoy the process of creating it... ...THAT is the ulitimate complement.
Thanks Linda from TN .. for making my day!
One other fun thing ... My layout of Nathaniel and Brent is out in the Aug issue of Scrapbook Trends.

I have gotten the biggest Kick out of reading the Childhood Memories everyone has been posting. Thanks so much for sharing them!
******OKAY... I am now addressing the issue of the blog MUSIC> lol I took the music off my blog yesterday, mostly because I had put links to other things in that post that play music.. and it's annoying when two things are playing at once....but I have been giving alot of thought to whether I should keep the music or not. Simply because I've heard comments in alot of forums saying lots of people would rather not have music playing when they visit a blog. Really, who am I to think everyone has to like my music? lol It's just that I love music so much.. I just want to share. lol
I guess there is a mute button if you would rather not listen, or the volume can be turned of on your speakers but...
I've heard some people say they have more than one window open on their computer at one time, and blog music is distracting.
Anyway... since I took the music off Ive already gotten emails saying "where's the music?" I'm sure some like music on , and others , not so much.
Maybe I'll set it up , so that you push play and listen if only if you want to?
I'd love to know how you guys feel about ... the music/no music thing.
You can either post here, or email me at
hmmm.... dilemmas!
Tomorrow my mom is having another procedure on her eye, for her macular degeneration. She will be coming her to stay for a few days, so we'll get to enjoy her company. She has to stay inside and out of sun totally for 5 days.. so manybe being her will be a bit less boring for her, than just staying at home alone. (I dont know.. we're certainly not to exciting around here) lol
Aly and Molly look so forward to the extra attention when Grandma is here. She can say "no". They nudge..she pets! lol
Hope you all have a great rest of the day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Childhood Memories

I just have to tell you all how much I've enjoyed reading your childhood memories! Thanks so much for sharing them. I dont know when I've ever enjoyed reading comments more than I have since you all started posting your stories. So much so... I'm talking about it another day, and would love for you to comment and share a story from your childhood. Even if you already have.. hey ..share another! It's so fun to hear about things you did when you were young, things you remember, games you played, people who really left an impact on you, .. fashions or trends you remember... ect.. ect... ect..
It's so fun for me to feel like ... it's not just me talking. lol
Okay... come on , play along.
There I am.. first grade I think.
Did you have a pixie cut to? lol

Things I remember:

I remember that my first best friend "Beth" , had a playdoh machine.. and I thought her parents must have been RICH for her to have THAT! ( I must have been really really impressed by that play doh machine. It was when they first came out.. and they were COOL )

You never got a entire bottle ( yes.. glass bottle) of pop to yourself. It was a treat, and you got "some" poured in a glass.

My brother-in-law Howard, helping me to learn to ride a two wheel bike. He ran along side me , time after time, until I got it!

Running through the sprinkler!


I remember thinking when I was in grade school .. always looking forward to "Art" and hating "PE". ( good to know..some things never change) lol


When we played barbies.. "The Monkey's" were always our pretend dates to the dance. I always wanted Davey Jones for my date, but always ended up with Micky. grrr
Oh... DayDream Believer... or I'm a Believer. Davey Jones was all that and a bag of potato chips! lol
You cant listen to this and not smile.... Gotta love it! lol

I remember us riding out bikes to Goodrich Dairy for ice cream in the summer. Sometime , one of us riding on the handlebars of the others bike. ( and with out helmets... geezzz,we were being so dangerous, and didnt even know it) haha

I remember walking to grade school when it was really cold, with alot of snow.. and we would wear a dress to school, but wear stirrup pants underneath, and then take them off when we got to school. (umm... next to our coat hook, right in the room) lol

when I got a bit older... babysitting for 50 cents an hour.

I remember when hiking boots and parka's were SOO cool! ( your hiking boots had to have red laces of course) lol
and record players
I remember my friend Julies, boyfriend Bill , (who was really into stereos), telling us there was going to be a new thing call cassettes, and that 8 tracks were going out of style. WHAT? No way!
man... I'm really dating myself here, aren't I? lol
I had a pink and black toy kitchen set.. and the sink was plastic, so you could really put water in it. ( totally uptown!)

candy necklaces. ( now ..that was sanitary) lol

punch balls. Were we the only ones who got those, when the moms went shopping and left us behind with the dads? Always those blow up punch balls that had a rubber band attached to them .. and you punch back and forth... hitting your hand.
barbies... oh.. my life revolved around barbies! I could not wait to have Julia! The first black Barbie. It was Diane Caroll from the TV show Julie I got her for my birthday... along with the MEASLES.. so I had to just show her to the neighbor girls through the big picture window.

school programs... oh brother.. one time we did a dance to "Rain drops keep falling on my head".. and I thought we were so cool!
three channels on the TV.. and no remote! ( to think we actually had to get up and turn the channel!) lol
Creature Feature with Dr Sanguinary on Saturday nights. Oh man,..that even makes me laugh to think about it. I just googled it, on a whim.... Check it out. lol


You just werent liv'n if you didnt have a stringray bike with a banana seat.

Hey.. and talk about wierd things to let you kids play with. This takes the cake. Do you remember "k-knockers"???? lol Oh many , they had to be the most dangerous thing ever! Two glass balls at the end of strings and you knocked them together , up and down. Who the heck thought of that? Now I'm really laughing because I googled them .... Have a look
They call them Clackers or Popper Knockers?


Okay.. while we're on the subject of childhoods. For all of you who think baby Addison resembles me at time... here's Addison..

here's me.

Atleast, fair skined, red heads with cubby cheeks in common. lol


This one is for you (Sharon N from Nebraska)... who's feet are these? hahaha, I laughed so hard at your post the other day about recognizing my feel and shoes.
Yep.. those are mine..after yesterdays little project. Dan was under the assumption that Jarad was coming to help him pour concrete in this area off the back of the house, to sit the trash cans on. Well, there was obviously some miscommunication...because "I" was the fill in.

Let's just say, I know alot more about mixing and pouring cement that I ever wanted to!

I do not want to do this again. nuff said.
enough icky stuff.
Some nice things did happen .. had company. John stopped by to show off his new harley.
(what's with the motorcycles.. you know they scare me!) grrr.

And my sweet new friend Cindy Lyles from Starlit studios
sent me this GORGEOUS peice she made. ( the one with the soldered V and the crystal. The other two are my cheater ones) lol We met at CHA and just hit it off. I wish she lived closer so she could give me soldering tips!
I love this so much!


Okay .. I'm waiting to hear your childhood memories!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Small town liv'n

See... I told you.. I live in a Small

I have to say.. I love it... and every time I go through town .. I see another thing that makes me think small town is good.
Like... a corner cafe. (that used to be the old bank building). It was really fun when Tera and her mom met me here for lunch one day when she was back. Tera and I met through blogging. It's defiantly a small world when things like this happen, because she and I had never met before..then after reading my blog one day, she realized I must be from her home town. ( she now lives in FL with her husband and kids.., but grew up here). She emailed me and we became instant friends. When she came back to visit family, we met up for lunch at the corner cafe. Crazy how things happen huh?
ps. What's really sweet is , when my mom was sick and staying with us for a while this winter, her mom stopped over with cupcakes and a card for my mom, and we all had the nicest chat
See what I mean about the great people I've met through blogging.

Not only do I love the old buildings on main street ( and the fact that main street is approx 3 blocks long)...but.... get the biggest kick out of the hollyhocks growing in the alleys between the buildings. Oh... hollyhocks so remind me of being a kid, and staying at my Aunt Ede and Uncle Gorge's house. This is one of those times I could really go into a spiel about special people and how some just have such an impact on a young persons life. (but I'll save that for another day)lol
My Aunt Ede and Uncle Gorge where just the BEST!

I just love old houses.. and every time I drive by this house.. I just admire it so much. It's so
perfect.. in my eyes. I love big two story white houses, with huge porches and giant lawns ... for kiddo's to run through the sprinkler in , of course... Oh.. and a huge side yard with a clothes line with freshly washed clothes blowing in the breeze. ( if you're gonna dream.. dream big right?) lol
We lived in our old house for 20 years before moving to where we live now, and although I love living in the country and like our house now.. I still miss the old house. It was a big white two story with a front porch and a porch swing. Although not nearly as grand as the one pictured here, it was "home" and we loved it. Lots of great memories there, of the kids growing up.

You know you're in a small town when the first block after the grade school , the pavement ends and the gravel and cornfield begin.

Just another block up(heading towards home).. I get to enjoy this quaint place . I enjoy it every time I drive by. In the fall these trees are just gorgeous, hovering over this white fence.
I was really wondering as I was looking through these pictures deciding which to post, I wonder what it is that makes us so "drawn" to certain things? Silly things.. like white fences, hollyhocks, ect... is it because it reminds us of a slower time, when we were kids, when we didn't have the responsibilities of being parents, and all that comes with that. Each person has certain little things that they love and find comfort in. I'm sure my kids we think back on their childhoods and remember "grandma jelly", pulling up rhubarb and sprinkling sugar on it, or chasing little pigs around at Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's farm, ect...
You never think, as those things are happening , how they become such great memories that you carry with you.. all your life.

I'd love to hear about your favorite memories from your childhood.

please..... pretty please?
( I used to dig way down in the sand in my sandbox until I got to the dirt.. so I could find night crawlers).. see what a weird little kid I was? lol
See , you have nothing to fear, you story can't be worse than that. Can it??? lol

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Celebration of 30 years

Today we celebrated My brother and sister-in-laws 30th Anniversary. It was a nice day.. and really great to be together with the fam.
It's amazing how time goes by so fast some times , isnt it?
Doesn't seem like it could be 30 years have passed...because it sure doesn't feel like it to me .
It was really fun looking back through their wedding photos
today at the gathering. We've all changed ,that's for sure. lol
There where some retro styles going on , I can tell you that much. lol

I made this project below for them for their anniversary, and my brother was giving me grief about using that photo of him. I laughed and pointed to what everyone looked like in the photos.. , and what we were all wearing 30 years ago.. and trust me ... we were all "Styl'n" lol Oh.. some good laughs!

Like I tell my boys... you better stop laughing at all photos of dad and I ,because trust me... down the road a few years'll be laughing at what you are wearing right now! lol
It's still unbelievable to me that elephant bell jeans and shag hair cuts could have gone out of style so fast. lol

I was so happy Amy and John were able to come today. It seems like so long since we've gotten to see baby Addison. Look how she's grown...

and her hair keeps getting redder! Yippee! I love it!

she's a little doll!

And then there's the Grifster... to entertain me.

Aidan and Griff, think I'm funny when I'm being a scary monster. (I don't think , I'm a very good Scary Monster).

Brent and Addison
Great Grandma and Addison

Our once "little boys" of the family , are suddenly handsome young men. Another example of "Where is the time going"?

Oh.. how I would love to have heard this conversation... Because I just know it had to be hysterical.. knowing these two.
It was a great day all around!
Thanks for letting me share my family with you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's Friday , so that means it's Taylor Expressions CupCake Challenge day! Woo Hoo.. lol

Once again Taylor provided us with a great sketch. I used one of the images from the Crafty Secrets Image and Journal book "Little Dolls"

I think this image is so sweet!

You can click to see it bigger.

It's a fun sketch.. hope you can play along.

Be sure to check out what the other girls have done with this sketch. They always have something beautiful to share.

Taylor Vanbruggen: Taylored Expressions
Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp

Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff

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Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within

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Lynn Mercurio: Stamperosity

Featured Cupcake Sampler this week! Denise Marzec blogs at The Paper Landscaper

Every morning in the summer I love walking downstairs when I get up and see my plants on the deck. It just really makes my day. Something about how they look in the morning light..that is just so pretty. It's been really hot the past few weeks and the heat is taking its toll on some of them..but these are still doing really well.

I she the grasshoppers are munching on them. The little stinkers.

I'm learning , living out here in the country.... to plant sturdy things..because between the wind, (and the storms .. this year especially), the sun and the's hard on them, especially as the summer gets hotter and dryer.


I wanted to share with you this gorgeous project on my friend Rose's blog. Simply Rose
Isn't that beautiful!!


Remember to pop over to the Heartwarming Vintage blog to get your name in on the giveaway.

and just after you do that...

Go Conquer the day!

CHA and a new Fancy Pants Project

*** Crafty Secrets has a great giveaway going over on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.. if you want to check it out****


I looked back through posts to see if I had posted this project yet..and I didn't see it.. but if I did , forgive me. After getting all those posts ready before I left for CHA, and then not being able to post them.. I'm so confused about what I posted here and what I haven't. lol
This is a project I did with the new Fancy Pants "All Fall" line. I did it and backed it with a heavy chipboard piece , so that it can hang from this Pants Hanger that I altered to match.

Here it is with the whole thing with the hanger. I love altering these pants hangers to display layouts also.

they clip tight and hold it in place really well.
You can see the new matching chipboard and decorative brads here.

I did some hand stitching to this chipboard piece. All the patterned chipboard pieces are self adhesive.
I have to share with you some photos from the Jenni Bowlin booth. Oh.. I just wanted to lay in the middle of the floor in this booth and take it all in!!! I love everything JB. This booth was filled with inspiration! EVERYWHERE!

All of the shelves where filled with beautiful projects.

This is her new paper line. The buttery color is sooooo beautiful! It's the Victoria line. You can see more.. here on her blog.

oh.. and the tickets....

Her props were all so cool and I thought it was so clever how she painted the backs of her shelving units with (what I think was Chalkboard paint).

Classy and fun

Jenni and her husband on the left. She is just so nice.

Here , you can see how she utilized the backs of the shelving units with the chalkboard look, buy highlighting layouts she's displayed.

I was in heaven is this booth!
Another Amazing booth was Graphic 45. Wow.. just stunning.

You can not imagine how beautiful this buggy really was. The photo doesn't begin to do it justice. You can click to see it larger.
Their papers where beautifully displayed in these frames.
I'm sure it took them quite a while to get this booth set up.. because it was amazing.
To tell you the truth.. I got so caught up in the booth set up.. I did really "look" at the papers themselves. I guess I'll go online to do that. lol


I had to spend some time chatting with my sweet friend Tammy Tutterow. So kind and SO talented. Here we are in the Pink Paisley booth were she was working.
They had a great booth with so many great samples to look at. They've got some amazing new things coming out. I'm so excited about their new glitters also.

Okay... I've finally worked my way through most of my CHA photos.
Today, I'm working on some layouts for upcoming classes.. so I better stop chatting and get to it! lol
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Oh... one more photo to share... isnt this cute?