Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All went well

Headed for Omaha for moms eye procedure early this morning. It was hazy out ,.. but what a beautiful morning. The ditch across the road is just full of Lillie's and phlox. ( our house is just across the road to the right). I don't care if it's hot and humid.. I am NOT ready to even think about summer coming to an end. I cant believe there are only a couple more weeks before school starts here. Nathaniel and I are planning a day to hang outgether.. and we have to get that in next week, before he has to go back to school. We are thinking about taking in the Childrens Zoo , the State Capital, and the Sunken gardens. Should be a fun day!

the fields are beautiful early in the morning. ( I'm not really a early morning person.. so maybe they just look beautiful to me...because I'm not used to see them this time of day. ha

** Mom's procedure went well ,and she is here are our house for the next couple of days. We are lucky to have her close.. and love having her here. ( the dogs are eating up all the extra attention) lol. It's been great because it was Wes's day off, so he has been home to spend some time with Grandma here also.
I haven't had alot to share "project" wise, since CHA... I think I've been kind of burnt out from the weeks before. (always seems to go that way) haha
I'm not working on classes for a crop in Albion in Nov, that we do every year.
This will be one of the classes. I had stocked up on a bunch of these little K&Co tag books, so I decided it was time to do a class with them.
People always seem to like mini albums.

Simple , fun little book , you can finish in an hour.

I had to show you something I've been working on , so you didn't think I was being a total slacker, since CHA. lol

I was happy to find out these two mini albums I did a while back will be used in a Ad for PageFrames.

And before I wrap it up to get back downstairs ... I had to share one more picture of Griffin , from the weekend. Honestly..this kids facial expressions just crack me up!!!!

** Thanks everyone for you input about blog music. Between the emails and posts.. it's about 50/50.. hahah. But Tabithas post really made me think...
she's right ..there are plenty other bigger things to worry about.
so ..for now??? not sure...but not loosing sleep over it .. so no worries. haha


Sharon in NE said...

Glad things went well for your mom. Next Monday I work in the building across the street from the capital (Dept of Labor) so if you're there on Monday, stick your head out to the east and wave. I'll watch for you. ;)
Love the pensive look on Griffin's face.

chelemom said...

I love your albums! I was honored to be pubbed for the first time in Page Trends that you were in!) I saw you from afar at CHA, but you were talking and I didn't want to interrupt! : )

Michelle said...

Sounds like your Mom is doing good. My mom is visiting me this week. She runs me ragged! Have a great weekend!

Shawn said...

I'm so glad your Mom is doing well! We went to the zoo last time we were there, it's perfect and the sunken gardens are so pretty this time of year!

harrahx2 said...

I am glad all went well with your mom. I miss your music.

rose said...

glad your moms eyes procedure went well,oh and the Dogs will be in heaven with all this attention!!
Well it rained today it was great getting wet lol!! still humid though
Love the mini albums very nice,I must get working on something!!just its been so nice havin time out

Susan said...

Glad your Mom is doing well. How nice for both of you that she is close and can spend time at your house. What an adorable tag book. And that Griffin is such a cutie. As for the music, I personally prefer none, only because sometimes it comes on so loud! It's always easy to mute or tone down, though, and, as you said, nothing to lose sleep over! People will come to your blog with or without it!

Tabitha W. said...

love the projects! so happy your mom is doing well and the pups are getting extra spoilage!

btw, i added a new top song to my playlist...thought of you ;)

Rainy said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well, enjoy every moment, life goes by so fast. Your Art Makes Me Happy!!! Hugs

MJ said...

I can't make anything creative in an hour! I need at least a day! LOL!