Tuesday, July 15, 2008


HELLO!! I missed you guys! My plans for posting while I was gone , fell through when (for some reason), I couldn't stay connected to the internet at the Hotel. After trying a number of times.. I finally gave up. What a bummer, because I had posts all ready to go. I should have just scheduled them to post while I was gone, but I thought I would add to them while I was there. You know how it goes... sometimes the best laid plans...

Anyway.. I'm here now.. and with lots of photos to share. I debated about posting photos because I certainly don't have a photo with each of the friends I got to spend time with and see over the past few days.. and I don't want anyone to feel left out. But I decided to share what I did have ... from the times that the camera was handy, time allowed, and when the photo turned out.. since it really is the most fun part.... see great friends, that you don't get to see often.
( Speaking of Cameras... I DID FIND MY CAMERA CHARGER for my good camera..( it was in my laptop bag)... but not until I was already in Chicago (with my OLD camera only).. so ..not the best photos. But hey.. atleast I did find it!
*** Actually I got home late last night..but ..just now unpacking because mom and I had to be at her doctors appointment in Omaha this morning.
As always... it's so fun to meet up with old friends at CHA . You always hate for that part to end. But CHA is a fast a intense few days,... usually with ALOT crammed into a little time.

Here's Sandy , putting up the rest of the samples just before opening the first day.

These are the first four Image and Journal Books from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

Here are the four that were released at this show.

My photo of the Four new stamp sets didn't turn out well..but you can see them on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.

These are just a few shots in the booth.

These are some samples of cards made with some of the new images and stamps.
aren't they fun?

Designer Dinner for Tattered Angels. A little Chicago pizza. It was a fun night.

Spent some time with my sweet friends Dee Walker and Jill Baldwin. Owners of Scrappy Gourmet.

Below is a photo of some of my fav girls having some chat, eats and drinks at the Hyatt one night after the show. We had such a good time. Oh.. if you know any of these girls at all..you'd know why. lol .. they are SO fun! Lots of laughs..that's for sure.

Left to right ..just past me... my friend Catherine, Helle Greer and Michelle White... owner of Paper Tales Store in San Deigo. Sandy, Debbie Schuh. Dee Walker , her sis and Jill Baldwin(owners of Scrappy Gourmet).

And one of my very favorite reasons for doing Trade Shows.. getting to hang out for a few days and talk endlessly (in person.. not on the phone or via email..but in person) to Sandy. (owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage). With her living in BC Canada and me here in NE, we dont get to see eachother that often, as we'd like. Feels like I've been friends with her forever. I miss her already!

Also got to see quite a bit of Miss Fancy Pants herself. lol ... Jodi Stanford.. owner of Fancy Pants Designs. The Fancy Pants booth was right across from Crafty Secrets... so it was really fun to have the best of both worlds ... right there!

And two more terrific peeps.... my Scrapbook Dimensions girls... Magazine owner and Editor ..Cindy Wycoff (on the right of me) and Kristy McFaden Assoc Editor on the left.

Another photo that turned out blurrrry.. was of me and my HB. (Carol Halverson). HB and I originally met through Blogging ,but have become best of friends. She is the most kind , fun loving person.. with a heart of gold. MOVE TO NE ...HB!!!
We took in the Split Coast Event, and had a great time there. Met lot of girls in person that I had only know by name ,( and blog) before.. so that was a good time.

And.... and you can see... Cat and I were happy to see eachother. lol Cant wait for her to come for her visit in August! Yippee!

Oh.. and one of NE own! Miss Amy Stewart! ( owner of Precious Treasures) Yay!

Speeking of Nebraska Girls.........Hey Becky Novacek.. HOW did we not manage to get a photo of us , at CHA?? lol


I have LOTS more photos to share over the next few days.. so for today.. off to start laundry!
Laundry or not.. always feels good to be home. My pups are sticking to me like glue today. lol


happiness blooms said...

Hey darlin, you know if I would move to NE we would be in TROUBLE! LOL You would be coloring up a storm and I would be snappin pics! ;)
I sure hope to visit though!!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey friend! Missed you while you were out gallivanting! I haven't been on the net much but I did keep checking back to see if you posted anything. I love all the new CS stuff! The photos are great and I was so excited to see photos of Jill and Dee! I have scads of photos of Jill's little girls and her hubby but she has never sent me one of her! I wish I could take some time away and meet up with you all at the next CHA.

I'm sure the puppies are glad you're home. Did I tell you I'm taking Kim to see her grandfather and father this week? She asked me to, so as long as she's stable we are going to go. I think she needs to say her good byes. Take care, Honey, and know that I'm thinking of you and Miss Deb too! Don't forget me.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

that chicago pizza looks yummy! Looks like a lot of great stuff at CHA. Hope you get a chance to rest up now!

Nat said...

ohhhlookslike you had a good time and I heart the photo of Cat and you!

KimmyS said...

wooohooo Miss Vicki is bakc!!! I have missed my daily inspiration from you...but all is forgiven now that you have shared your photo's with us.

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you and Cat, that is so cute and I bet you had oodles of fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait for the new Crafty Secrets stuff to be available! It looks so cute!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Chris said...

glad you made it home safely! was awesome meeting you in person!

rebekah robinson said...

Looks like it was so much fun, Vicki!! How cute are you and Cat!?!?! I just love it!!!

Cathy said...

What a wonderful trip! Glad you had a great time! Already have my order in for all the new Craft Secrets and Fancy Pants! Yummy stuff! Glad your back!

Kate said...

Hey! With the jeep top off on the way home, I didn't get to hear all your stories from the big event- so it's nice to see and hear about it on here. Also, I wanted to joke with you that I don't feel so guilty about you seeing me kiss Jarad on the cheek, after that picture of you and Cat! haha :)

rose said...

yeah your home,now that is some serious pizza! Honest who could have planned having stands so hand
Craft secret then right across Fancy pants and world wind papers and hambly behind ,come on tell How much did you pay to get such a place !!! lol!!
Oh love the new Crafty secret journalling pads and the acrylic stamps,love the female one

Rainy said...

It is about time, I've been having inspirational withdrawals!! Looks like a good time!

Vicki B said...

I saw you for a split second! And I missed your booth! How is that possible???

Glad you had such a good time!

bnovacek said...

i know! i'm so sad about that :( next time!