Monday, July 28, 2008

Childhood Memories

I just have to tell you all how much I've enjoyed reading your childhood memories! Thanks so much for sharing them. I dont know when I've ever enjoyed reading comments more than I have since you all started posting your stories. So much so... I'm talking about it another day, and would love for you to comment and share a story from your childhood. Even if you already have.. hey ..share another! It's so fun to hear about things you did when you were young, things you remember, games you played, people who really left an impact on you, .. fashions or trends you remember... ect.. ect... ect..
It's so fun for me to feel like ... it's not just me talking. lol
Okay... come on , play along.
There I am.. first grade I think.
Did you have a pixie cut to? lol

Things I remember:

I remember that my first best friend "Beth" , had a playdoh machine.. and I thought her parents must have been RICH for her to have THAT! ( I must have been really really impressed by that play doh machine. It was when they first came out.. and they were COOL )

You never got a entire bottle ( yes.. glass bottle) of pop to yourself. It was a treat, and you got "some" poured in a glass.

My brother-in-law Howard, helping me to learn to ride a two wheel bike. He ran along side me , time after time, until I got it!

Running through the sprinkler!


I remember thinking when I was in grade school .. always looking forward to "Art" and hating "PE". ( good to know..some things never change) lol


When we played barbies.. "The Monkey's" were always our pretend dates to the dance. I always wanted Davey Jones for my date, but always ended up with Micky. grrr
Oh... DayDream Believer... or I'm a Believer. Davey Jones was all that and a bag of potato chips! lol
You cant listen to this and not smile.... Gotta love it! lol

I remember us riding out bikes to Goodrich Dairy for ice cream in the summer. Sometime , one of us riding on the handlebars of the others bike. ( and with out helmets... geezzz,we were being so dangerous, and didnt even know it) haha

I remember walking to grade school when it was really cold, with alot of snow.. and we would wear a dress to school, but wear stirrup pants underneath, and then take them off when we got to school. (umm... next to our coat hook, right in the room) lol

when I got a bit older... babysitting for 50 cents an hour.

I remember when hiking boots and parka's were SOO cool! ( your hiking boots had to have red laces of course) lol
and record players
I remember my friend Julies, boyfriend Bill , (who was really into stereos), telling us there was going to be a new thing call cassettes, and that 8 tracks were going out of style. WHAT? No way!
man... I'm really dating myself here, aren't I? lol
I had a pink and black toy kitchen set.. and the sink was plastic, so you could really put water in it. ( totally uptown!)

candy necklaces. ( now ..that was sanitary) lol

punch balls. Were we the only ones who got those, when the moms went shopping and left us behind with the dads? Always those blow up punch balls that had a rubber band attached to them .. and you punch back and forth... hitting your hand.
barbies... oh.. my life revolved around barbies! I could not wait to have Julia! The first black Barbie. It was Diane Caroll from the TV show Julie I got her for my birthday... along with the MEASLES.. so I had to just show her to the neighbor girls through the big picture window.

school programs... oh brother.. one time we did a dance to "Rain drops keep falling on my head".. and I thought we were so cool!
three channels on the TV.. and no remote! ( to think we actually had to get up and turn the channel!) lol
Creature Feature with Dr Sanguinary on Saturday nights. Oh man,..that even makes me laugh to think about it. I just googled it, on a whim.... Check it out. lol


You just werent liv'n if you didnt have a stringray bike with a banana seat.

Hey.. and talk about wierd things to let you kids play with. This takes the cake. Do you remember "k-knockers"???? lol Oh many , they had to be the most dangerous thing ever! Two glass balls at the end of strings and you knocked them together , up and down. Who the heck thought of that? Now I'm really laughing because I googled them .... Have a look
They call them Clackers or Popper Knockers?


Okay.. while we're on the subject of childhoods. For all of you who think baby Addison resembles me at time... here's Addison..

here's me.

Atleast, fair skined, red heads with cubby cheeks in common. lol


This one is for you (Sharon N from Nebraska)... who's feet are these? hahaha, I laughed so hard at your post the other day about recognizing my feel and shoes.
Yep.. those are mine..after yesterdays little project. Dan was under the assumption that Jarad was coming to help him pour concrete in this area off the back of the house, to sit the trash cans on. Well, there was obviously some miscommunication...because "I" was the fill in.

Let's just say, I know alot more about mixing and pouring cement that I ever wanted to!

I do not want to do this again. nuff said.
enough icky stuff.
Some nice things did happen .. had company. John stopped by to show off his new harley.
(what's with the motorcycles.. you know they scare me!) grrr.

And my sweet new friend Cindy Lyles from Starlit studios
sent me this GORGEOUS peice she made. ( the one with the soldered V and the crystal. The other two are my cheater ones) lol We met at CHA and just hit it off. I wish she lived closer so she could give me soldering tips!
I love this so much!


Okay .. I'm waiting to hear your childhood memories!


Jill said...

These are great! How about yard jarts, watching the circus set up, or The Banana Splits and H.R Puffenstuff (and we wonder about Barney) Oh and we all stayed in the car while Mom was in the store...yikes.

Anonymous said...

Boy, will I date myself! We had only cold running water in our house when I was a child. To take a bath, you ran cold water into the tub then dropped an electric heating unit that was plugged in into the water. You had to unplug the unit to test the water, 'cause it would shock you if you didn't unplug it first.Ouch!

Question? What grade were you in when you sang "Raindrops"? You didn't happen to be in TN at the time?

Gail S. said...

I was a Bobby Sherman fan! LOVED "Here Come the Brides" along with the Monkees!! You brought back so many childhood memories - yes I remember clackers! (and View Masters, Gumby, Josie and the Pussycats, Go Go Boots, stretch pants with stirrups and Pixie haircuts) Thanks for the memories!

janel said...

Fun fun fun post! Got all kinds of memories stirred up. Some for me ...never locking your door to your house, you just walked in your friend's one locked their doors. Having a party line, and talking to the phone # was 388. I don't think they had helmets when I rode a bike..and coke in bottles in those big red freezer type looking things. A pop cost 10 cents, and you had to slide the glass bottle down this long metal slide thing to get it out. Unless you have used one..hard to explain. Sure tasted great, and of course we had to share.
Loving the replies too.

Jessica said...

You were a cutie! Thanks for sharing your memories. I remember playing outside a lot under the willow tree, my sisters and I dragging out all our play dishes, etc., to pretend were living under the tree. I desperately wanted a Cabbage Patch doll when they first came out, but mom couldn't afford it, so I got a fake one. Yuk. The next year, the price must have gone down because I got a real one! Mom always went all out planning our birthday parties, but everything was hand made, no commercial plastic stuff from the store. I loved to read, and would read at any opportunity, even when I was supposed to be doing something else. I would get in trouble for reading! Most parents would be thrilled. I'd even sneak a book into the bathroom in my pants! LOL!

MJ said...

I posted about my favorite childhood tv shows on an Overlooked prompted scrapbook page so I won't bore you with those details!

I remember watching my older sisters swoon over Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love". I was too young to understand the excitement but knew it had to be something important!

Gretchen said...

Vicki, you were one cute baby!!

Scrapthat said...

LOL! As I was reading I was going to bring up Clackers! Mine mysteriously "disappeared" within' the week I got them I think:0)
cool beans!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Shawn said...

That picture of Addison looks just like you! I can remember walking to topper popper for a pepsi float in Lincoln. Then after we would get our treat (we usually tried to get enough money for a popcorn ball too) we would walk to the gas station and get another little snack or some soda for my grandma. They would give us the green stamps and we would run back to grams and lick and stick those green stamps in her books. :)

Sugar Bear said...

I remember the punch balls! One thing I remember from my childhood is playing Miss Universe. All the neighborhood girls were the contestants and the boys were the judges. Sounds like it could have been harsh but it was fun! We used to all love beauty pagents. Now I really don't care for them. Another summer memory is making juice pops with a Tupperware mold. I used to love those!

Delaney Gates said...

Snap bracelets, my cocker spaniel eating the gingerbread men off the bottom of our Christmas tree, climbing in our gigantic snowball bush in the front yard, dancing around the room while I watched Bobby and Sissy on Lawrence Welk, my mom paying me a quarter for every half hour of piano I practiced... Ah, those were the days... Loved hearing your stories too. :)

Catherine said...

The concrete part looks like fun! ha ha! I can remember when a pack of gum was 25 cents, and I could full up my gas tank for 10 bucks, grrrr!

Deb S. said...

oh vic, have you ever stirred up the memories! i loved the monkees too,esp.davey! as marcia brady said,he's dreamy!! also loved the partridge family, david cassidy was soo cute! must be something with the name! cherry cokes at the rexall soda fountain,yum! my red flip-flops,they were thongs back then!;)and my white keds with the white rubber across the toe...running thru the popeye sprinkler the folks bought us at kmart.making tents on mom's clotheslines,there was alot of lines. everyone hung laundry out back then!going for a family drive&stopping at the local popcorn stand and they also had penny candy. we thought we were rich when dad would give us each a dime and we could get popcorn & candy!i guess we were rich in lots of ways!!

Anonymous said...

Some of my best memories are when my brother and I went to my grandparents. They lived in a very rural town and we lived in the city. They did not have running water, had to get in out of the well. Had to "draw it up" and heat it on stove to take a bath in a big ole tub on the porch. The best part was having to use the "outhouse". What fun with a flashlight when it got dark. Us "city kids" just loved it.

Kate said...

Hey Vicki, If you get a chance check out my blog, I put something up that I've been working on for you. Hope you are having a great day!

rose said...

oh ROFLMBO oh some memories here yes these clackers boy I had a few brused wrists with them!! and conker fights[do they still do this!?]
oh thinking you were cool in bell bottom pants and platform shoes
oh donny osmond and david cassidy
oh I used to get a jar of hot water and drop ants in them
playing outside with jacks and hop scotch never having to worry about weirdo lurching around
oh and sindy was my favourite doll
but if I had pens/pencils and a pad I was happy just sat drawing lol!

harrahx2 said...

Okay, where's the music? Put back the music NOW! I love yourmemories and here's another one for you. Catching lightening bugs and thinking that was so cool. Using a shoe box, string and clothspins to make a switchboard.......... said...

I don't have to write a single memeory down, because apparently you and I lived the same childhood! All of your memories are mine too!!

Ruth said...

How about...
*Riding our bikes around town to find streets we've never gone down before.
*Spending EVERY day at the swimming pool, which we rode our bikes to.
*Chinese jump roping
*Napping on the floorboard of the car on long vacation rides.
*Tag, 4-square, tetherball, kick ball, teeter-totters, swings, and just good outdoor fun.
*Happy Days and LaVerne & Shirley
*Sunday afternoons of parents listing to Moostash Joe Polka show.
*Learning to play pitch at a young age.
*Sitting at the "kid table" at family gatherings.
*Smell of homemade bread and rolls.
*Homemade jelly, home canned fruit and veggies and having to help in the garden to pick all those goodies.
*Pong (oh if my kids would even spend 2 minutes entertained with that video game these days)
*Having my first Starburst candy on the way to school one morning and so afraid because I thought it was gum and I was going to get in trouble for having gum in school.
....oh the simple things in life...

Susan said...

What a great trip down memory lane! So many have been noted, I don't have many to add except:
no seat belts
tooth fairy brought us 10 cents (or a quarter if it was a very special tooth)
penny candy
glass "refrigerator" dishes instead of Tupperware/plastic
cloth diapers (and these were for my own kids, not just when I was little)
not being allowed to wear pants to school

Thanks for the memories!

Scrap for Joy said...

So many youngsters are responding..
My favorite childhood memories are
Root Beer Kool-Aid pospsicles (you made them yourself in little plastic molds)
Comic favs were Archie and Katy Keane (cause she came with paper dolls!)
Paper Dolls-Doris Day, Grace Kelly
all the movie stars!
Playing, store and cutting pictures of food out of Mom's magazines and then playing restaurant
Whew! That was a nice little stroll down memory lane. I'm enjoying reading everyone's answers.

stampqueen said...

OMG - Creature Feature !!!!!!!!!!!
We only got to watch when the parents had card parties!!!
And the Monkeys, do you remember Leif Garrett, alot of my good my good childhood memories revolve around family trips and my horses...I managed to try just about everything I could think of from horseback, its a wonder I didn't ever break anything, although I got my bell rung a few times LOL...

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I think I must be a little older than you, cause I was a young teenager with some of those memories. I definitely remember the bike w the banana seat-I saved FOREVER to buy one of those. Do you remember making creatures pouring a hot liquid into molds and then when they set up they were rubber things like snakes & spiders? Light bright came out when I was about 8 or 9, that was a cool thing. Most of our play was outdoors though. Growing up in NE, there was always plenty of snow to sled in and build forts with. Summertime, I can still hear the "bombpop man"--the guy who drove around selling icecream & popsicles to us. Of course, that was a special treat, because we usually had juice popsicles made in our mom's freezers. Playing baseball in the vacant lot until dark. Watching lightening bugs, making homemade ice cream with the neighbors. There were so many fun things in those days. I can remember even being asked in to the house for a mini-party at several neighbors while trick or treating. Favorite songs included: little green apples, honey and anything by David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman. Party lines were the must for those on the budget plans like we were. Clothes: red keds, hand me down clothes with a new dress for the first day of school, pants under my dress was a must as we walked to school winter or summer. My parka with a pointy tip on the hat and my long, long stocking cap. The longer the better. Shopping downtown at Gold's & Miller & Payne's-eating at Miller & Payne's. I loved watching the ladies wrap gifts at Gold's dept store at Christmas. Oh, I could go on forever,,,,I better stop for now. Thanks for the trip back in time.

Tabitha W. said...

I remember waking every Saturday morning, grabbing my bowl of cereal and sitting down to watch Saturday morning cartoons...whatever, happened to those?

Afterwards, I would open up the garage door, grab my bike, and wheel down to my best friend's house. We spent our days exploring the roads on our bikes, the woods in our neighborhood, attempting to knock down the Caution:Deaf Person This Block sign down with rocks...she was the deaf person and hated that sign, and playing board games like Clue or Monopoly. Oh and Atari was the bomb! I spent a lot of time at my best friend's house. Both of my parents worked, her mom was a SAHM. I still remember the smells of freshly baked bread you could always count on in her home.

Precious Treasures said...

Loved reading about all the memories of childhood!

A favorite of mine was going to grandmas and she had a Goodrich a few blocks away and we would take back all the glass milk jugs and we got to take the money from them and get an ice cream cone. mmmm...


PS Mom called and there are still 2 big boxes of stuff for your Lutheran Family Services Crops there. Lots of albums.

Sharon in NE said...

Yes! First of all, Sherri( Tied up Ribbons)I loved going to Miller & Paine or Golds to watch them wrap gifts. I told my mother that's what I wanted to be when I grow up. And I remember the green stamps that Shawn mentioned. Oh, I also wanted to be Julia when I grew up. snicker snicker...I LOVED her. I was never coordinated enough to do the knockers. My poor little hands would get all beat up. In fact, I was barely coordinated enough to do the punch balls. Then it was my face getting beat up. :D Obviously, P.E. wasn't my favorite class either. (Couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. :D) I wasn't allowed to watch Dr. Sanguinary, you wild thing you. But I did sneak out and watch the Midnight Special on Saturday nights. I loved riding my bike and since we lived right off of 56th and O St, I had many places to roam (including Kings Food Host). Oh for those lazy days again...
If you let me play with Julia, I'd let you play with my play doh machine. ;)

Sharon in NE said...

btw, I barely recognize those feet! tsk tsk we weren't meant for manual labor. ;)

Sharon in NE said...

Okay, ask Shawn where Topper Popper was in Lincoln. My parents thought around 36th and "O" but were just guessing.

(You really started something here Vic)