Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Glimmer Mist winter card

I thought you might need a little cooling off... so I jumped right from July to December on this one. lol
Actually I'm just working on CHA samples with new Tattered Angels products , and these little mittens are from on of the new Glimmer Chips sets.
(the little snowflake design.. is already printed on them, and they are self adhesive)

The background was done using a new "snowflake" Glimmer Screen and Robins Egg Blue Glimmer Mist.

***** All these new products will be available just after CHA*****

I used felt for the background and added a little gem to the mittens.

On the inside is a little bag of hot chocolate mix.

Ok.. you can snap back to July now.


I'm still working on my store sample tags of Crafty Secrets Clear Art stamps. I stamp 25 of each set and then band them together. I was sitting on the floor laying them out to make sure I have some from each set..when the phone ran. I went to answer it and when I finished talking and came back in my studio.. this.. is what I saw.

Now WHAT would possess this crazy dog to think..this would make a good bed? I said.. "MOLLY... MOVE"! Lets just say, she's not exactly one to jump at commands. She didn't move at all. After some foot stomping and finger snapping .. me getting after her in my most assertive voice.. she.....

Gets up... walks around in a circle , like a cat does before it lays down.. and lays back down .. with her back to me! Like... "Whatever".

I love these stamps too..but this is ridiculous! lol I think she's guarding them.


What is my Obsession with Bath and Body? Man I love that place..but it's dangerous for me. Granted they had really good sales , and I like to put it away for gifts but ...

lol........... is that pink ducky cute or what? I have that in mind for a gift for someone. My very favorite scents are Sweet Pea and Peonie..but a fell in love with two new ones.. Dancing Waters and Rain Kissed Leaves. LUV em!

*** I swear to you .. I do not work for Bath and Body**... lol


Wes came home for just a bit... so closing for now to go spend a few minutes with him, before he runs out the door to work on his motorcycle at Jarads.
but before I go I want to say....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother DAN!!!!!
Hope you have great day!


Sugar Bear said...

I feel like we are wishing summer away! Very cute idea for the card, the cocoa pack is perfect.

Jenny Mick said...

Love the card/hot chocolate holder! Your dog, though, absolutely cracked me up. We have a black lab and he does similar things too. My 3 year old will take his socks off and the dog will go running over there and lay right on top of them. It's like he's trying to hatch something! Your dog is a cutie!!

Sharon in NE said...

Molly just knows where to go to get mom's attention.

Bath and Body! We should have stock in that place. I am so dangerous there. I LOVE the wallflowers! I have ones throughout the house and change when I'm bored...right now I have Fresh Linen in my craft room and Japanese Cherry Blossom in my front entry. I need to get Rain Kissed Leaves in the wallflower bulbs, if they've come out with that yet. What a wonderful clean smell that is! Sweet pea is my shower/after shower smell. That one I never tire of. :D

Deb S. said...

Oh Molly, what a hoot! She must not want you to take the tags to Sandy huh?! Cute Christmas card b-t-w,hard to imagine right now tho when it's 90 something and very humidbut, actually it's not that far away!! Yikes! :)

Anonymous said...

Your card is adorable!! Lets get back to summer now...it's too short as it is! LOL Molly looked so cute in your sea of tags! Actually your sea of tags looked great surrounding Molly! They look lovely!! I love your little pink duck!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh my gosh! I wanted to tell you how great the little mitten card is and then I saw Molly and I did laugh out loud! She's just too too much. Like you, I have seen cats do that trick - but not a dog.

Before I forget! Lookie!!!!!!!!

I have bestowed two awards to my super talented and charming blogging friends of which you are one! Please go to my blog to collect your award ASAP!

Big ole' mushie Southern Hugs!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, and another thing - you just Must try Moonlight Path at B & BW! I wash with it, sleep in it, and breath it in - it just calms my soul.

rose said...

ohhhhh love the card and the robins nest blue is beautiful,its on the list!
Oh my ROFLMBO!!! at molly so funny you know she knows you packing and getting ready for CHA!!

Michelle said...

That is funny about Molly using your tags as a bed! I too love Bath and Body Works, I have not seen the rain kissed leaves.. that dancing waters is such a fresh scent. I bought several of the soaps for my bathrooms..

happiness blooms said...

Thank you for the little burst of cool air! (need it today!) The card is adorable!
I'm giggling at your dog lovin your creations! Smart smart dog!

Charmingdesigns said...

Your dog is so funny!! Love your card!!! Laurie

stampqueen said...

Really cute Christmas card!!! Love that shade of glimmer mist!! Are you sure Molly isn't part cat - my old one's favorite place is the middle of my craft desk right where I work, she comes away looking rather glittery sometimes :)

susantidwell@charter.net said...

Love the new blue Glimmer Mist and those mittens are precious! I got such a kick out of Molly - laughed and laughed! That's something my lab, Boomer, would do.

Catherine said...

I can't even begin to think of snow right now...it was a lovely 90 today with blue skies and not a cloud to be found. NO SNOW for a while!!

Aren't dogs stubborn? :-)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love that card!:) I'm so busy working on Christmas and Holiday that I just feel right at home here.xo Lidy

~Sasha Farina~ said...

awww.... that card is perfect V!! complete with the chocolate mix! precious :)

and shall i count my lucky stars that we don't have bath and Body over here? LOL.. i am so going bankrupt buying their stuffs.