Monday, July 14, 2008

Say it with Letters tutorial

I had such fun working on this project.. and I’m so excited to have been asked to be quest designer for Damdoise Designs - " Say it with Letters". this month. There are so many great things to choose from it was hard to decide which I would choose for my project. I finally decided on the word “Family”, as I have just the right place for it in our home.

***Deb from Damboise ask me to do a tutorial for them.. so I'm sharing this basic... "covering wood shapes with paper" tutorial , here also. Here goes...

I’m sure all of you have altered shapes of one kind or another, and have techniques for doing this that work well for you. I always enjoy hearing other crafters “tips and tricks”, because they may have a way of doing something I haven’t tried ..and that works really well. I’m going to share with you the steps I take to alter wooden shapes with decorative paper.


1). Lay your letter or shape down onto the back side of your paper with the front side of the letter or shape facing down. Using a pencil, trace around the letter or shape, as close to it as possible

2). Cut the traced shape out.

3). Using a glue stick cover your letter or shape with adhesive. (making sure you get right to the edges is very important)

4). Using a small scissors, trim any excess paper from around the edges of the letter.

5). Using a sanding block or (a large coarse emery board) , sand edges smoothly , all the way around. It works best to do it ,always working in a “downward” motion, as not to pull the paper up along the edges.

6). I use a coarse emery board, but a number of different companies make sanding tools . Different sizes and shapes to get into tight areas. I didnt really need these for this project , my regular emery board worked just fine.

7. )I repeated this process with each letter, picking a different patterned paper for each one.

These letters will eventually be hung on the wall in our family room. As you can see in the first photo , there are pre-set holes in each letter, that will make it easy for hanging.

A few other tips:
You can also use a spray adhesive instead of a glue stick if you wish.
I don’t add a protective coating over my finished project, but you could, using something like Mod Podge.
Acrylic paint, spray paint, Glimmer Mist or a number of other mediums would also work well on these.
Using Stamps, rubons, or embellishment such as , buttons, ribbons, flowers ect… could be used.

** Huge thanks to Deb for inviting me!
Crafty Secrets has posted the three new stamp sets they just released. HERE
****I got an email from Jill at Scrappy Gourmet......Thought I'd pass on ... Scrappy Gourmet is having a huge sale the next two days... 40% off (excluding kits).

Tomorrow I head out for CHA. I've decided to try to take my laptop along and to post while I'm there... again.. that's the plan.. but things always move alot quicker, and the time goes alot faster than I think it will. We'll see ,but that's my plan.
What's going on here? Well....
I just went though this panic looking for those little Fancy Pants felt barretts and pins I did a while back. A few days ago, I was looking for a box to put them in to take to CHA. I tried a number of different boxes. Long story short.. one of the boxes I tried was worthless .. so after it sat on my table in my studio a couple of days .. I toss it in the trash. Well... because I'm easily distracted.. I moved on to something else and never did go back to looking for a box for them. Last night while I was laying in bed.. out of now where this thought comes to me... "Where are those Fancy Pants pins and barretts?" Why is it , things like that just pop into your head when your about to fall asleep? hmmm... or is that just another weird thing "I" do? Anyway... I couldn't get to sleep ...thinking.. "Where did I put those?.. I haven't seen them for days". I BET they were in the Box I threw away!! Yep! I was bummed, because I had spent alot of time hand stitching on those.. and really liked them. I was so tired... I FINALLY fell asleep, but first thing this morning I started on the hunt. The trash had already been picked up.. so if it WAS in the trash.. it was gone. I looked everywhere! I was standing there in the middle of the room..just thinking... when I turned around and the "craft supply" closet door was open. On the shelf sits the boxes of alterables. (such as small boxes) ! All of the sudden I see this small box and think.... hmmmm I had that one out too.. so I better check.

WOOO HOOOO! There they were! I was so glad I found them! Actually I was just thrilled they weren't on their way to the landfill. lol These are the things that happen to me when too much is going on. I get toooo easily distracted. ( I pretty much have a tendency towards that anyway.. so it's just amplified when things are busy) lol


Guess what?... now I'm tearing things apart looking for my camera charger! Grr... I admit to being a bit scattered ..but when it comes to my cameras and chargers... I always know where THEY are! What's up? Please wish it to appear!!! Before CHA preferably.




rose said...

I alter letter just the same,although the ones I have waiting in the queue on wood blocks for base require a bit more thinking! Yes gotta love my BG File set its never put away
oh you have me in fits here ! I can just see myself now,Iam always putting things down and cannot find them think its scrappers senile moments {SSM}. Now Iam sorry but I would just have to have gotten out of bed looking for them flowers,I even keep a pad at side of bed for when inspirations strikes when I should be sleeping lol!!
Now homing in for the charger,its looking at you kitchen drawer! craft room hung up lol!!

deb said...

Vicki - you're the best!! Have fun at CHA and can't wait to check your blog to see the latest!!

Country Liv . . . said...

What a great post! You are so cute about 'terrible scatter brain.' I don't know how in the world you keep as organized as you do! Going to miss you while you're at CHA. I know you probably think I've forgotten you but that's just not so-Kim and I are spending as much time as possible together-we don't want to let go.
Have a great and cheery trip.

Sharon in NE said...

You're no more scattered brain than the rest of us who have too much on their plate. Yours is just a platter, that's all. Hope you can soon relax and enjoy yourself at CHA.

Chris said...

beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will catch you at CHA

harrahx2 said...

St. Anthony St. Anthony, please look around, someething has been lost and can't be found. A little rhyme from early years that always seemed to calm me down and help. We live in a way-too-fast society.

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm so glad there is someone else with "it was here a minute ago" lapses. It's because you have too much whirling around inside your brain. I have finally posted pictures on my blog from the challenge and for winning the awards. Thank you again, Vicki. You are so kind. It is my wish to some day go to CHA (winter or summer) just to gape & gawk. Have fun, you'll be exhausted but it will be fun!

Susan said...

I do the same thing for altering chipboard or wood items, except I tend to use an Exacto knife around the edge instead of scissors. Loved your story of the lost barrettes - exactly what I would do! That's why I have so many sleepless nights - thinking of everything I've misplaced or lost. Have a wonderful time at CHA and keep in touch if you have time.

Michelle said...

I hope your trip to CHA goes great! I love these covered letters. I've done a few and tend to over do it! You're are simple and I love them

Catherine said...

Glad you found them, I do that kind of stuff all the time...or I just wake up in the middle of the night with a start and say "oh, I've got do such and such today!" then I lay back down and go to sleep. Usualy I remember in the morning though!!

See you in a couple! xox.

janel said...

I could have written this post...I am so like that about putting things away and then, getting side-tracked by something else. I am SO SO glad you found them...they were too cute to not be at CHA.
Have a wonderful trip and will be excited to see any posts from the show. Be safe and have fun.

Cathy said...

Beautiful paper! Gorgeous letters!
Have a blast at CHA! Keep us posted on all the latest and greatest! Have a great trip!!!

Precious Treasures said...

I knew you of all people would love the file set. Hee hee. I use mine all the time.

Precious Treasures said...

I knew you of all people would love the file set. Hee hee. I use mine all the time.

Precious Treasures said...

I knew you of all people would love the file set. Hee hee. I use mine all the time.