Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh Canada!

Had a couple of minutes.. so thought I'd share a few photos from yesterday.

You can only imagine how much this Nebraska girl is loving spending time near the ocean.
This was the veiw last night. aahhhh... I'm in my happy place.

and... check this out.. Sandy's sweet Mom Rachel made this yummy blackberry pie with blackberries they picked themselves. It was DELICIOUS!!!
It was a beautiful!

nice and cool.

Lots of people enjoying the day!

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

It's always so fun to see things you don't normally get to see..( especially when they are so beautiful).. but most of all it's great to talk, talk , talk with Sandy. ( and trust me ..we do!) lol
Off for now. Have a great day! I'll check in when I get a chance.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

TECC 31 and some Fancy Pants

It's Friday... Taylors Sketch Challenge Day

*****It was a fun sketch..thanks Taylor!*****

Be sure to check out the other girls blogs to see their take on the sketch.

Taylor Vanbruggen-Taylored Expressions

Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp

Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff

Jami Sibley: More is More

Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper

Lynn Mercurio: Stamperosity

Mary Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within

Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme

I used a PageFrames clear patterned card and Fancy Pants, Papers, ribbon and Brads.

It's kind of hard to see ,but you can see on this closer shot that the oval opening is cut out so you can see through. It's the fun things like that , you can do with clear cards..that really makes me love using them.


**** Speaking of Fancy Pants... Yesterday was their big depue on the HSN ! Jodi looked so great and did a fantastic job! Go Fancy Pants!*****

And lookie here... it's someone I know. The "Griffinator" made the FP blog. lol

I'm about all packed and ready to head out early in the morning. Canada here I come! I'm so excited to see my friends there! It's some work, some play, but anytime with them is a good time.

I dont know how often I'll be posting while I'm gone.. we'll just have to see, but the IIM blog post is Wed.. and I always look so forward to that.. so I'm all ready for that post... We'll just see from there.

Brace yourself..because I'll have lots of photos to share of the trip when I get back... my camera will be ...tired!

Back soon!

Buttons!! it's an obsession

I have been seeing variations of these little button flowers all over the place the past few months, and have been wanting to give them a try. Since I'm notorious for messing with things I have no business doing when I have a million other things I "need" to be doing .. ... I dumped out all my button jars and dug in. ha
I have a major button obsession.. so guessed it... I have LOTS of buttons. If you have lots of buttons , this is a great way to put them to use.

They are so colorful.... I'm enjoying them just sitting on my desk.
I started with making some white and pink ones for these little vintage bottles I had found a while back. I dressed up the bottles first with some vintage lace and a paper rose, then wanted to add a few of the little button flowers.... um... yeh.. I got carried away, and that's what led to the ones above. They are addictive... because they are so fun and easy to make. Don't know who first came up with the idea.. but thanks for sharing it...cause I had me some fun with these.

I used a finer wire on these. But found out in the long run about 20 gage wire worked the best for me.

I have this idea to make some with quilted paper leaves..but I have to play with that more when I get back from Canada. Right now, I need to get myself back on track and quit playing. lol

Yesterday two sweet friends send me this award..
my fellow "Fancy Pantser".. Amy Peterman
and Crafty Secrets DT member Pam Hooten Thanks girls!
Here are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

hummm.. who should I pick on this time??? lol
Okay.. I LOVE these blogs!

One other thing , before I forget ..
here is a link to a clip from the New.. 90210 .. at the end of the video is a bit of TILLY AND THE WALL playing. ( if you don't want to sit through it all.. the Tilly's clip is towards the end of th video). From what I understand they are on the first show..(playing at a 16th birthday party for one of the cast on the show). I heard today that the first show (the one the Tilly's will be on ) is on Tuesday Sept 2, at 8pm/7 central.
(my neice the one in the front with the long blonde hair when the band is playing on stage.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crafty Secrets "Girlfriend" Challenge

Today is the Crafty Secrets "Girlfriend" challenge Day~! Yippee! I can't wait to see what the girls created. Each of us created a project/card, ect.. using Images from the "Girlfriends" Image and Journal Books from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. Below is the layout I did, and the links to the other girls blogs. Have fun checking out what they came up with for this challenge. I know they will be fantastic knowing these girls.
Lisa Zappa
Heidi Blankenship
Marisa Grossman
Pam Hooten
Vivian Peters

** you can click on it to see it larger if you want

I also used the Kitchen Classics's stamp set on my layout. The cute scalloped border and silverware , are a part of that set.
That photo, I've used before, but I just love it so much. It's a photo of my grandma with her extension club women. They must have been on an outing meeting other extension club women from a another larger town. Not exactly sure what the deal is..but I don't think there were even that many women "in" the small town Gram lived in. lol ( and no building that big either , for that matter). ha She was a member of that extension club for over 50 years.
Well this girl is drag'n this morning. I DID NOT want to get out of bed! I started a project, (that was supposed to be simple).. and suddenly got more involved. Oh brother.. I hate when I do that.. my entire room was trashed before I was finished. example: I have to find , just the right
button old I DUMP them ALL out to hash through them. .. and about a million other things like that later.. my room looks like a war zone. Please tell my you do this too! I did finally finish the project.. I'll be sharing it soon.
Cant believe a leave for Canada in just a few days... lots to do before then... but I can wait.
*** Hope you all have a terrific day today!***

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Share and share alike

I can not believe I'm running so far behind.. I'm thinking ..Why I'm I even bothering to post anything at this late stage in the day? But.. I'm excited about tomorrows post, because the Crafty Secrets Design Team is playing along with me , and we are all posting projects make with the "Girlfriends" Image and Journal books, and then linking to eachother.. so everyone will be able to check them all out. These girls do fantastic work.. I cant wait to see what they come up with.
I forgot to show you this. Cat and I found two of these pins in one of the antique stores we were in , one day when she was here. Of Course.. WE HAD to have them! I have mine on my purse. I think if the would have had a hundred, I would have bought them all. lol I would have just passed them out to all my friends...who's lives.. like mine, seem to revolve around art.
( i do need to get that sticky stuff off it, that was left from the price tag.. wonder if Undo would be okay?)

I had to title this post, "Share and Share alike".. because that's just how it is with my "junk'n" friends. lol We all share our finds with eachother... share'n the luv. lol
When I stopped at Paulas yesterday , she had been out and about , and shared these goodies she found with me. YIPPEE!
Seriously fun stuff!
There is a word book and ...
these definition cards. Paula had already pulled this one out for me. lol I've dealt with migraines since I was a kid.. so I think it's like my trademark now or something. I am SO keeping this card and putting it up on my bulletin board above my desk. If you have come to my blog and see nothing but this posted.. you know what's up. lol

How thoughtful was this?... my letters.. all ready to go. My family and friends all call me "Vic" not "Vicki". Which has me wondering .. do other "Vicki's" .. go by "Vic"? hmmmm... well, if your a "Vicki", "Vickie", or "Vicky".. or know one, please step up ..and do tell. I'm curious now. Guess you gotta have something to wonder about huh? lol
Yeah.. it's just me working hard to solve the problems of the world. Just do'n my part. ha ha

It's a good thing no one takes me seriously. ha

until tomorrow..

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Girlfriends" card set

Well, I promised to share something other than photos today..soo.... here are some "Girlfriend" themed cards I made, that will be part of a kit available at Scrappy Gourmet soon. I'm also working on a decorative box that matches ,with an album that fits inside. (still working on that part) The box an album are really fun!
I'll let you know as soon as it's ready and available if anyone is interested.
All of the images used are from the "Girlfriends" Image and Journal Notes booklet from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
There are so many cute images in this booklet. (along with journal strips that you can either use with the image or separately). I love that you have the choice.. because on a layout I usually leave them attached..but for cards I either use them on the inside, or incorporate them into the card design.

oohhh... I love that lace!

The image on the card above, makes me laugh every time I see it! I had to use that one.
Tomorrow the girls from the Crafty Secrets Design Team will each be doing a little something with the "Girlfriends" book, and we'll be linking to each others blogs. There's going to be some beautiful things.. so check back tomorrow.
Okay.. gotta run..busy ,busy..the days are flying by until I leave for Canada! YAY!
Have a Super Day!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sharing some photos

What is this , "Cute kid week"? ha I just snapped a couple of quick ones of Wyatt in this! How darn cute is that? His Aunt and Uncle brought it back for him. It's a bit big for him at this point..but it wont be long and it will fit.. ( and I'll be there with my "good camera". I just had my little one with me in my purse, this day.

He is growing up so fast. The entire time Gabby was doing my hair.. he we just jabbering up a storm. I am TOTALLY sure "he" knew what he was saying. ha

Those photos were from Friday. Yesterday after photos with Griff, I had make a run out to the cabin.. so I snapped the next two there. ... What a gorgeous day it was.

The nice cool weather lately , has been so good for my plants.

It will be sad to see them freeze when the cold weather gets here.

so I better enjoy them now.

These were so small in the beginning, now you can hardly get around them to get up the steps.
We pull in the garage and come in that way anyway.. so not a big deal.

It's super nice AGAIN today! I can not believe how fantastic the weather has been for August.
I took a break and went outside for a bit.. but I'm working on a number of projects. ( that I'll hopefully be able to share soon)
I'm trying to get caught up as I'll be leaving for Canada at the end of the week. I always look forward to seeing the CS girls! It will be alittle work , alittle play. Certainly looking forward to the seeing Sandy's new place by the ocean! WOO HOO! Cant wait!
I LOVE the ocean.. you know we don't get to see much of that here in Nebraska!
Promise to share something creative tomorrow! Really...ha

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black Bart??

Nope.. just Griff. lol I have a little project coming up that I *really* needed some "cowboy" photos for.. so Kiley got Griff's "gear" together and met up with me this afternoon.

This kid is HILARIOUS! He is just so expressive with is facial movements... he just has me laughing all the time.

I know I'm a proud Aunt.. but come on ..this kid is CUTE! ha

I messed with some of these photos a bit in photo shop.. for a bit more vintage look.

Can he see what he's aiming at? I think he told me he was hunting for ducks. (eeekkk...not in front of Aunt Bic.. I like ducks!)

This is one of my very favorites.
The kid is just a hoot.. what can I say.

I got tons of great shots ..certainly enough for my project.. plus more. The one below is another one of my faves.
It was a gorgeous day out today.. it was so great to be out in it.. and especially with this little cowpoke.

When I got home , the dogs were ready to go out side for a bit and enjoy the nice weather also.. and of course Miss Molly was wanting to play Frisbee! This dog is totally obsessed with "Frisbee".. TOTALLY!
So being the nice mommy that I am.. ( and not being able to resist this face).. I play!
Well after she caught enough of them and was getting tired.. she was easily distracted by gopher holes .. and would NOT bring the skinking frisbee back in to me. I have bought enough of these "special kind" of dog frisbee's to be a FREAK about them being put back on the hook in the garage for the next play time. They are not cheap and not always that easy to find... so I'm forever nagging at Dan and the boys NOT to just leave them out in the yard. Okay.. you get the idea... I need to get that frisbee.. and she is NOT going to cooperate and bring it in.
I'm so afraid of snakes .. I don't even like walking way out in the side yard with flipflops or sandals on , let alone barefoot!!! I had worn tennis shoes to go take pics of Griff.. and free'd my tootsies from them the minute I opened the door to let the dogs out when I got home. I hate wearing shoes. ( but I love "shoes".. I know .. wierd)... ANYWAY...
After trying to trick Molly into bringing me the frisbee ... to no avail. I finally think... "Oh.. just go get the stupid frisbee without shoes... what are the chances I will actually see a snake?"

nuff said!
( I know.. crazy huh.. I still had my camera in my hand from taking that photo of molly. )

I was too scared though.. so that's all I got. lol

Thursday, August 21, 2008

TECC30 It's Friday!

Wow.. Friday seemed to come around pretty darn quick this week. Where did the week go?

It's Friday so that means it's time for Taylored Expressions CupCake Challenge. Where's the cupcake , you say??? lol Not a requirement... really it's not.

Here's Taylor's Challenge for the this week.

Here's the card I did using her fun sketch.

The other girls do such a wonderful job with Taylor's Challenges.. be sure to pop over to their blogs and check out their beautiful work.


Taylor Vanbruggen- Taylored Expressions


Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp

Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff

Jami Sibley: More is More

Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper

Lynn Mercurio: Stamperosity

Mary Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within

Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme


Okay... I've been asked to share more photos from last Saturdays get together.. so here you go

You can see the post about this HERE
( The other photo in the first post has my sis in it. In this one I was in and she took the photo)
Becky posted her photos from the day HERE

Paula was already gone when this photo was taken.. but she was there for the majority of the time.

We had so much fun, I hated to see it all come to an end.

My sister Jan was such a huge help with this. Couldn't have done it without here.

Poor Catherine.. she even got put to work that morning , helping out with the last minute things. lol She was a trooper.

It was so much fun having some of my very dear friends who have never met.. meet and get to know eachother.

It's days like that , that make me really want to slow down and spend more time with family and friends more often.. because .. as Martha would say.. "It's a good thing".